Episode 42. Trade and Alliance (1)


Kang Chul-In reported back to Earth through the warp gate as soon as he recovered.

“Please be swift. I, Lucia, will wait for my lord.”

Lucia saw him out.

Laputa’s most trusted advisers were too busy executing Kang Chul-In’s “Special orders”. They had to accomplish all of their given orders before he came back.

“It’s going to be around 2 weeks.”

“That is too long.”

“My hands are tied. I have business back home.”

“I am afraid that I might wither to death while waiting for you my lord.”


“Please remember that I am waiting for you and hurry back.”

Lucia looked like as if she was in despair, she looked like a puppy who lost its master.

‘I really don’t understand why she acts like this recently.’

Kang Chul-In could not get used to Lucia’s change after the hunt. He also thought that he was not like her.

Think about it.

167cm, size D, skinny waist, broad pelvis, and strong thighs. Lucia was a merciless glamor who easily out-ranked other female kinds.

And her face?

Sharp eyes and horn-rimmed glasses cool beauty, which reminded of a strict professional woman. There isn’t a woman who’s cute puppy form cannot go as well as she is now.

“…Well, I will have to come back once the business is over. I did order some things to be done, so I won’t be gone long.”

“You should do so.”

“I will.”

He stood at the warp gate with a huge sack on his back.

There were all sorts of items and trading good samples between the Earth and Pangea. His plan was to proceed a trading business after consulting with Mr. Kwon on the items in the bag. Money? He will be able to buy a privet jet after a year.

“Please take care of the land.”

“Do not worry, my lord.”

Then, he ran the warp to head to Earth.




As soon as he arrived, Kang Cheul-In went to the parking lot and opened the trunk of a Mustang and loaded his cargo. The cargo, which included gold and other things, easily exceeded 100kg.

“The meat.”

Realizing that there was something missing, he pulled out a preciously wrapped meat.

It was the meat of peacock dragon.

Needless to say, it was not an ordinary cut of meat.

The meat he brought with him was the equivalent of neck chain of a cow and there was only 3kg of it in the gigantic body of a peacock dragon, so it was a very rare meat.

‘I do have to fulfill the duty of a son.’

He was to bring the meat to his mother.

A peacock dragon’s meat had a special effect.

Anti-aging, increase of immune system, the increase of strength, fuel energy, etc. The meat’s worth was more than a common restorative. No, the meat of peacock dragon could be the best restorative there is.

It was different from the unverified health food where it was impossible to know the benefits other than the gossips around it. The effect took place after a couple of pieces of the meat. This was the real deal.

‘And for Mr. Kwon.’

He also had the meat for Mr. Kwon.

It wasn’t as good as the neck chain, but it was a good cut.

Mr. Kwon was going to be his business partner, so it was better in many ways for him to restore his youth.

After placing the meat separately, Kang Cheul-In drove the Mustang to Bucheon. Kang Cheul-In  was going to present the meat to his mother before anything.


The 2020 Ford Mustang Coupe 5.0L GT coughed out a heavy exhaust sound.

‘It is time to get a new car. I will have to move too.’

As the fund grew, he started to think of moving and getting a new car. It was nonsense for a lord to live in a small studio of 33 m².

And the Mustang… It was a great car but it wasn’t a car for a lord. He was not going to sell it but was going to keep it in his collection. He collects cars.

While heading to Bucheon, he turned on the radio.

As always, he read newspapers, watched TV and listened to the radio to ease the gap between the two places, just after he comes back.

  • Now, foreign affair news. The young heir of the Rothchilds, Alex Rothchild, has announced that he is a dimension traveler. It is reported that Mr. Alex Rothchild has shown the ability to use psychic powers in front of many of the Hollywood’s celebrities.

The very first news on the radio was that of a very unpleasant one. Kang Chul-In frowned.

He changed the channel. It was better to listen to a cheesy radio station that to listen to the news of the Rothchild’s.

  • The government announced to postpone the restriction against animals and plants brought from the other world.

He didn’t actually change the channel to a music station.

  • The High-level adventurer Mr. Lee Sang Deuk subdued a trio of adventurers and handed them over to the police. Mr. Lee Sang Deuk is known to be…

The world was changing.

‘The market will grow.’

Kang Chul-In thought of the near future.

Thanks to the growing trade between the Earth and Pangea, the Republic of Korea entered into a record-breaking economic boom. Needless to say, that the man who made that possible was Kang Chul-In. The world was calm before the storm, and the fire was in its smallest state, yet.


Kang Chul-In turned on his iPhone as he got closer to Bucheon. He wanted to call his mother as well as see the missed call he had.

Missed call: Mother (7)

Missed call: Du Sik Park (3)

Missed call: Mr. Kwon (1)

7 missed calls from mother, 3 from Park Du Sik and 1 from Mr. Kwon. It was not bad considering he was out of Earth for a month. But… There was one who left him hundreds of calls.

