Character Introductions

Almus Julius Ars Rosyth Caesar (19 years old)

His surname increased from marrying Tetra and Julia. Protagonist. Worried about the Divine Protection of the Great King Recently.

Height is 165cm (5ft5in) – quite tall for Adernians. Hair color is Gray.

Divine Protections

Divine Protection of the Great King.

Raises the holder’s physical abilities by the number of people recognizing holder as leader. (There are limits however)

Raises the physical and sorcerous power of people who had swore their complete allegiance to the holder.

Receives thought induction from dependents.

Load during inversion would depend on the number of humans considering holder as leader.


Tetra Ars (18 years old)

Heroine. Self-styled as the World’s Oldest Magician. Although Tetra was the one who named the phenomenon as magic, and it’s not like she’s mistaken but, she wasn’t particularly the first to manipulate flame and wind.

Height is 140cm (4ft7in) – shorter than the average Adernian woman. Hair color is blue. Breasts are light cruisers.

Recently gave birth to a son named Anos


Julia (19 years old)

Heroine. Daughter of King Rosyth. I had finalized her character ahead of Tetra (Around Volume 1) but……I wonder how things turned out like this. She had recently regained her status as heroine. Her breasts and butt are quite big.

Height is 146cm (4ft9½in) – a little taller than the average Adernian ((female)). Hair color is lavender. Breasts are heavy cruisers.

Recently gave birth to a daughter named Fionna

Divine Protections

Divine Protection of Perception

Enables holder to somewhat determine another’s divine protection. Since it doesn’t give a way the name, it’s necessary for Julia to name it.

Divine Protection of Clairvoyance/Thousand-Li Eye.

Enables holder to see very very far. In other words, it turns the eyes into telescopes. However, if there is an obstacle on the line of sight, then naturally, the holder won’t be able to see. Therefore, this Divine Protection wont help with seeing Almis’ figure deep within the forest…


Ron (18 years old)

A fan of Almis. Can hold his own in swordfighting. Although he shows leadership qualities, he has his foolish moments and the occasional strange actions. He was recently granted territory. He seems to have been engaged to Soyon.

Height is 160cm (5ft3in) – average for Adernians. Hair color is black.

Roswald (18 years old)

Spear user. He’s currently the strongest amongst Almis’ subordinates. Although he’s normally foolish, there are times he shows intelligence. He seems to have been engaged to Lia.

Height is 167cm (5ft5¾in). A bit rude guy for being taller than the protagonist. Hair color is light brown.

Gram (18 years old)

His name doesn’t have anything to do with g (gram) – it was just by coincidence. Bow-user. He can perform horse archery. He has a level and calm personality. He’s under the thumb of Lulu.

Height is 175cm (5ft9in). Ridiculously huge (to Adernians). Hair color is black.

Soyon (18 years old)

She’s a very good girl. Although she’s very smart, she occassionaly has her Ron-like stupid moments. Likes animals. Specializes in Soul-riding. She’s engaged to Ron.

Height is 145 cm (4ft9in) – average Adernian. Hair color is light brown.

Breasts are light cruisers.

Lulu (16 years old)

She has a little difficult personality. It’s unknown where she got that but she’s quite strong in sorcery. She seems to be engaged to Gram.

Height is 138cm (4ft6in). She’s secretly competing with Tetra. Hair color is gray.

Breasts are light cruisers.

Lia (16 years old)

A Germanis slave. Female. She was brought out to teach everyone equestrian skills but she’s now retired. And because she was recently released from slavery, and because her only identity has been lost, her presence is slowly dwindling. She recently began learning Adernian. She’s finally engaged to Roswald. By the way, she’s being called “nee-san (older sister)” by Virgar and the Germanis. She seems to dislike this.

Height is 160cm (5ft3in) – about Average for a Germanis woman. Haircolor is brown with a tinge of red. Breasts are light cruisers.

Yal (In his mid 20s)

He had recently become a fan of Almis. Would probably look good with glasses. He’s currently doing his best studying Cretian and arithmetic.

Height is 150cm (5ft3in) – average. Hair color is black.

Bolus (40s)

An indispensable character in destroying King Ferrum from within his kingdom. While he basically can do anything, he doesn’t have any specialties. He’s a jack of all trades. He’s easily moved to tears.  While he considers Almis as his lord, his loyalty remains with Tetra.

Height is 163cm (5ft4in) – taller than average. Hair color is black.


I took his name from the eponymous geological era. I thought about it for 3 seconds. He’s what you might call Clansman A. The author saw no need to differentiate him with the to-be mentioned Perm because there was no need. If another one gets named from a geological era, then there won’t be any problems even if you consider him as Clansman C.


