Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles

Chapter 145 – The First Southern Conquest 1


Time has passed, the New Year has begun, winter has passed, and spring has come.


I am 20 years old now.

In Japan I would’ve just become an adult.


So far, all policies are proceeding smoothly.


At that time, an incident occurred.


“Is it another strike…”


The commoners refused military service again.

I thought the refusal of military service was an anti-war movement or something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


It is not because of being afraid of war.


“So what happened this time?”




According to Raymond’s explanation …


It seems that ten members of powerful families suffering from financial difficulties have unfairly confiscated the fortune of the commoners.

Giving an appropriate reason while doing it, so that they aren’t seen as criminals by law at the same time.


Of course, commoners are dissatisfied.

However, they are not the match of a powerful family with knowledge of the law.


However, there are some commoners who are smart.

For example, the commoners that engage in commerce.


They sometimes deal with professional Cretians and understand the Cretian language. Naturally, they can also write.

Therefore, they also have knowledge about the laws of this country.


Therefore, they found out that this case is a quibble of a powerful family.


They instigated many commoners and sought a clear statement of law.

It has spread all over the country.


“Do you want to suppress it with the army?”


“No, wait. Don’t be too early.”


This case has a decisive difference from the previous two strikes and the rebellion.


One is that the commoners are seeking their rights.

The previous strike occurred in search of post-war security, tax cuts, and loot distribution.

And the previous rebellion occurred when the commoners sought to redo the trial.


This time is different.

Clarification of the law… In other words, the commoners want the laws to be made available to the public.


Yet another difference.

Is that it’s a movement that spans the entire country.


The previous strike was caused by some soldiers that were working on road repairs that wanted to increase the sense of solidarity.

And the previous rebellion was caused by a commoner in a region governed by a powerful family.


However, strikes are occurring all over the country this time.


“For the time being, tell the nation’s gentry by sending hawks and people on fast horses. Do not act prematurely.”




If an armed conflict occurs, it will lead to a full-scale civil war.

It is a struggle between the ruling class and the controlled class.





It’d probably result in our defeat.


Because most of our soldiers are from the commoner class.

It is possible that the troops heading for suppression may turn over as they are.


“And call Yal.”


For the time being, I was telling him to take measures against domestic spies.







“I apologize, Your Majesty. I couldn’t see it through…”


When Yal met me, he immediately apologized.

Well, it’s fine if you are reflecting on it.


“Um, can I make an excuse?”


“Well, depending on the content”


According to Yal, he was checking all the movements of Cretian merchants in our country.

The witch doctors were also engaged in counterintelligence activities.


Therefore, there can be no external intervention regarding this strike.


“In other words, are the commoners in our country acting independently?”


“Probably… I think the main reason is that the centurions became acquainted with each other after a long period of troop dispatch. The centurions became the leader figures in their areas. And I think another reason is that the speed of communication has increased due to the roads we’ve built. ”


In other words, the rumors of a strike in one region came up.

Does that mean that it spread all over the country at once through the connections of merchants and centurions?


Well, the territory of our country is not so large.

If one feels like it, it will be possible to spread news all over the country in a few days.


“There was almost no way for us to control all domestic Adernian merchants.”


“Well… it’s not like we can split our staff so much… There was no choice this time. First of all, we just need to know that there is no foreign involvement.”


However, this story will spread throughout the Adernia Peninsula tomorrow.

If the strike lasts for too long, other countries may move to military action.


And if something happens…




“His Majesty! People on fast horses came from Bartolo Pompeii!”


Sure enough.

I can imagine the contents.


About the armed uprising of the Cretian city-state of King Belvedere’s Kingdom, which was cut during the siege.


Something like that, probably.







“I was troubled.”


Raymond sighed.


My guess was correct.

After all, the Cretian city-state started an independence movement.


Well, originally they had a strong sense of independence.

It seems that King Belvedere also had a hard time dealing with it.


“Even so, the movement of commoners has been active recently.”


Yaş muttered.

Yal was originally a commoner.


It must be surprising that the commoners have been strengthening at once in the last few years.


“Well, my tax cut was probably the starting point.”




They were encouraged by the initial success.

The commoners understood that if we went on strike, we would have to make concessions.


However, this country wouldn’t exist at this time if it was suppressed by force instead.

I have no regrets or remorse.


And this time too, there is only one option.


“There is no choice but to promise a clear statement of law.”


“But if we give in too easily to their requests…”


Raymond has a bitter look on his face.

Yes, that’s the problem.


If we give in to their requests too easily, our position would be in danger in the end.


The steps to unify the Adernia Peninsula, which have been accumulated so far, will be overturned.


Well, my popularity is high…

I don’t think it’s possible for them to abolish the royal system.


“By the way, what do you think of the commoner’s claim for rights?”


“Depending on your Majesty’s opinions, the response will change.”


My opinions…


“Well, in the end, I’m thinking of granting some suffrage. Obligations come with rights. Commoners have an obligation of military service, which affects national security. So we should give them their rights. ”


“In other words, are you going to abolish the royal system in the end?”


“No, that’s not the case”


Commoners can fight and manage taxes.

Even some political decisions are possible.


However, only the intellectual hierarchy can command the army, and can actually administer and legislate…

Only the powerful families and the royal family.


The privileged class needs to be maintained… or will be done with.

There is no way that commoners who cannot write letters can do democratic politics, and even if they can, it will not last long.


Ancient democracy was established only inside a small city-state.


“I think it’s best for the king, the tribes, and the commoners to maintain their competitive political power.”


“What are you going to do specifically?”


Raymond persistently pursued.

The king adopted politics with a sloppy political vision because it was irresistible…


Should I take this opportunity to talk about it?


