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Chapter 54


I once knew an Awakened who had always gotten the rewards he had wanted and would open dungeon boxes without hesitation. His luck had been amazing and therefore he had been reckless. He had become famous for that, which was his misfortune and led to a fatal mistake, trusting his luck too much.

Anyway, his luck had been on another level from us, and we had always felt there was a hidden status for luck. We had been most surprised when he had consecutively gotten higher rewards than the box’s class.




[You have received the Insignia ‘Speed-up.’]


The Speed-up Insignia raised my agility to a higher tier, and for me, if I used the Man Who Overcame Adversity, I would be able to raise the stat up all the way from Tier F to Tier D. I could dodge and evade quicker and attack more ferociously, and that was enough for me. However, the insignia class and the number of uses were beyond my expectations.


[Speed-up (Insignia)

Effect: This insignia raises the user’s agility class by one.

Class: E

Use Time: 30 minutes

Number of use: Three times]


It was an E class insignia that should have come out of silver boxes, and I could use it three times! I remembered that poor lucky guy, and I thought that maybe his luck had come to me when I got the chance to come back in time.

As a result, I was getting the first-time titles that the First Evil or the First Virtue had, and I had gotten an Escape Insignia before. Now, I received an even higher reward!


“I also got a box.”


Yeonhee Woo’s voice came through, and she was smiling with her eyes.


“It’s a skill. ‘Physical Healing.’”


I may have hugged her despite myself because I had thought that the goddess of luck was really smiling down on me. I was excited and took pain to calm myself down, not to show it in front of her. My face was almost as flushed as she had been. (EN: Yes, Sun hugged her.  He’s usually so controlled, he was embarrassed, and tried to pass it off.  ^_^ )

She may have been swept away by my emotions, and this was why in my previous life we took pain to distance ourselves from hunters like her. Hunters with mental skills had made us feel naked, and those who had malicious intentions…


I returned to the office, and Yeonhee Woo was staring at nothing. However, her gaze was straight, and she must have been confirming the skill effect.


“You have become closer to a healer.”

“Aren’t I an empathic healer?”


Yeonhee Woo asked with a smile.


“Your skills are not limited to that. You may get healing skills, mostly mental skills, due to your original trait. You may get attack skills if you’re lucky.”

It would be  lucky for both of us, as her having an attack skill, particularly a ranged one, would be a good thing. I then terminated my experiment, having gotten a more than successful result.


[You have canceled the party.]


I then took off the bandage wrapped on my shoulder, and she wasn’t so dense as to fail to understand why I showed her my wound. She tried to use her skill for a while, and then her face was filled with surprise.

A message popped up in front of me.


[Your wound has healed by a little.]


An F class skill would not bring amazing effect or regenerative skills, but she was doing everything for the first time. She had used her new skill intentionally and had succeeded in using the skill.


“You’re doing well.”


I remembered the days when I taught the traumatized newly Awakened with some hope. It was then the intercom rang.


<You have a guest, sir. Should I let him up?>
<Who is it?>
<I’m sorry, I don’t speak English that well. May I put him on? He is a tall white man and seems to be in a rush.>

<…Let him up.>




“Should I go?”


Yeonhee Woo had already finished preparations to leave.




I heard the office door being knocked, and I saw a flushed face when I opened it. He was a foreigner wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses and seemed to be touring Seoul.


“You were here. Why…!”


Jonathan stopped raising his voice and looked at my wounds in disbelief and shock.


“You said that nothing was wrong, but what’s with all these wounds? Look at yourself!”
“You came here without notice? Don’t you remember how famous you are now?”

“Do you think that’s the problem? What happened?”

“It was a small accident. You weren’t tailed, right?”

“I didn’t care.”

“Don’t worry, I was careful. You should have told me if you were this hurt…who is this?”

“You saw.”

Jonathan saw Yeonhee Woo, and she was standing rigid like she was the last survivor of a slaughtered party in a dungeon. She seemed to be shocked at Jonathan, as she knew who he was. I remembered that she had tried to explain IMF to us, and Jonathan had removed his sunglasses to check my wounds.


“This is…my middle school homeroom teacher.”


I identified her, and she stared at Jonathan as if he was a Hollywood star.


“I don’t need to introduce him because you know who he is, right?”


Yeonhee Woo had been about to lower her gaze when Jonathan put out a hand towards her.


“I did not know that Sun’s homeroom teacher was such a lovely person.”


Jonathan was speaking in English, and she seemed to have not understood the entire sentence. As she did not teach English, her skills should have rusted over time. Yeonhee Woo looked flabbergasted as she shook hands with Jonathan. I took out a piece of paper.


“Write your beneficiary’s name, Resident Registration Number, and address. It’s better in English but write in Korean if you can’t.”


“Do it.”

Yeonhee Woo filled the paper standing up, and I handed it to Jonathan. He asked an obvious question.


“Who is this person?”

“Her father.”

“Why are you giving me this?”

“If I go missing one day, give him three billion won.”

I then sent him to the computer room.


“You haven’t told him about the two of us?  What we’re doing?”


Yeonhee Woo asked as she stared at the room door Jonathan had gone in.


“Yes, he is a civilian.”

However, that was not enough, and she started looking at me with the same gaze she had been giving Jonathan.


“You surprise me.”


“You recognized Jonathan.”
“You forget that I am…was a teacher.”


Was she saying that she had tried to teach her students, about important things like the International Monetary Fund? But no one in our class had listened to her.


“We were just…and now the IMF and Jonathan? Can you make me understand?”


Yeonhee Woo looked confused.


“Dungeons won’t feed us. I needed to eat. Where do you think I got the money I gave you?”



Yeonhee Woo stopped talking, and her eyes widened as she realized something.


“No wonder you were not interested in school.”

“Our contract will be executed by Jonathan. You know who he really is?”

“I know who he is and that you must be living an amazing life.”

“So, now you know you can trust me for the monetary compensations and the benefits you’ve signed for in your contract.”


I sent her away after she nodded and arranged that we will meet at the office tomorrow morning.


I opened the door where my uninvited guest was, and he was staring at the memo Yeonhee Woo had written. He turned his gaze to me.


“Why do I have to give him three billion won? What’s with the supposition that you will go missing? Writing that will was not sudden. What’s going on with you?”

“Everything’s a mystery with me, right?”


“Don’t ask. We all have our secrets. I’ll tell you later.”

“Later again?”

“Aren’t you too hard on an injured minor?”

“You’re in serious danger. If this is about your government, don’t hide. Come to New York with me. I never liked your country in the first place.”

Should I tell him? However, I remembered that we still had twenty years to go, and I sat in front of him and spoke sincerely.


“Please don’t ask. I’ll tell you if you want but remember that I really don’t want to.”


Jonathan rumbled his hair and spoke in annoyance.

“That’s unfair.”


Jonathan picked up his pack, and I thought he would go out, but he took out a book. It was titled Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, and I saw Jonathan’s face on the cover.


“Do you like the title?”


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