Chapter 41. Teaching Down




“… what could happen to that fellow.”




Kang Chul-In answered with a grim voice as he is fatigued.




“He is recovering from the trauma, but due to the exhaustion of losing extreme mana, it seems that the flow of mana has mixed up. If we leave it like that, I think he won’t make it through the night….!”




The matter was pretty serious.




“So, it was that.”




But, Kang Chul-In’s mind was different. He knew how to improve Dorian’s condition. There was a very simple and easy way.




“Cut the heart of the Peacock Dragon in half and feed it to him, help him absorb the mana. He will be fine.”




Female Peacock Dragon’s heart, half. That’s enough to cover Dorian’s condition.




“Th, That!”




Lucia surprised.




“Dragon Heart is a spirit elixir. I think that Mr. Dorian’s life is important, but it is a treasure…..!”






“Lucia, don’t look at me like a small fry.”


“I, how can I dare to see Your Majesty as such a disgraceful sight!”




Lucia glared to show she was being treated unfairly.




“How can you draw a big picture by being stingy? It seems like the value of the Peacock Dragon’s heart made your hands tremble, I just want to do my best for the future instead of following the mainstream thinking of the continent.”


“Your Majesty’s words are right.”


“It is not giving him all, just half, it is a plenty amount to invest. Moreover… it would be troublesome to let him die. He must live.”


“Alright, sir. I will feed the Dragon Heart to Mr. Dorian and help him absorb the mana.”


“No, I will do it myself.”




Kang Chul-In stood up from his throne as though he had trouble.




“It will be more efficient if I do it myself.”




Mana’s intensive recovery using Dragon heart. Rather than simply ingesting, let someone help  in absorbing the mana was the proper way. Of course, Kang Chul-In is a better choice than Lucia.




“Lord! With that body! You need to immediately rest!”


“I know. I’ll take care this one thing only then rest. I have a limit too…”




But Kang Chul-In did not finish his crazy words.








Kang Chul-In fainted because of the dizziness and giddiness.




“The limit.”




That was the last one thought by Kang Chul-In.




“Lucia.. wait a moment I need… help….”




Kang Chul-In tilted forward like in a slow motion. He kept on holding on but in the end he collapsed.




“My Lord!”




Lucia, who really startled, hugged Kang Chul-In immediately.




“My lord! Are you okay? Stay awake! Lord, Lord?”




Lucia, who was worried about the half-conscious Kang Chul-In’s safety, found a strange thing at the end of his words that was unclear.




“Is, is he sleeping….”




Kang Chul-In didn’t fall unconscious because of an emergency to his health. He just fell asleep as he is fatigued, there was no other signs to Lucia.




“Whew… He does everything so well but taking care of his jade body like a baby.”




Lucia laughed while pulling Kang Chul-In to her embrace. Kang Chul-In is sleeping with his face stayed between her busty chest.




“Lord, please do not bear everything on you shoulder only. Lucia is here, and there are other loyal people too. So… please rest when it is the time to rest. This Lucia will do better so that My Lord can rest comfortably.”




Lucia pledged to be a more faithful, more capable assistant.




“But… Your sleeping look… why so…”




Then her face blushed.




Kang Chul-In’s face, who was usually as hard as a tiger, was calm after sleeping. His look when he was sleeping like a baby, stimulated her maternal love strongly.




“Lord, please forgive….”




Disgracefully, Lucia dared to touch Kang Chul-In’s jade body.


Lucia’s white fingers gently swept Kang Chul-In’s head. Kang Chul-In, who fell into a sleep as deep as the deep sea, didn’t notice it.








The next day.




In the end, Kang Chul-In had to be side by side with Dorian to get treatment.




“Does it make sense that the winner and the loser look the same.”




Kang Chul-In was impressed while he was looking at Dorian, who was still sleeping.




Something was missing because the person, who did the stupid thing, or the person, who reached for the goal till the end and won, were both cared for as patients.








