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Chapter 78


Yeonhee Woo told me that she had received the achievement and reward messages when I managed to somehow revive her and she had received the Revival trait then. Yeonhee Woo had quick wits, she was quiet on the way to Seoul and did not ask again whether there were really others like us. When we returned to Seoul, she saw her unchanged rooms with deep emotion. However, she grabbed me as I was about to leave.


“What’s next?”




Yeonhee Woo was skilled in hiding her thoughts, which helped her in school that bustled with horny teenagers. She could fake indifference, and it was the same now. She asked me while hiding her emotions.


“What’s next?”


I was surprised.


“Look at your wounds…Let’s talk about the contract money after you’re healed.”


“Yes. I will transfer the money directly into your account so there won’t be problems. Call me or come to my office when you’re fully healed. I’ll need your ID card and seal.”


Yeonhee Woo’s eyes turned to her room again, as Sunhoo had placed the TV remote and a pot of tea next to the blankets.


‘He is a nice guy.’


She had first suspected that Sunhoo would be as ruthless and unfeeling inside as he was outside, but she was now certain after going through that dungeon together. Sunhoo was only cold when it was necessary for survival, and she understood that.

Therefore, Yeonhee Woo could not understand his hidden rage. She firmly believed that he was not a person who could harbor anger that deep for so long.

However, he was furious at the other Awakened beside her and Sunhoo. Yeonhee Woo had thought that if there were others who could help Sunhoo, things would not have been that…horrific. Therefore, Yeonhee Woo wanted to ask Sunhoo whether she could search for the other Awakened. She had been saved by Sunhoo and wanted others to help them so it would not be so dangerous for him.

However, Yeonhee Woo now knew she should not have asked that question.



Ten days later, Yeonhee Woo was waiting for me in the office.


“You’re the same.”


She smiled like she hadn’t seen me in years. Yeonhee Woo was now returned to her usual self, and she turned around in front of me to show that her wounds had regenerated fully.

I saw the fully prepared office with the major papers and printed private newsletters. It was like when we were going through the Russian War, as another war was brewing in Wall Street as the aftermath to that battle. Companies were now buying out the hedge funds and financial institutions that had gone down with Russia.


“You’re healed. That’s nice. While I should congratulate you…”

“No, go ahead and work. I will wait.”


I sat down at the table and looked over the papers Yeonhee Woo had prepared on the table. I then read an article.


[Jonathan Investments confirms buying LTCM.]


It was amusing to see that our New York firm could now compete with Silverman and Morgan now, as it would have been impossible in the past. However, Jonathan Investments had grown that much during the Russian war, and we had ninety billion dollars to prove it. I then went to the safe to take out the file that I had prepared for Yeonhee Woo. The file was her blood money, money she had bled for.


“Check it. I will find another way if you don’t like it.”


Yeonhee Woo spoke after reading all the documents carefully.


“I can’t believe it.”

“You want money?”

“No, this is way too much. The land, the building, and the medical equipment.”


I had given her the Hwasung hospital building in its entirety. The hospital was worth much more than the two billion won I had promised to give her, and she was talking about that.


“I used the hospital to disguise the dungeon. It’s useless to me now after the dungeon has been destroyed, but maybe it is not for you.”


Yeonhee Woo’s payroll was not small, but most of her money was going somewhere else. She had been giving away eighty percent of her salary, and it seemed to be related to her history and her empathic senses.


“How did you know?”



I did not respond to that, as I could not say I had searched her room multiple times. I changed the subject, and asked her a question instead. (EN: I think Yeonhee Woo detected Sun’s unspoken question about what she did with her money. Yep, empaths are scary.  x_x )



“What are you going to do?”

“I may lose it all. I have never handled something like this, and this is a hospital.”


However, Yeonhee Woo’s eyes shone as she looked at the file.


“You don’t need to be a doctor, but you just need to hire them. You can use this doctor’s license to maintain the hospital.”

“Who is this guy? Jinwon Yang?”


Yeonhee Woo spoke as she looked over the copy of the doctor’s license. I had moved all of the hospital licensing paperwork under that name and the land and building ownership to Yeonhee Woo. She was now the owner.


“Turn it over.”


Yeonhee Woo saw the bank account number.


“Send five million won there each month if you want to maintain the hospital.”


Yeonhee Woo nodded without me needing to explain further.


“You don’t need to meet the rest of the hospital board. I can give you their ID cards and seals. So, do you want this?”

“I want to try, but…”


I stopped her midway and took out a bankbook that I had prepared in case she refused. She looked at me with confused eyes as she saw the two billion won under her name.


“Are you going to start without any cash? I’m just throwing away something I don’t need anymore, and I promised you this money.”


I continued to speak.


“As I said, you don’t need to pay attention to those who are linked to the hospital only on paper.”

“You can’t help me with this, right?”

“I’m just throwing it away.”


I glanced at the bankbook.


“Hey, take it. My arm hurts.”


She knew that even as she wanted to do this, she did not have the skillset. I took out a business card after placing the bankbook on the table. Her face brightened at seeing the name, as it was an accountant from Samwoo Accountings.


“That guy specializes in hospitals and is respected in the field. Learn from him and start from the beginning, run it the way you want.”


“It’s expensive. Don’t think of it as an unnecessary expense and hire a good firm so you won’t be swindled.”

“Can I manage this as I want?”

“It’s yours.”

“Can this be nonprofit?”

“I don’t know how you will maintain the hospital but do as you wish.”


Yeonhee Woo just wanted to help those in need. While hospitals needed to make a profit, there were other ways to structure a nonprofit system. I did not need to explain further, and Yeonhee Woo gratefully took the bankbook.


“Do you still want to go to the next dungeon?” I asked.

“How about you?”


“Will you go on in dungeons with or without me?”

“Don’t think about me.”

“I need to make more money to manage a hospital.”


Yeonhee Woo stared at the documents.


“So, you will do this for money?”

Her smile was bright as she nodded.


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