Chapter 40. Triumphant Sovereign Kang Chul-In


“Kang Chul-In, Your Majesty, hooray! Hurray!”

“Your Majesty has defeated the evil monsters!”

“Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!”

The people of Laputa cheered enthusiastically like crazy.

Kang Chul-In shone as a hero in the people’s eyes.

How troubled you are because of the assault of the wicked Peacock Dragon.

The fear that it might hurt them or their family, was beyond imagination.

The Peacock Dragon, source of their fear, the two of them was dragged in by the men of the Sovereign. Even with the head shattered. No wonder that Kang Chul-In looked like a hero.

Besides, look at the stunning imposing appearance.

Although Peacock Dragon is a subspecies of dragons, but it is definitely a dragon.

Even though he hunted down such monsters, moreover two of them, Kang Chul-In was expressionless and wearied. He even showed they were not a big deal.

Could you not respect such a Sovereign? Could you not love him? No matter what is Kang Chul-In’s nature, in the eyes of his people now, he became a foremost king that will not appear again in history for the second time.

On the other hand, the adventurers were still astonished.

“Actually, what is the true identity of General?”

“Who are these people?”

“Oh my gosh… There was such a castle in Pangea Continent…”

“Majesty? Do you mean The General is a real king?”

Everything was doubtful.

Laputa Fortress, The People of this Land, Kang Chul-In’s real identity, etc… Lots of things were confusing the adventurers. Moreover, because there was no one who can explain it, it was natural that the frustration would grow like a snowball over time.

“Wow… Although I don’t know, but I can see that General was really great. Is he coming from Royal Family? I think even the Queen of England was not as popular as him.”

“I think so… Where is it…. Ah! Wouldn’t Mr. Kim from the north enjoy it too?”

“This idiot! He’s a dictator! Do you call that as popular?”


“Look at those people. Look at their expressions. Everyone is just looking at the General. I don’t know whether The General is the king of these people.”

“Damn it! As long as that man is an earthling… Ah! What, What is that!”

The curiosity and the conversations of the adventurers was just up to there.


“The brave warriors ~”

“Thank you! Thank you very much!”

“Come here~ Let’s dance together with me ~”

The ladies of Laputa clung on to the adventurers.

The Adventurers were also heroes for the Laputa’s people. It was reasonable for the ladies to cling on the proud and amazing adventurers.

“It’s cool!”

“Haha! It was nothing!”

“Thank you, thank you very much.”

“No, I just did what I had to do.”

Warm scenes could be seen here and there.

“Young man ~ How can you be so strong? Look at these arms!”

“That, that is… errr…”

“Huh! Where are you going, young man? Young man!”

Dangerous scenes were also produced.

The condition was good.

By eliminating the evil monsters, The Sovereign proved his ability while the adventurers were given a very warm welcome. There is no one who is not happy, everyone was satisfied.

“The crisis has passed.”

Kang Chul-In watched these scenes silently from the top of the white horse that he usually ride on. Although actually he also was in a good mood, but he did not show it. Being a Sovereign was generally a heavy duty.

“Your… Majesty…?”

“Your Majesty, please give us a chance to celebrate you victory.”

When Kang Chul-In quietly watched the festive atmosphere, a group of ladies stepped forward into the procession. They were the young ladies of Laputa.


Kang Chul-In was embarrassed for a moment.

“Why are there so many?”

It seemed that all ladies from teens and twenties have come to him. The ladies who have come to Kang Chul-In were much more outstanding than the ladies who have come to the adventurers.

“Your Majesty… This is the watch that my late grandfather wore….”

“This is a 77 year old Mandrake Liquor.”

“For the Lord, I devote this body and heart….”

“This is a ring that descended from my ancestors for generations.”

Various ladies gave offering to Kang Chul-In.

There are diverse group.

The ladies with pure heart, the ladies full of lust, the ladies trying to get a chance to succeed, and so on… There were quite varied in goals and desires.


Kang Chul-In opened his mouth.

“I will accept your heart only. But….”

Those who watched him saying this unexpected remark were surprised.

Did he refuse the offering?

Refusing the offerings which offered voluntarily and not by force was a pretty exceptional event. Moreover, ignoring the sincerity of the ladies who offered the tribute was a problem.

“It is not the time to take them now.”

However, Kang Chul-In had a thought and made a wise judgement.

It didn’t matter with the offerings.

It was Sovereign’s right to receive offerings from the subordinates.

But, the things that weighed his mind the most was the place and the ladies as the subject who gave the offerings.

There is no position that needs someone to be careful and aware of other’s gaze, as much as Sovereign. Those in high status are all like that, but especially Sovereign is the highest position, he had to do it more.

“There is no free things in the world. Even if it is not a big thing for me, but they are precious things for them. Besides, if that position is open to the public, there will be troublesome things. Every single act of my life here is going to be interpreted as the official Sovereign.”

For example, let’s say that Kang Chul-In receive the watch from the lady an with orange hair. So, what will happen?

It was the thing that her late-grandfather wore. Despite the price, that watch contains a symbolic meaning. Maybe the lady with orange hair would think that Kang Chul-In accepted her heart.

What if he take the ring that descended for generations?

The lady who offered that ring laughed, but showed her inner feelings in a glimpse. Perhaps she had been pushed by her parents to come out.

What if he takes everything?

If he takes everything like that, it would make gossip. How does he deal with the ladies who offered their body and heart? That would be more troublesome.

The person who became a Sovereign had to doubt even the simple tributes as being suspicious. There were many ladies with pure motives, but the problem is the haughty things within them. Who will be Kang Chul-In’s woman also could be a problem.

Of course, there must be the kind heart within them.

However, it would be unfair to receive only the offerings of a specific individual. But it was not easy to not receive any of it at all. It was obviously a tiring situation in many ways.