Since then Dorian woke up two days later.




“Here, here is…”


“My land.”






Dorian raised his upper body toward the voice that he heard.




No, he tried to raise it, but he had to lay down again because of the severe pain.






“It was impossible, though.”




In the eyes of Dorian, who turned his head, he was seeing Kang Chul-In, who was lying on the bedside and reading the book of Pangea continent.




“How, how come…..”


“You are dead and come back alive, that’s all.”




“You don’t need me to nag at you, right? Because you, yourself, know what you did wrong better than I.”






Dorian’s face hardened by Kang Chul-In’s admonition.




“I… I did that kind…. of mistake….”




Disgust feeling swept out Dorian in a blink.




Ah, How stupid and foolish his action can be?




He was one of the first and the best soldiers in the world who served in special forces SAS, and was active in the conflict area. He knew better than anyone else how catastrophic an individual’s recklessness in a team unit battle could be. Therefore, the feeling of disgust that Dorian felt was beyond imagination.




“It was possible.”




The voice of Kang Chul-In flowed to the ear of such Dorian.




“Unfamiliar places, unfamiliar enemy, and unfamiliar skills. The distinction between you in the past and you in the present has totally ruined your judgement.”






Dorian’s face was covered with unexpected encouragement.




“We are the dimensional travelers.”




Kang Chul-In said this.




“I am constantly in conflict and agony between the me from the earth and the me from Pangea Continent. Actually, it’s not that different…. I’m just confused by the changed environment and abrupt power. I have ever been like that.”




“If you get into that state, normal accidents would be impossible. Everyone does something crazy at least once. Like you.”


“Is it….”


“It was something you had to go through once anyway. Because you got burned, you’re better prepared for the future. Actually… even I do not feel like letting it go.”




“If you have any reason to do it, then it would be better to do it. If you had been alone, you’d be dead by now.”




It was like that.




Kang Chul-In’s action, which caused Dorian get mad and stirred up, was actually meant to look ahead and as a test for Dorian.




“Don’t be in a hurry. It has been two months since the summons took place. Just think about whether you were too greedy in these two months. I’ve seen it once, so I believe you won’t do it again but…remember, it is important to hold on to the center of yourself tightly and not let it go.”




Kang Chul-In, who had said that so far, took a sip of the beverage that the caretaker had left.




“Oh, I will send the bill to your land.”


“What, bill? Treatment fees?”




Dorian was panicked when the money talk came out.




“If you swallowed the Peacock Dragon’s heart, shouldn’t you pay money?”




“Your mana got mixed, so I wrote it off as a remedy. You supposed to feel it, right? The total amount of mana must be increased much than before.”






Dorian opened his eyes.




‘Po, Powerful mana…. It seems added 20% more than before.’




Kang Chul-In’s words were indeed true.




“How much can I charge?”


“Errr… I appreciate it but,…. how much would it be…. it seems….expensive….”




Dorian shed cold sweat. It was difficult to gauge how much Peacock Dragon’s heart was worth.








Kang Chul-In smirked and said.






“Do you remember your promise to me?”


“The promise that I will come whenever you call?”


“Just remember that. Just be thankful and work it out to pay me.”


“Alright! I will surely pay this debt.”




Dorian grasped both of his fists. Kang Chul-In was in fact being restrained, but unfortunately Dorian did not notice it.








“Are we friend (buddy) now?”






Kang Chul-In turned his eyes.






Has he ever had a relationship with a friend?




Probably not.




A relationship called friend for a Sovereign was like a proverb of the international relation that says there are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests.


Especially if the opponent was the same Sovereign, it was even harder. Because when the relationship breaks down, the crash is just different from just friends.




“Maybe it’s okay.”




But, he thought that if it was Dorian, it would not be bad.




Dorian could be regarded as Sovereign, which emphasizes his own activities rather than having power, a godly strong adventurer. He wasn’t a hitman of the Baldur Alliance.