Missed call: Lee Chae Rin Assistant Manager (287)

Lee Chae Rin, she was the lord with the abundance skill.

He checked the time stamp.


The last call was from 30 minutes ago. She must have called him over a week like this.

He turned on the mobile messenger application to see why she was trying to reach him.


Lee Chae Rin: Mr. Chul-In. I have decided to live like a lord!

Lee Chae Rin: Are you busy?

Lee Chae Rin: Are you still in Pangea?

Lee Chae Rin: Let’s meet when you come back! I haven’t forgotten about that talk last time. I hope we can keep a good relationship as partners.


The messages from a week ago looked fine. But the content of the message started to become a bit worrisome.


Lee Chae Rin: Mr. Chul-In… Your phone is still off. Would you please call me back when you come back?

Lee Chae Rin: I can’t reach you today too…

Lee Chae Rin: Mr. Chul-In…

Lee Chae Rin: Are you going to be out for long?

Lee Chae Rin: Help me… Mr. Chul-In, please help me… If you see this message, please call me as soon as possible…


He could feel the desperation from the messages. He couldn’t know the scale of the trouble that she was in, which made her this desperate. It was clear that something had happened.

Just then.

He was receiving a phone call and the screen showed the name ‘Lee Chae Rin Assistant Manager’. The call came as soon as he turned on the phone.

“This is Kang Chul-In.”

He answered.

  • .. Chul-In?

Chae In’s voice was trembling over the phone.

“Yes, it’s me.”

  • I’ve been waiting… for you…


  • Can we meet? Where are you? I’ll be there.

She sounded desperate. A person on the edge of a mountain will sound like that.

“I can’t at the moment.”

But Kang Chul-In refused her request.

It was time to serve his mother some good food. No matter how bad others need his time, that couldn’t come before his family.

“I’m on my way home. Let me call you back tonight. I don’t have any batteries left too..”

  • I’m in Bucheon!


  • I thought you would go to meet your parents when you come back… I’m in a hotel in Bucheon. I remembered that your mother works in Bucheon local market so…


She was very desperate after all. So desperate enough for her to pack up and wait nearby.


  • Please give me a call when you are done.


  • But please meet me. I… I need you, Mr. Chul-In…

Her attitude made him wonder why.

‘It is not that difficult to meet her.’

Kang Chul-In remembered what he said to her when they met before.

‘But I will only help you when you really want to live like a lord.’


‘I won’t spoon-feed you, but yes.’

He even said this.

‘I will end it here. Think about it and if you think you are ready to live as a lord, then call me. Then I will think and treat you like one.’


It is said that a man must keep one’s word.

Kang Chul-In promised Lee Chae Rin that he would help her once she made up her mind to live as one. And She wanted to live as one.

Now, Lee Chae Rin is begging me to meet her. Because he gave his word, he is obliged to grant her request.

Even so, there was a possibility that she might become spoiled if he helped her without any hesitation. No wonder people say that if a favor continues, the recipient thinks that it is their right. He had to be picky about it in the beginning.

‘Fine, I will meet you.’

Kang Chul-In decided to meet Lee Chae Rin. A thought crossed his mind. He thought of a ‘reasonable reason to grant her wish’ so he thought this will be an ideal deal for both of them. He also needed her as she did of him.

But before that…

“Ms. Chae Rin.”

He said.

“Didn’t you told me that you were going to live a life of a lord?”

He had to make sure of the things that bothered him.

  • I did… yes.

“Then you will have to fix your attitude first. A lord is never servile, nor they beg of other’s favors. Even if they want something from another, they will have to mask their real intentions and make the opponent to do it for them. That is the foundation of being a lord. Your actions only remind me of the Assistant Manager Lee Chae Rin, not a lord.”

  • ……

Kang Chul In’s words made her speechless.

“I wouldn’t even meet you in other circumstances. A naïve lord is nothing but a prey for other stronger lords. Like how the lions never talk to the deer.”

  • ……

“This is the last chance. If you show the same attitude as today in the future…  Then that will be the end of our relationship. If you want to talk to me as one lord to another, you have to show it to me with your attitude.”

  • I’m sorry.. no. I will. I will keep in mind what you have told me, Mr. Chul-In.

Her voice recovered slightly from before. She seems to realize the position of a lord from Kang Chul-In’s advice.

“Let’s meet now.”

Finally, Kang Chul-In told the very words that Lee Chae Rin wanted to hear the most.

  • Re…Really?

“But, before that.”

  • ……

“There is one condition.”

  • Anything. Anything is conditions will be heard if I can meet you, Mr. Kang Chul In.”

“Are you good at BBQ?”

  • BBQ?

Because of this unexpected term, a slight hint of dumbfounded tone could be heard from her voice.

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