“Well, it’s just a goal… Do you know that I’m planning on taking the territories of all the tribes?”


“Yes, I know that.”


“But doesn’t that mean that the political powers are competing with each other?”


Well, just look forward to it.

I haven’t finished talking about it yet.




“Gather all the powerful families in the center. Well, it is not appropriate to call them powerful families when they have lost their territory… We can call them aristocrats instead. And make an assembly with those aristocrats at the center, the name will be the assembly of Aristocrats or the Senate… Well, it doesn’t matter which one. ”


The powerful families are politicians and military personnel.

Although there are odd ones among them, most of them are intellectuals and are intelligent.

It’s a waste to kill them.


At first, as the king’s advisory body, I will eventually transfer some authority and strengthen their power.


It’s a good thing while I’m alive.

My child should also be okay with it, depending on how well I educate him.


However, when it comes to grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it becomes questionable.


The king may be foolish, a tyrant may be born, a child may become the king, or he may have serious physical or intellectual disabilities…


Even if the national power is strong, it cannot be helped if the top is not good.

That’s where the Senate comes into play.


The country will be preserved even if the king acts rashly if the king is supported.


It would also be good to use it as a pool of human resources.

Although they lost their territories, the aristocrats will have many assets.


Aristocratic children will grow up with higher education.

And they will be proud that they are leading the country.


In other words, it will be a human resource that can be trusted.


It would be nice if an exam like the Imperial Examination could be done, but there is no know-how or funds to make it possible.

However, it will be better than the current recruitment.


From this, you can choose an assistant to the king, such as Raymond or Yal, or a soldier like Bartolo.


However, the problem is what if the Senate has too much power?


Therefore, I am thinking of using the power of the commoners.


“I’m going to stipulate that only the king has absolute command of the imperium. Then all the soldiers will have to obey the king, and the protection of the commoners will be the duty of the king. If the Senate tries to violate the privileges of the commoners, only the king can stop them… and the people will protect the king.”


Considering the structure of the ruling class and the controlled class, it is originally the king / senate (the nobles) VS the commoners.


I’m thinking of replacing it with the Senate (the nobles) VS the king / the commoners.




To summarize, I’m segregating the powers.

Maintain national equilibrium by distributing power to the king, the Senate, and the commoners.


“And open the door to political participation for the commoners. Allow the commoners to submit their opinions to the country, or invite them to the Senate depending on their financial strength and power.”


In fact, only a few commoners want to participate in politics.

Many commoners think that it is enough to live in peace every day.


The commoners revolt because some of the commoners have more power than the rest and they incite other commoners and start a rebellion.

The core of this strike is also the centurions and the merchants with economic power.


The strike occurred because they wanted to break the legal monopoly of the powerful families.


Then give them the opportunity to participate in politics.

If you do so, they will not be dissatisfied.


It is a strategy to incorporate the leader of the commoners into the ruling class.




“I see… To have such an idea…”


Yal gazed at me with sparkling eyes.

Stop it, I’m getting embarrassed.


“But if the Senate and the commoners join hands, would the royal family be at a disadvantage?”


“I’m planning to create a system that allows the royal family to enter the Senate and the influential people of the commoners to be aides. If the three levels are mixed properly, the chances that the two form an alliance and defeat the other can be prevented. Well, I’m still worried though… ”


There is no country that does not perish in the first place.

I don’t know of any country other than Ethiopia or Japan that could maintain the same pedigree for thousands of years.


Unless I became immortal, it would be impossible to keep the country forever.


However, there is certainly something that can be said.

If the king has no power, the royal system will last longer.


For example, the Islamic Caliph almost lost his real power in the middle, but for some reason he survived until the time of Selim I.

The Japanese imperial family lost political power after the Jokyu War, but it continues to this day.


Unexpectedly, the bipolar system in which the Senate and the commoners take political power and the king decorates may last longer.


“Well, that’s my idea.”


“If so, is this a convenient thing for your Majesty?”


“Well, I thought I had to write it down someday.”


It might have been better to carry it out earlier.


“Don’t be reluctant here, it may be better to equalize the king, the gentry, and the commoners under the law.”


Abolish the status law and judge all human beings equally under the law.

Guarantee private property and make its rights untouchable.


If it would’ve been requested eventually, it would be better to resolve it as soon as possible.


“But it’s a problem for commoners to get carried away.”


“It’s a problem if they think neither the king nor the powerful families are needed.”


Only we can resolve this.


“But even if we gather the powerful tribes and the guards, it’d be less than a thousand? The rebel army may be at least 5,000?”


Yal was worried about his hearing.

Well, it’s certainly impossible for us to fight this alone…


“Not all commoners participated in the strike. If we gathered those who decided not to participate, we could secure 2,000. And none of Bartolo’s soldiers participated in the strike.”


“Bartolo’s army? Why is that?”


“I don’t really understand, but he seems to be full of motivation.”


Bartolo thoroughly trained the commoners he recruited.

To invent new tactics.


Of course, the recruited commoners have no time to cultivate the fields.

That’s why I gave money for their living expenses.


In other words, it has become a half standing army.

And I guess it was because they were excited to test the results of their training.


“Bartolo is already heading for suppression. We will also gather soldiers and suppress them as soon as possible. And we will demand ‘obligation’ in exchange for their ‘rights’ from the common people who went on strike afterwards.”


It was not given because we gave in to their requests.

We’ll give in exchange for their obligation.


It’ll be a big difference just by changing its appearance.


“If we’ve settled on what to do, we have to move immediately.”


“Oh. We’ll dispatch within two days. Hurry to prepare.”




Thus, the first southern conquest began.

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