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Past Life Returner 19


It was a massive giant, and Jonathan could not see its face no matter how he looked up. Jonathan had been frozen in shock when the giant’s hand caught him and he started wiggling uselessly to get free. Only Jonathan’s face was clear of the giant’s fist, and it was when the giant raised his fist to his face that Jonathan could finally see the massive facial features.

It was a familiar face. Sun? The giant’s face was that of a mysterious Asian boy. Jonathan opened his mouth to scream before he was swallowed by Sun, who had become a giant.

It had been too vivid of a dream. Even after he woke up, Jonathan felt the terror and helplessness in the dream, and his heart was still racing.

Jonathan’s mood was low, and he knew the source of this anxiety. While Sun was thirteen years old on documents, his brain and body were definitely not thirteen. Jonathan had met those called geniuses during his Ivy League days, and he saw the way their brains literally outclassed anyone they met. Jonathan had been continuously humbled by them, but those genius children had been only young children at heart even if they had world class intellects.


“However, Sun is…”


Jonathan had thought that Sun was one of those geniuses when he had guessed the fall of Thailand stocks and the baht right down to the exact date. He had heard of something similar before.


‘I have tens of thousands of plans in my head, and I’m taking them out to use them.’


Words that were unfathomable for the ordinary. Jonathan had thought that Sun’s calculations had come from those countless plans, and his genius simply lay in the financial field. It could happen. How could a genius be explained by the ordinary? It was like a blind man estimating how an elephant looked by touching it. Jonathan was thinking about the way Sun thought in general.

He was thirteen, and it was an age where people dream, confident that they understood the world. It was an age people boasted of how great they will be after one or two decades. However, Sun was beyond those levels, and he knew what to do. He seemed to have made preparations before he found Jonathan, and Sun had the intelligence to have ambitions and the expertise to act on them. He had the decisiveness to proceed with something that may get them sentenced to jail for life. It was like he had no fear of the unknown.

Jonathan was now closely connected with Sun despite not knowing him well, and their destiny lay together now. If the United States government discovered the company’s hidden funds, Sun would not be alone when being sentenced to decades in prison. Jonathan’s eyes became bright when his thoughts arrived there.


“It was impossible, even when I think of it now.”


What had happened until now was amazing enough to make a film, but what they had to do now is even more dangerous than before. After he got up, Jonathan lifted his phone because he remembered the phone number of a skilled international private detective firm. However, he was unable to dial the number at the end.


‘Even if I had Sun investigated now…’


When Jonathan had established an investment firm with his four hundred thousand dollars and gave away 51% of the shares as if a devil had whispered to him, he did so because he felt like he was investing in Sun.


‘I have to continue thinking like that and not think of anything else.’


Jonathan sat in front of his computer, and there were many emails. Some of them were from the firms dividing the company into pieces, and there was one from Sun. The first step of the process had ended, and eight paper companies were made. What was left was distributing billions of dollars according to Sun’s orders.


“Most of them offshore…He’s crazy…”


What Jonathan had been expecting came. Jonathan began to write a reply to Sun, and while his hands shook, he had already made the decision a long time ago.


-I’ll proceed as we discussed.


A few weeks passed after that night.




Wall Street’s lights did not go out, as there were various markets all around the world and their opening and closing times were different. It was the same for Jonathan’s office, and everyone was here late at night. However, they were silent, unlike other offices, and it was because Jonathan had revealed Jonathan Investments’ funds to his team members before the actual meeting.

All the team members knew that Jonathan Investments did not have other investors, which meant that all that money was Jonathan’s. He had become a billionaire in just a few months.


“Can you explain this? I cannot even imagine how this came to be.”

“It’s simple. I invested and earned.”

“Jesus Christ! Jonathan! Do you realize what you’re saying? I know how much you could have raised at first. I’m sorry to say that it would have been less than a million dollars.”

“It was four hundred thousand dollars and not a million.”

“Don’t kid me.”

“Do you think this is a joke? Where do you think your payroll comes from?”


Jonathan pointed to the account status on the monitor.


“Oh my god…how can this be?”

“I already I made the money. I understand how you feel because I felt the same when I started.”



The questions didn’t stop, and Jonathan sighed.


“Where else would I have earned this much money? It was Thailand, of course. I bet all of my funds on two chances, the second week of May and on July second. Isn’t that enough?”


Jonathan felt the weight of his team’s looks of disbelief and shock, and while he was blatantly taking all the credit, Sun had been the real genius. The numbers they had been shown were also not true, only a fraction of the Fifty Billion US Dollars that were currently being divided into paper companies according to Sun’s plans.


“…You made four hundred thousand dollars into THIS! You, Jonathan?”

“I understand your surprise, but how about stopping there? Stop shouting, this is not a frat party.”


Jonathan spoke casually before everyone’s astonished eyes.


“Don’t you guys realize what kind of a chance this is for you? There are only six of you and one more who are employed by this company. I am going to treat you guys as well as I can, which is why I brought you here.”


Only the sound of people gulping could be heard, and someone now spoke.


“So, we’re looking at a legend.”


However, no one thought that the phrase was childish. Actually, it was insufficient, as everyone would agree that Jonathan could be called the God of Investments. With a loud clack, Jonathan stood up from the table.


“I’ll go this over again, but Jonathan Investments hired you guys. I’m the director, and you’re the traders. While you’ll process individual investments as you had before, my orders are the law regarding the big projects. And there will be BIG PROJECTS. I will not accept objections and you can leave if you want. I’ll give you a nice compensation fee for your time.”

“Who else…knows about this?”


Everyone was still in shock.


“Only you guys. Did you forget that Jonathan Investments is a hedge fund that is built on solely my money?”


Hedge funds did not need to submit regular business reports to the government, and Jonathan was alluding to that.


“If you guys don’t go talking about this, it won’t be known. But they are aware.”


Everyone knew who they were.


“They know that while they went through the war, someone else had taken all the profits. That’s why they’re more aggressive in Southeast Asia now.”


Jonathan repeated what Sun had explained to him.


“That’s because of you?”

“What world do you live in, Jonathan?”


No one could actually feel Jonathan’s story, but the numbers did not lie. Everyone looked back and forth between the computer monitor and Jonathan and blinked.


“I’ll tell you after this project ends. We’re going to take Wall Street’s Champion Belt.” (EN: Of course, Wall Street doesn’t have those gaudy championship belts like in boxing or professional wrestling.  However, based on the translation for both the novel and the manhwa, the author deliberately went for this visual in his prose. ^_^ )


Everyone thought now that Jonathan was no longer one of them. His success would bring in much more fame than simple numbers. The customers would line up with their money and Jonathan Investments’ future was unimaginable…


“You can know that Jeffrey is researching investment firms we’re going to buy out.”


Jonathan stirred up another storm in the others’ thoughts by that revelation.



“Jeffrey Kay?!”


Jonathan nodded and pointed at the window.


“We probably will be there after this project ends.”


Wall Street’s land taxes were vastly different when a mere road separated them. Jonathan was pointing at the building that had towered over all lesser Wall Street’s traditional landmarks.


“You now know that your choice was not wrong.”


Jonathan spoke as he met his team member’s eyes one by one.


“Congratulations. You have become one of the majors by joining Jonathan Investments.”


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