Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles – Chapter 146

The First Southern Conquest 2


“Fellow soldiers! Your Majesty the King has given a decree! To suppress the foolish Cretians!”


Bartolo declared so to his soldiers.

The soldiers cheered.

Their eyes were dazzling and full of motivation.


“It seems that the clarification of the law and strikes have become popular in the streets. But! It doesn’t matter to us!”



“That is right!”


“It has nothing to do with us!”


Soldiers go along with Bartolo.

They have been training with Bartolo for the last six months.


They haven’t thought about the clarification of the law, and haven’t participated in strike meetings.

They were left out of loop.


Training and warfare were in their minds.


“Now, show them our power. Let’s go!”




Thus Bartolo went south.






And about two days have passed since then.


“Oh! Isn’t it Roswald! You’ve caught up well. Actually, I was worried that there would be no cavalry!”


“Elder brother… I received an order from His Majesty. I asked him to join General Bartolo in advance… Can you please get away from me?”


Roswald tries to desperately turn his face away from the entwined Bartolo.

Bartolo always smells of alcohol.


But it’s not like he’s drunk.

Bartolo was originally a man with very small personal space.


Well, you can think of him as drunk from the time he was born.


“By the way, will the Equus cavalry come?”


“No, His Majesty does not intend to use the power of other countries to suppress the civil war.”


“Well, that’s a good decision. After all, the Equus are the ones who plunder people’s territory without permission. Letting them in our country would only end up with them rampaging.”


There is a friendship between Muzio, the chief of the Equus tribe, and Almus, the king of Rosyth, and there is a firm trust between them.

However, there is no trust between vassals like Bartolo and others.


In the first place, a king who cannot rule the internal turmoil without using the power of another country cannot be called a king.

And it is a very dangerous act to invite another country to the civil war.


Almus probably knows that well.


“300 cavalry, 3,000 infantry… but the enemy’s strength is…”


“Well, it’s about 8,000 to 15,000. The population of the rebellious Cretian cities is about 20,000 to 30,000. It’s a war of independence, so all the men should take up weapons and fight. That’s about it, given the reinforcements from Cretian cities. ”


There are about three times more enemies.

Roswald had an uneasy look on his face.


However, Bartolo happily hit Rosward’s back many times.


“You know, the stronger the enemy is, the more rewarding it is when we win. In the first place, it is not possible for them to gather more than 10,000 people. All we have to do is destroy each one.”


That is why Bartolo moved without waiting for reinforcements.

He intended to crush them before the rebels united.

For that purpose, prompt action was indispensable.


“His Excellency Bartolo! I found signs of the enemy in front of us! They seem to  number around 4,000.”


Bartolo smiled when he was contacted by the scout.

Smile of victory.







“Virgar. You go to the right, I will go to the left.”


“Yes, I understand, Captain… By the way, our army looks different than usual.”


Former Germanis slave and adjutant of Rosward.

Virgar asked Rosward what he had always been interested in.


The armament of the Rosyth army that Virgar knows is a buckler and a long spear.

With this, phalanx is assembled in wars.

However, the hoplite corps led by Bartolo was armed completely differently.


A large rectangular shield that covers the entire body.

And a short sword.


Can you really fight with this kind of armament?


“Well… that person was full of himself, it should be okay.”


“Is that true? Isn’t that person dead drunk? He was drinking a lot of alcohol a while ago…”


“That’s the usual for him. That person isn’t just a drunkard. He’s a good drunkard. It’s okay, probably…”


Roswald gradually became worried.

However, Bartolo is the commander.


“Anyways! Just believe in him!”


“Yes, I’ll do my best”


The two were immediately placed after such an exchange.






The enemy was using a typical phalanx… a dense formation that combined a spear and a buckler.

It can be said that the situation is just like a walking fortress.

When viewed from the sky, you can see that the left and right sides are thickened.

It would be a measure against the Echelon formation of Bartolo.


In addition, there are 200 cavalry on each side, for a total of 400 cavalry.




On the other hand, the Rosyth army led by Bartolo had a completely different formation.


10 squads consisting of around 8 people, a total of 80 people, formed one Centuria.

Two of them made up a company, and there are a total of 15 companies numbering around 2,400.


This is divided into three rows: front row, middle row, and the back row. There was a certain distance between the companies.

And 600 light infantry were placed in front of the front row.


There are 150 cavalry on each side, for a total of 300 cavalry.

The Rosyth army’s cavalry seems to be smaller than the rebel army.




“What are we going to do, General?”

“First of all, let’s remove the enemy cavalry from the battlefield.”


The rebel-leading general answers his lieutenant, groping his beard.

Immediately a gong was formed and a cavalry soldier of the rebel army jumped out.