Clansman B. Same as above.

Bartolo (Early 30’s)

Old drunkard.

Height is 159cm (5ft2½in). There was a time he drunk himself in vexation because he was just a centimeter short.

Raymond (Late 30’s)

King Rosyth’s younger brother. Reasonably skilled.

He’s aiming for a royalty-led nation building and is helping Almis.

Ismere (24 years old)

Self-proclaimed genius architect. Female. She went to the Adernia peninsula looking for a job. She’s still stunned at Almis’ succession.

Qingming (23 years old)

Aspiring novelist. Traveler. He has completed his parent’s wish of reaching the farthest ocean. He’s currently writing while being attached to Ismere. He’s also stunned at Almis’ succession.

By the way, his progress in writing the “Chronicles of traversing the Great Continent” is going favorably.

Joseph (Late 20’s)

Ron’s subordinate. Very skilled swordsman. Centurion.

Dora (Early 20’s)

Officially employed as Sorcerer. She’s worried that she needs to get married soon.

Amerigo (30’s)

He’s having a hard time in desk work. However, in order to feed his family, he’s grappling with documents day after day.

Alice (10)

Germanis woman. Blonde busty beauty.

Spider woman

Former slave of Aldo DeMorgal

Currently works under Almus



King Rosyth (Late 30s)

Dying tanuki/raccoon. Even though his hair roots are also dying, it would seem the person himself would die faster. He has decided to die once he manages to see his grandchild. While his illness is currently unknown, it’s probably terminal cancer.


Muzio (20 years old)

Second son of the Equus tribe. He’s the most skillful bowman in the Equus tribe. He’s the protagonist’s “only” friend. He’s being isolated from the king after all……

By the way, his wife has huge breasts.

Has the “Divine Protection of the Wind Spirit?”

He seems to be able to manipulate the wind.



King Ferrum (Deceased) (Late 30’s)

His name is Roberto. He died a relatively happy death for a villain.

Regal DeBell (Deceased) (Early 20’s)

He suddenly emitted blood and died in the Fairy Incident. As such, he is deceased.

Bermet (Deceased) (82 years old)

He fell into Yal’s scheme and died. Well, it’s reasonable if you considered his life span. His family never got suspected of rebellion so one might say that it was good that he died.

Gilberto (Deceased) (Early 20’s)

He died by Roswald’s intentional “Sorry, my hand slipped!”

Merlin (Kurosaki Mari)

Witch. She’s perfectly comfortable doing inhumane acts. She’s completely mind broken. She was 17 when she transmigrated. Even now, she looks like 17. Her looks are on the cute side. It seems Flat-faced clansman A (Deceased) had said of her “crying face is the best.”

Divine Protection of Perpetual Youth

Holder never ages because the holder’s body cells regenerate faster than normal.

Barring instant death, any part of the holder’s body regenerates. The holder will die if the holder’s body sustains damage faster than it could regenerate.

Effects are beyond the control of the holder.


Neutral Factions (Characters whose stances are still unknown)

Ains (Early 30’s)

Cretian Merchant. Has a hard to please older brother. Loves making money. Recently, he’s been maneuvering behind the scenes to secretly position Tetra’s child as crown prince. Because of this conspiracy, he’s demoted to the Neutral Faction.

Height is 155cm (5ft1in). Unfortunately, money can’t buy prudence. Hair color is black.

Alexios (24 years old)

He gives off a handsome guy vibe just from his name. He’s a real one, if I may add. Furthermore, he’s an eyepatch wearing jakigan.

He’s currently making a world with Melia just for the two of them. They have recently moved to the Adernia Peninsula and are currently enjoying their newly-married life.

Melia (23 years old)

She’s a woman that loves animals. She’s crazy in love with Alexios. She’s currently making a world with Alexios just for the two of them. She’s currently enjoying their newly-married life.

Nikolaos (39 years old)

He espouses the heliocentric theory. He’s an open-minded person………but contrary to expectations, he has quite a stubborn head; believing that he could not make even a single mistake.

Ayesha (23 years old)

Although she has the same name as a certain someone somewhere, it doesn’t mean that the author considers thinking of names as a troublesome affair.

She’s currently the strongest human in the world. She has built a good relationship with Xerxes. She’s the passive one in bed.

Divine Protections

Divine Protection of the Hunter

The holder’s physical durability increases while hunting. By the way, hunting means in hunting in a broader sense meaning hunting humans fall within the Divine Protections’ scope.

Divine Protection of the God of War

The holder will become very strong when fighting.

