Chapter 36.  To The Dragonia Mountain Range… .

However, it was impossible to prevent Dorian who had already dashed out. As both sides were rushing towards each other with the Ogre approaching quickly as well, Kang Chul-In did not have a chance to cut in between them.

‘That’s just your luck.’

Kang Chul-In left Dorian’s life to pure chance.

There was no doubt in the fact that Dorian will lose, regardless of mana fire, because a 3.5m mass of muscle was about to collide with Dorian, who topped at 171cm.


Equipped with mana fire, Dorian’s fist collided with the Ogre’s fist.


With a sound of something breaking,


Dorian fell back with a single scream.


Kang Chul-In called out for Lucia as he rushed.


Recognizing Kang Chul-In’s call, Lucia removed a large shield, Aegis, from her back, and protected Dorian, who has fallen.


A loud noise rang out as the Ogre’s fist and Lucia’s Aegis shield collided.

– Aaaaah!

A painful scream exploded from the Ogre.

Surprisingly, the side that lost was the Ogre while Lucia remained unwavering.

‘Especially skilled in shielding.’

Kang Chul-In was amazed to see that.

Without even being pushed back a step, Lucia has perfectly defended against the Ogre’s punch.  All that had happened was just a 10cm divot, where she was standing.

However, there wasn’t any time to be marveling at that.  The Ogre rushed to attack again as fallen Dorian looked helpless.  Someone had to come and divert the Ogre’s attention.


Already on his saddle, Kang Chul-In was storming towards the Ogre.


Levitating in the air, Kang Chul-In looked for a point of attack, using the height advantage like a falcon’s eyes.


With foul trick, the Blood sword has cut through the Ogre’s collarbone.

The offensive move was deemed to have scored 100 out of 100 points.

The Ogre’s muscle fiber was overwhelmingly hard, strong, and elastic beyond that of iron.  His skull was also as hard as steel.

Kang Chul-In had aimed at what seemed to be the least attractive point of attack (in fact, it wasn’t) and went after the most vulnerable area! If the shoulders had been targeted, the trapezius muscles could not have been penetrated, and if the head had been targeted, the Blood sword would have been shattered into little pieces. *

– Aaaaaaah!!!

The Ogre let out a painful scream after the unexpected attack.

‘Continue to effect fatal wound… .’

Kang Chul-In quickly thought of delivering a fatal wound to Ogre, using mana fire.  However, he wasn’t able to do so.  Unexpectedly, the Ogre executed an agile, reflexive move and attempted to crush Kang Chul-In by swinging both of his arms.


Calmly abandoning the attack, Kang Chul-In swiftly moved to beside Lucia and out of the range of Ogre’s attack.

“His conditions?”

Kang Chul-In asked keeping his eyes on the Ogre.

“His right arm is broken and even lost his consciousness.”

“Pick out four soldiers and move him.  He cannot die!  Must keep him alive!”

“Yes, my lord!  There, four guards!  This way!  Take Dorian!”

Upon hearing Lucia’s commands, the four guards that were moving towards the Ogre quickly made their way towards them and took Dorian.

Meanwhile, suppressing the pain, the Ogre glared at Kang Chul-In and rushed to attack him.

“Let’s go, Lucia.”

“It’s my honor!”

Kang Chul-In and Lucia rushed towards the approaching Ogre.

The synergy that was created by the two was enormous.

The collaboration between Kang Chul-In, the dedicated offense, and Lucia, the master of defense displayed perfect teamwork.


As Lucia’s shield blocks the Ogre’s attack,


Kang Chul-In came forward and sought the Ogre’s vital point.

‘Lucia, to the left!’

‘I will bypass my attack to the top.’

Kang Chul-In and Lucia were communicating without speaking, using only their movements and their eyes while defending against the Ogre.

The coordination and harmony was incredible.

Even though they have never coordinated their movements before, Kang Chul-In and Lucia worked in perfect unison as if they have been in practice for a long time.  It was as if the Gods of War were in telepathic communication.

In the meantime, the confused adventurers came back to their senses and began to assemble, holding on to the rare items distributed by Kang Chul-In.

“Lucia, stay back!”

“Yes, my lord!”

Both, Kang Chul-In and Lucia simultaneously sprang.

– Krrr…!!!

Immensely angered, the Ogre clenched every one of his muscles as if to explode.  Having reached the limit of his rage, his wrath was uncontrollable and this was an indication that the Ogre had raised his capacity to battle to the limit.

In contrast, Kang Chul-In no longer had the intention of continuing the fight with the Ogre.  Putting he Ogre down belonged to the adventurers, not him and Lucia.

“Pavise, assemble.”

The thick, authoritarian voice of Kang Chul-In led the adventurers.