Therefore, Kang Chul-In had to show his wisdom.


Kang Chul-In’s finger pointed at the impressive girl with maroon hair. People’s gaze turned to the girl whom Kang Chul-In pointed at once.


The surprised girl got in the wind.

“My, my Lord, I….!”

Rustler’s daughter, Lana, was amazed and confused.

“I will accept yours. That tribute, gave it to me.”

Said Kang Chul-In.

“My, my Lord… This… is very…. tacky…”

“It’s fine.”

“Then… My…my lord… I…will…give you…this thing…I made…by myself….”

Lana’s offering was a flower wreath that looked like a necklace and made of wild flowers. As a matter of fact, based on price, her offering was the cheapest among all.

However, Kang Chul-In’s choice was correct and wise.

“Why…is he choose that?”

“A wreath made of wildflowers… I offer this to you, lord!”

“A little lady and her flower wreath! It seems you will only take the pure heart only!”

As Kang Chul-In has chosen to take only the wreath of the little lady, he rejected the talk that he will ignore all of the sincerity, and dealt with the problem about women. The past Kang Chul-In would not have taken such a sophisticated political stance.

“I’d rather be in a battlefield a hundred times.”

While thinking about that, Kang Chul-In get down the horse and headed towards Lana.



Lana has collapsed.


Just by thinking of standing close to the Sovereign, would surely make somebody faint.


“Yes, lord.”

“Take that child to her parents and hang the wreath on the horse saddle.”

Kang Chul-In found a suitable compromise because he could not hang the wreath on his neck.

“Let’s go.”

Leaving behind the minor incident behind, Kang Chul-In climbed on his white horse with the wreath and headed towards the inside of the land.


Even after he arrived at the Sovereign’s hall, Kang Chul-In did not rest.

First, he ordered Timothy to give the Slayers the land’s first-class pass and paid for the accommodations and food

After that, he personally met the bereaved families of those lost in the Peacock Dragon’s hunting, he came with informality, comforted them and paid the compensation.

He also met Commander James.

He received some awards because he was able to protect the land safely while Kang Chul-In was away.

The awards for Lucia, Podorski, and 10 elite soldiers were postponed. They had to received the bigger award, to take a break now is the first award.

“Be generous with alcohol and food. Let’s not be hungry for today.”

Lastly, Kang Chul-In ordered the festival to commemorate the Peacock Dragon subjugation. It was the one thing he can do to lift the mourning and sorrows of the people and to raise the happiness to the highest level.


Kang Chul-In, who had done all of this work, was finally able to sit down on the throne and take a deep breathe while looked like perfectly ripe green onion kimchi. The sound of singing praising the glory of Sovereign came loosely as if the festival had begun outside.

“Let’s check this one last thing and rest.”

Lastly, open [My Information] items.


[My Information]

Name: Kang Chul-In / Rank: Sovereign / Class: Warrior

Score: 140P / Complete Ranking: D-100 to the public

Level: 31 / Specialty: (B Grade) / Tendency: Conquest Sovereign

Kind: Human / Skill: Locked (Unlocked when Grand Sovereign status is obtained)

Spouse: – (Maximum of 7)

Charisma: 77 (B++)

HP: 119 / 1412 (Warning, please take a rest)

Mana: 63 / 1954

Physical Attack: 248

Magic Attack: 79

Physical Strength: 187 / Intelligence: 141

Agility: 161 / Spell Management: 20

Accuracy Rate: B+

Evasion Rate: B-

Fatal Blow: B+

Defensive Power: 17 / Endurance: 14

Finance: D- / Internal Affairs: E-

Resource: B- / Politics: C+

Diplomacy: C- / Command: A+

Attack: A+ / Defense: C-

Military Force: A+ / Charm: A+

Obtained Points: 30 (+5 Per level)

Remaining Points: 30


I have grown quite a lot.

Start from the level, it was from level 25, then hunting male Peacock Dragon +2,

While clearing the Secret Quest +1,

Ingested the Dragon Heart +2,

Then by killing the female Peacock Dragon +1 level, total it raised 6 levels, so it reached level 31.

As the effect of Dragon Heart the total amount of mana has also increased to 800.

In addition to this, if he eats Dragon Heart of the female Peacock Dragon, he can gain up to 1.5 level of the experience and mana.

Moreover, since he obtained 70P of Sovereign Points in this hunting, it would be more advantageous for him in the ranking competition of Grand Sovereign.

“Great. Now, if I can resolve the financial situation of the land, I can do conquest immediately.”

Everything was fine except the lack of gold coins being the only obstacle. He was planning on getting the whole eastern plains of Dongjun right after finishing in the finances.

It was that time.


The pain began to spread out when the stitching on his side burst again.

“Now… I really need to get rest.”

In a three-week hunt, he battled with the Peacock Dragon, he has done a variety of work with the serious injury on his body. If it happened to the others, they would have collapsed ten times at least.

“Your Majesty!”

It was when Kang Chul-In was trying to take the lid off the potion held to his mouth.

“Mr..Mr. Dorian!”

Lucia ran in a hurry and told him the bad news. It was a news that similar to a Death Sentence to Kang Chul-In, who was trying to be able to breathe.

It was very interesting!

Author’s words
* Last time, there were 70P of the Sovereign Points missing. While hunting the male Peacock Dragon the Sovereign Points were increased by 70P and now Kang Chul-In’s points are 140 points. You do not have to look back at the previous chapters.

*The stats window will not appear frequently. I will use it only in the necessary part as an indicator to show how much Kang Chul-In has grown. Because I want to tell you more of the story than the amount of points he get by the stats window…. (sorry)

*Ah, Dorian is remained.

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