The Rosyth cavalry led by Roswald will engage with this.

The Rosyth cavalry corps were evenly matched with the enemy even though their number was smaller than the enemy.


However, their purpose is not to destroy the Rosyth Cavalry.

It is to leave the battlefield.

The Rosyth cavalry moves away from the battlefield under the guidance of the rebel cavalry.


“Shit, we’re being guided…”


Roswald slashes the enemy while clicking his tongue.

However, he does his best to fight evenly against more enemies.




“Now, the stage is ready. Assault the entire army! Break through the center of the enemy!”


The rebel phalanx roared and rushed into the Rosyth army.







“Hmm, it seems they’ve done their research. They’re imitating General Curio.”


Bartolo muttered while drinking alcohol.

For now, the same flow as the previous battle is continuing.


The Rosyth army would be defeated if it remained as it was.

If it was the same as before.


“Exactly. It seems that the same method will work twice. It’s really unpleasant.”


Bartolo threw away the empty bottle.


“Order light infantry, front row, and the middle row heavy infantry. Start throwing spears!”


The trumpet was blown, and light infantry and heavy infantry began to throw spears in their hands one after another.

The spear fell on the rebels like rain.

The rebels raised their buckler to the sky and received the spear attack.


“It’s heavy and unusable!”


The tip of the spear stuck in the buckler bends and hangs down on the ground, so it cannot be pulled out.

They threw the unusable bucklers to the ground one after another.


The soldiers who lost the buckler lost their sense of security and became restless.

It’s no wonder with how they lost the defense that covered half of their.


However, the battle continues on.


At the same time as the light infantry finished throwing their spears and moved backwards, the two armies clashed.


“Don’t worry about the spear. Charge and go all out!”


With the support of the centurions, the Rosyth army’s heavy infantry, relying on their shields as trained, got close up to the rebels.

The moment the fight became a close range fight.


“With this, we can’t hit them with spears. What the heck…”


The rebel centurion screamed and fell to the ground.

Blood is coming out from his neck.

He was killed by a young Rosyth heavy infantry in his late teens.


His specialty is a short sword.


With a short sword and a spear, the spear is far superior in reach.

However, it doesn’t matter if they are too close.

Rather, the short sword that is easy to handle is more advantageous now that it is in a close range.




“Isn’t it just like the training?”


Bartolo is in a good mood and starts drinking another bottle of alcohol.

This is the tactic created by Bartolo.


Enlarge the shield to prevent enemy attacks.

And pierce the enemy’s body, which seems to stick out of the shield, with a short sword.




With the passage of time, both armies began to feel tired.


Because they have heavy weapons in both of their hands and are fighting for their lives.




“Front row, change places with the middle row.”


The trumpet is blown.

The front row of the Rosyth army quickly moved backwards, and the middle row filled the hole.


Immediately the Rosyth army began pushing the rebels.

The rebel army was taken aback by the enemy who became energetic in an instant.




It is one of the features of Bartolo’s new tactics that the soldiers can be replaced quickly.




Phalanx formation is a dense formation that makes it difficult to replace soldiers.

This is because the formation collapses as soon as the soldiers move backwards.


Therefore, there is no choice but to fight till death.

If the formation collapses, they will be trampled by their own allies.


However, the new tactics allow the company to change lines quickly because the companies are spaced apart from each other.

If it is determined that the soldiers are exhausted, it is possible to immediately replace them with energetic soldiers.


Also, the front row of the Rosyth army is composed of recruits from their late teens to their twenties.

The middle row is made up of veterans in their thirties.


The veteran soldiers who were looking at the newcomers in the front row with a feeling of harassment were very enthusiastic when their turn came around and began to push the enemy vigorously.


“General Bartolo, there are some units that are a little too prominent…”


“Well, isn’t it good? Momentum is important.”


Furthermore, Bartolo gives instructions to the heavy infantry on both wings and gradually presses both sides of the phalanx.

It is a trick that can be done because it is a new tactic with excellent mobility.


Phalanx gradually began to collapse.

When this happens, the rebels will be pushed, trampled, and crushed by their allies.


There were many soldiers who threw out their weapons and fled.

The rest is left to collapse.




“Make the back row also participate in the chase of the enemy.”


The old soldiers in the back row also participate in the fight.

They have a relatively light shield and a short spear as their weapons.


I can’t lose to young people.

Perhaps because of that feeling, the veteran soldiers attacked the back of the rebel army like a lion released from the cage.




Rebels: Approximately 1,000 killed in action, approximately 500 injured, approximately 1,500 fugitives.


Rosyth Army: Approximately 130 killed in action, approximately 300 injured.


Thus, the Rosyth army won a great victory.

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