Eight adventurers of excellent physiques assembled, raising their Pavise shields.

“Spear, to the back!”

An adventurer, holding a Black Thorn spear, and six troops from Laputa territory stood behind the shield.

“Sword, next to me.”

Adventurers, holding Blood swords assembled next to Lucia and Kang Chul-In.

“Podorski, iron shackles.”

Lastly, Podorski and 3 adventurers with powerful physiques grabbed on to the iron shackles of bondage.

With that, the line up was completed as Kang Chul-In had planned for the purpose of fighting monsters.

“Do not be afraid.”

Kang Chul-In spoke to the nervous adventurers.

“We will win, focus on my words.”

By the assurances carried in the voice of Kang Chul-In, the adventurers were reassured.  It was the power of charismatic invocation that is only available to those with the Sovereign class.

– Roar!!!

The Ogre catapulted his heavy body towards the humans, confronting them with a roar.

“Sword, this way!  Pavise, prepare for impact!”

The line of Pavise shields met the Ogre as Kang Chul-In side-stepped.


The Ogre and the Pavise line have collided.

“Spear, pierce!”

25 Black Thorn spears pierced the Ogre’s abdomen.

“Iron shackle, restraint!”

Spinning the chain splendidly, Podorski tied up the Ogre’s left leg, using the iron shackle. 3 adventurers followed by coming close and pulling the iron shackle with all their might.


The Ogre fell, losing its balance. It would have sustained its balance had it been an adult Ogre.  However, not having been fully grown, that much force was sufficient against the Ogre.

“Sword, let’s go!”

Lastly, Kang Chul-In led the adventurers, holding Blood swords, towards the Ogre.



Crimson blood sprang out.

‘This is it, this is it.’

This was the fight that Kang Chul-In wanted.  That is, training the adventurers with strong individual personalities to coordinate in a military formation to fight against the monsters!

After that, there were a couple more useless attacks by the Ogre.  The result was…

– Croak, croooak…!

Soon, honeycombed by the swords, the Ogre gave a death rattle.  The attack unit led by Kang Chul-In, it was the Slayer’s victory.


After the day the Slayers have been victorious, they kept hunting monsters like Ogres and Minotaurs.

Dorian, who was severely injured and fell unconscious, was rushed to Laputa territory for treatment.  Kang Chul-In was disappointed in missing Dorian’s camaraderie, but he continued on with his agenda as he took satisfaction that Dorian was not dead.

And 1 week has passed.

As the adventurers have reached level 20, Podorski eavesdropped on the adventurers following Kang Chul-In’s order.  He was performing his secret duties as the security head.

“Hugh… this is insane, insane.”

“What is?”

“This crazy hunting is killing everyone.”
Some adventurers complained.

“Still you are getting stronger?”

“Tough is still tough.”

“You are speaking like a rich man.  How much was earned up to now.  Just tallying up trophy items would be enormous?”

“That’s true.”

“However… What is the identity of the General, anyway?”

Other adventurer expressed curiosity over Kang Chul-In.

“Mr. Dorian seems ordinary, but the General does not seem be a human?”

“That’s right!”

“For crying out loud, how can that be a human?  When the General confronts an Ogre with a sword.”

“Just forget it.  Thinking about it over and over would not give an answer.  We should just sit back and enjoy the spoils.  I have no interest in the identity of the General.  Just do as you’re told then make money and grow stronger, that’s all.”

Some 10 or so adventurers were busy murmuring stories around the bonfire.

“Still, isn’t it awesome?  We can destroy anything as long as we follow the General’s instructions.”

“That, I agree.  I’m thinking that we can hunt anything as long as we are with the General.”

“Now our levels have gone up so high that we can even easily capture an Ogre, even without the General?  On top of that, if the General and Lucia join forces, everything becomes a piece of cake.”

“Certainly!  We are strong!”

“I’m not sure, but wouldn’t our level be the top class among the adventurers?”

The conversation of the adventurers was full of praise, trust, and extreme confidence regarding Kang Chul-In.


Podorski, who was listening in on the adventurers’ conversation was elated as he ran over to Kang Chul-In to report.

“The time has come.”

Kang Chul-In nodded his head upon hearing the report.

That’s what he wanted.

The respect, trust for the leader, harmony among the adventurers, and most importantly, strong confidence that anything can be overcome.  Finally, the preparations to pursue his objective is complete.

‘Although it will be accompanied by sacrifices,’

After ordering Podorski to assemble the adventurers, Kang Chul-In fell into a thought.

‘I’m the lord, my territory is more important.’

It was certain that someone will meet their death in the hunt for the Peacock Dragon.