“Anyway the twisting moment is over”




If the distance in this life also get wider…. then that time he should eliminate Dorian.




“Friends or whatever…”




Kang Chul-In said.




“Think as you like.”




“I’m tired.”




Kang Chul-In, who did not want to let the words like ‘friends’ out from his mouth, closed his eyes by covering them using the book, he was reading. He stop the conversation as he did not know what to say.




“Okay, as long you think that we are friends, then let’s stop.”




Dorian interpreted what Kang Chul-In said according to his thought then humming happily.




At that time.




“Your Majesty, it is time to eat.”




A maid came in to the room and informed them it was lunch time.








Just at that time, Dorian’s stomach alarm sounded.




“Will you wake up?”


“Ah, yes.”


“Master Dorian’s meal is not ready yet. You have to wait about 30 minutes.”




Unfortunately, the meal brought by the maid was only enough for one person and there was not enough portion for Dorian.




“I’m fine.”




Kang Chul-In spoke unexpectedly.




“Give it to him.”


“Your Majesty, but this meal is made by Assistant Luca by herself.”


“Give it to him.”


“Yes,sir. Then I will prepare your meal right away.”


“Do it.”




She put the spectacular meal in front of Dorian and went out of the room.




“Wait a minute, are you sure is it okay to give yours to me?”


“I said I am not hungry.”


“The maid said your assistant made it by herself. Can I really eat it?”


“It doesn’t matter.”


“Re, really?”


“Of course.”


“Hmmm… then I’ll eat it thankfully. Because I was starving that I thought I was going crazy.”




Dorian picked up the fork.




“Wow, Lucia’s skill was unexpectedly amazing. It looks appetizing and it even smells good. She seems to fight well and even cooks well.”


“You said you are hungry?”


“Oh yeah. I’m hungry.”




The fork took a piece of meat in the stew. If you look at the steaming meat in a glance, it was such a mouth-watering visual…




“Then let’s try it…”




Dorian bit the meat.
















He immediately spit it out.




“What, what is this! Why is it so bad?” *




Dorian’s face that was becoming white, was like a sick man.




“What was actually this thing made from?”


“The meat of the Peacock Dragon.”


“Wh, what?!”


“It is good for your body. Eat it all to make quickly recovered your body.”


“Was it, the Peacock Dragon’s meat usually not good?”


“No way.”




“Lucia…. can’t cook well.”




“Still…. once your hand touches it, you should eat everything. Eat it, you won’t like to see Lucia’s anger.”


“It, it is hell…. The meat tastes similar to tires….”




Dorian made the tearful face.




“Picky eater is the worst.”


“It is not the problem of picky eater.”


“Aren’t you British?”


“I am Scottish….”


“The tasteless food is normal, though.”


“Even though like that…. This is so bad…. Even the demons in the hell would not eat it.”


“Whatever. But once you touch it, you need to finish it.”






After all, Dorian was finally able to handle the dishes made by Lucia after repeatedly eating and vomiting at the toilet for several times.




“You….Kang Chul-In…this wicked fellow….!”




A fool was a fool like always.








At the same time.




– The phone you are calling is not active. You are connected to the voicemail and the connection fee will be charged.








– The phone you are calling is not active. You are connected to the voicemail and the connection fee will be charged.








– The phone you are calling is not active. You are connected to the voicemail and the connection fee will be charged.




And again.




“Chul-In…please…please take the call…please…”




Lee Chae-Lin cried out.




It is interesting!








Author’s words




I am not a fool.




I’m telling you, Kang Chul-In is never move with self-interest. Because Kang Chul-In has the position of Sovereign, so he tends to be more prominent. Because if he lose something, it is not only his loss but also the land’s loss.




Later the episode about the deal and the alliances with Lee Chae-Lin are as expected the same. Then, thank you for reading this today. The next episodes…. I brave myself to promise you that it would be quite interesting.






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