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Chapter 28


There are not enough words to explain how my father influenced my decision to major in finance. He had not been able to get back to the financial field when I entered university. However, our lives had not been that bad. Mother had rented a small store with Father’s severance pay, and that had been an admirable choice. My middle school years, therefore, were comfortable considering the era. I had good memories of bringing friends to my parents’ supermarket and giving them an armful of snacks.

I would organize the store with Father after school, and he would teach me finances and take me to the bank with him. He had even opened a stock account for me, which was quite amazing.

My father had taught me well and helped me to see my dream when I did not know what to do. I always respected my father and my mother, who became tough from managing the store.

I managed to get into a famous university and major in what I had always wanted thanks to them and had been able to survive the Trial Tests.


It had been like that.




Chungsik Park’s eldest son opened his mouth after he saw his chance.


“I heard something strange yesterday.”


“Do you know Jeonil Investments?”

“How can one not? You should also pay attention to that company.”

“Are you going there as Director?”

“Who told you that?”

“Who else? From District Director Cho.”

“He speaks freely, and he told you?”

“Is it true?”
“That’s my decision, what I do with my life is my concern. I have already paved your path wherever you want to go in life.”


“How…could you make such a decision without telling us? You were being considered for a cabinet post, and this is an important time for you.”


Chungsik Park slammed his spoon down, and other family members quickly escaped from the table.


“District Attorney Park.”


“You can’t see the situation, can’t you?”


Chungsik Park glared at his eldest son and then sighed.


“I’m worried. We don’t even know who owns Jeonil Investments. It will be a blemish on you, and I did do my research.”

“Are you saying that you’re the only one with brains? You won’t rise up the ladder, Attorney Park if you hold other people in contempt.”


“Jeonil Investments. As you say, it’s a shady foreign investment firm. Who knows whether it’s drug money or oil money? I don’t need to know that. However, what do you think money without a clear origin is called? Blind money.”

“Money? So, this was all about money? You have enough already.”

“You’re making up the answers to your own questions, so what more do I need to say?”

“You’re risking your honor. What should I do? Should I pretend not to notice and congratulate you on earning money by bowing down to Drug Lords or the Oil Companies?”

“Be insolent one more time. You know I have a temper.”

“…I apologize, but you’re not alone. You taught us that your actions reflect on the family, and the family’s actions reflect on you, and I’m teaching my own kids that.”


Chungsik Park wanted to lose his temper but stopped because his son was saying the right things. His fame and power will go to his children, and theirs will come to him. The family had to stand together in all things, and the family’s success was his own. He had taught his children like that as they grew up. Chungsik Park’s words were mellower when he spoke.


“Attorney Park, open your eyes. Power has changed hands.”

“Yes, he has finally been elected.”

“No, he’s a poor guy without any luck. He won’t be able to touch power even after becoming President.”

“Who else is there?”

“Someone else.”



Chungsik Park picked up his spoon and answered.


“The all mighty dollar.”


“You didn’t realize this? Your father will become the eyes of the blind dollars.”


By becoming a Director of Jeonil Investments.




These kinds of people have always existed. They would justify themselves by speaking about humanity or shared responsibility during a crisis, and acted as upright and model citizens, while busily enriching themselves. In that manner, Eight Evils and Eight Virtues were innocent since they acted on their own beliefs, and were free of hypocrisy. Daemin Bank on the first floor was filled with people who were buying jewelry and gold teeth.


[Let’s overcome this crisis together! Gold Collection Campaign]


The banner at the Daemin Bank entrance was blowing in the cold winter wind, and while the bank employees who welcomed the people with smiles did not know, the owners and heads of the bank were using the people’s patriotism. They would be thinking and drooling about all that money they’ll earn selling the gold bought so cheaply.

I set my face to stone and went into the lobby, and saw that the building had decreased the lobby guards from three to one. I could not even see the Daemin Bank Foreign Exchange Management Team, who had been so busy. Only the first floor, where the Gold Collection Campaign was ongoing, was filled with people. The building itself had been emptying out starting from a few days back.

Many businesses had gone bankrupt or could not pay the rent, so the building lobby was empty of business signs today. However, there were still some people. I saw the building manager’s deputy among several suited men, and he had been a severe person in manner and looks. However, oday he was unnaturally smiling at the men in suits.


“He has come.”


He told the men in suits, and everyone focused on me. The deputy approached me first.


“Could you please help us out?”


The deputy was trying to be as nice as he could.


“What is it?”

“Our owner has placed this building for sale. They are interested in buying and would like to ask a resident a few questions.”


The deputy quickly added some words.


“I’m sorry to bother you when you’re busy, this won’t take long.”

“All right. The building manager saw to it that I was comfortable.”


I looked at the suited men and smiled when I saw the badges they had on their jackets. The name of their company was made into a logo, and I saw the two letters “JI” under the lobby light.


“You came from Jeonil Investments.”
“You know of them?”


The deputy asked in surprise. If my Father had been with them, he would have made the same expression.


“Come to my office since it’s so cold.”


While the real estate market would have opened in June 1998, according to original history, due to my intervention, it had been opened just recently. Foreigners could now buy Korean real estate. Jeonil was underway, and I had been waiting for Jamie to contact me.

They were in fact my employee’s employee’s employee’s employees, or shorter, my employees, three times removed. However, one of them was around my father’s age, and there might be those who knew my father. I liked their confident and passionate faces, as my father had the same expression nowadays. My father also worked for Jeonil.

I made them hot coffee, and they asked me ordinary questions like whether there were any inconveniences as a resident, would I continue to rent this office, and if so, wanted lower rent.

I thought it strange that I treated them with respect, like how I’d treat my father.

I was becoming used to this age, and I was becoming less sharp. I could not go on drawing monsters, and that was why I had been waiting for Jamie’s report on Hwaseong’s hill and the dungeon that was sealed there.


“Thank you for the coffee. While the times are difficult, a crisis can become an opportunity. We wish you well.”


The Jeonil employees left, and left their business cards with me. I could not call Jamie, as she was never alone. She would be in meetings with those inside and outside the firm.

She sent me an email last night and also this morning. Yesterday’s mail said that the head office’s inspection team would be visiting the building I resided in, and today’s mail made my heart beat faster.


[Subject: First item purchased.]


The first item was Hwaseong’s hill, and I had waited for this for a long time.


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