Minimum 10, maybe 20 deaths, in an extreme case, could be possible.  In the worst case, Kang Chul-In and Lucia may be the only survivors.

However, for that purpose, this army of slayers has been organized.  They were the mercenaries that will preserve the power of Raputa, and become the future customers of the territory.

Although it was callous, to a lord, other than towards his own citizens, being merciful towards non-citizens of his land was not a virtue.  Besides, as it was unavoidable for the lord to cast his own people into hell, Kang Chul-In has assembled the adventurers to hunt for the Peacock Dragon without hesitation.

“We are setting out to hunt a level 40 monster.”

Kang Chul-In spoke.

“That’s a strong monster.  As an Asian Dragon, it is a monster on a different plane than anything else that we have faced.”

If it had been just 2 weeks ago, such speech would be considered explosive however, there was not even a single adventurer that showed fear or stirred any unrest.

“Death is possible, no, someone right here will certainly die.  Maybe 10.  Maybe more.”

Kang Chul-In raised the stakes.

However, it was the same.

No one stirred up unrest.

Some adventurers even showed expressions of feeling bored.

“What is the problem.”

Billy, an American adventurer, standing 190cm, shouted.  He has become a devout new believer and admirer of Kang Chul-In since some time ago.

“We will do it!  Being an adventurer, are we not staking our lives for being adventurers, anyway?”

In a short time, Billy has realized what being an adventurer is all about.

That was it.

Putting his life as a pawn, moving around the great land of Pangaea was what being an adventurer is all about.

“I’ll do it!  With the General, what is there to fear?  Besides, more the dangerous it is, the more we have to gain!  Isn’t that so?”

“That’s right.”

Kang Chul-In responded.

Then he spoke of the spoils to gain once the Peacock Dragon would be hunted, in order to mesmerize the adventurers.

“The meat of the monster that I wish to hunt is a medicine that gives a weakling health and longevity, and drinking its blood will increase mana.  The feather of its tail can be used to make an item that can cause strong hallucinations.  Its eyeballs are ingredients for making an anti-spell item.”

It was like throwing a double edged sword, both carrot and stick.

However, the responses of the adventurers were… .

“We will do it.”

Another adventurer, other than Billy led the chant.

With that, every member of Team Slayer came forth, committing to participate in the hunt for the Peacock Dragon.

“I will do it, too.”

“General, count me in, too!”

“We can do it!”

“With you General, what is there to fear!”

“You only die once, not twice!”

“Let’s turn our fortunes around!”

“We will do it, we will do it!”

With the exception of 3 that put family matters for reason, everyone said that they will follow Kang Chul-In.

The adventurers that have been exposed and mesmerized by Kang Chul-In’s power and control, fear was nowhere to be seen.  Even the confidence that death can be overcome, which Kang Chul-In wanted, existed among Team Slayer.

“All right.”

Showing a satisfactory smile, Kang Chul-In nodded his head.

“It is my honor to be with you.”

He was sincere.

Kang Chul-In used to think highly of those who would jump into fire for one’s own ambition.

“The monster that you will be hunting is called… The Peacock Dragon.”

Then the Slayers led by Kang Chul-In left the dark forest and headed towards the Dragonia Mountain in search of the Peacock Dragon.


The Peacock Dragon was an easy monster to track.

An Asian dragon, this monster displayed well integrated features of a dragon and a peacock, hence, it would often drop it tail feathers in and around its habitat, unknowingly exposing its location.

“There is a basin in the cypress forest, about 7km straight ahead from here.  That appears to be the nest area of the Peacock dragon.”

Mr. Paschurmers, a veteran hunter in the Laputa territory, who was ordered by Kang Chul-In to track the Peacock dragon in advance, provided the decisive intel.  As a result, Kang Chul-In did not have to search the wide area of the Dragonia Mountain range.

“Have you seen it yourself?”

“I have not seen it.  I might come close to my death… .”

Mr. Paschurmers did not finish his sentence.  He appeared to be in fear of certain imminent chastisement from Kang Chul-In.

“Well done.”

“….. !”

“It took a lot of guts for sure.  I shall reward you soon.  Return to the territory and wait.”

“My, my lord!”


“I’m overwhelmed, your highness!”

After being promised a reward, Mr. Paschurmer bowed to Kang Chul-In many times before returning to the territory.

‘We shall meet within the day.’

It has been 10 hours since he has been lying in ambush with the adventurers.  Kang Chul-In felt the imminent face off against the Peacock Dragon.

Such feeling has never proven untrue.  Kang Chul-In had that what has often been called ‘sixth sense’.  And… That feeling soon materialized.


A great sound of wings was heard.

* Editors Note: The trapezius muscle stretches over the collar bone.

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