Divine Protection of Berserk

The holder becomes intoxicated from blood which increases holder’s tension/spirit. Holder’s physical abilities will explosively rise. However, holder’s ability to think will fall.

Xerxes III (48 years old)

He’s being considered by the world as an invader and a greedy emperor but he’s not any of that at all. Rather, he wants to push his throne to another. However, no other person beside Xerxes has the faculty to be able to rule ((such an empire)).

His nether regions are quite energetic. He has lots of wives. By the way, Ayesha is not his wife but she’s his lover.

Carlo DeMorgal

Crown Prince of the DeMorgal Kingdom. His punishment for losing the war is under deliberation.

Rune Blouse

Second son of the Blouse clan. Bloodlessly capitulated his town to the enemy. His punishment is under deliberation.




He’s the great Griffon-sama said to have lived more than 3,000 years. He’s holed up in the forest. He seems to have been throwing his weight around when he was young.




Generally, refers to strange phenomena. Encompasses an extremely large scope.


In sorcery, this term specifically refers to the art of barriers and curses.

Magic ((Techniques))

In sorcery, this term specifically refers to reproducing natural phenomena.


To break the rules of the world. (Something that must not be done.)

Divine Protection

Strange Phenomena that’s not sorcery. A holder is very rare. Even if there is one, there’s a high chance that they’re useless. (For example, a blind person receiving a Divine Protection of Clairvoyance)

The Lost

Otherworlders. All will have divine protections. The protagonist is also one. The cause, it would seem, is what the Griffon calls “those young’uns.”


Refers to “those young’uns.” They’re a species that’s very fun and never forgets humor. They’re divided into three factions – the Neutral, the Conservation, and the Reform factions.

Rosyth Kingdom

Their power has rapidly expanded these recent years. It’s the strongest country in the southern part of the South Adernia. Population has increased from around 250,000 to 370,000. Present King is Almus Ars Rosyth.

Eville Kingdom

A country on the west of the Rosyth Kingdom. Agriculutral output is low. Population is around 100,000.

Belvedere Kingdom

A country on the south of the Rosyth Kingdom. They lost the war against Rosyth Kingdom. Population is around 100,000 to 30,000.

Zoldias Kingdom

A country fiercely resisting the Gillbed Kingdom’s southern invasion. Population is around 140,000.

Carnus Kingdom

A country ruled by a Povenian king. Population is 150,000. They are steadily gaining territory.


Alva Peoples


Equus Tribe

They are currently in an alliance with the Rosyth Kingdom. Population is 30,000. They mobilize even women and children during wartime. All of them are natural-born cavalrymen.

Lord Equus

He hates agriculture and agricultural people. However, he understands the importance of socializing and thus acts accordingly. He’s worrying about the succession problem.


Next Chief of the Equus Tribe. He has only appeared in name. Dead.


Refer to above.


Third son of the Equus Tribe. Dead

Lupus Tribe

Population is around 30,000. More uncivilized than the Equus tribe.

Aries Tribe

Population is around 10,000. They are subject to the Lupus Tribe.


Three Countries by Cretia


Colony of the Claris city-state. This is Ains’ base of operations.


Colony of the Alto city-state. It’s being controlled by a tyrant.


Colony of the Therbae city-state.


DeMorgal Kingdom

It was the biggest country in the northern part of the southern Adernia peninsula. Population has fallen from around 400,000 to around 300,000 to 250,000. The succession problem has erupted in their country and has become a serious matter.

Gillbed Kingdom

Their population has grown from 370,000 to 400,000 to 430,000 through southern conquests. They’re worrying about the Zoldias Kingdom.

Fardam Kingdom

It’s has continued to withstand the Rozel Kingdom’s invasion. It’s king is a party animal.


Rozel Kingdom

It’s a huge country that controls territory stretching from Southern Gallia to Northern Adernia. Total population is around 3,000,000 in the ruling class of Gauls alone. (4 to 5 million more if Adrenians are included.) The maximum number of troops they can mobilize is 300,000 to 400,000. However, since there is always a chance of rebellion in this country the mobilizable troop only number less than 100,000.

Republic of Pofenia

A marine power with colonial cities on the opposite continent and various places. It’s economic power is more than five times that of the Kingdom of Rozel.

The population is one million.

The military system is a mercenary system, so the war potential is not very strong.

The maximum number of troops that can be mobilized is about 50,000 or 60,000 financially.

No match for conscription countries



Persis Empire

The population is lightly over 50 million and 60 million.

The total force is one million.


Scarlet Empire

The population is lightly over 50 million and 60 million.

The total force is one million.


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