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Chapter 82


“You no longer need to implement Pagerank on the major ISP’s (EN: internet Service Provider) because you now have all the funds you need for development. I am certain of PageRank technology in its searching methods. I request two things from you.”


Jonathan paused for a moment before going on with his explanation.


“First, keep developing the basic algorithm, and there should be mutual agreements about mergers. If you agree with these two points, you can move forward in building your new firm as you think best.” (EN: An Algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.)


All the documents had been prepared in advance, and the man seemed to have lost his fear as he talked about the company’s vision. The contract is now finished.


“You will celebrate with your partner on becoming millionaires?”

“Of course.”

“Wait a bit, as I would like to join you. I also want to meet your partner. Will that be acceptable?”

“Yes. I cannot wait to tell my partner this news.”


The man went out of the office with a smile, but Jonathan lost his when he was gone.


“I cannot believe this. He had been about to refuse all that money. Geeks will be geeks…”


History changed again, and Googol will start in a regular office in Silicon Valley instead of in a garage. Also, they would begin hiring people they wanted now instead of when the dot-com bubble broke. While they would not show sudden growth at present, when the other puzzle pieces such as the change of marketing from television to the internet arrived, things would explode quickly.

Jonathan stared at me as he spoke.


“Things have been like this since you sent me Brian Kim.”


I took out a bankbook and a password written on paper.


“Unicorn Corporation?”


Jonathan asked me as he checked the bankbook. As the company had succeeded in making a legendary profit rate in the Russian finance war, the firm could now buy another IT firm that had been put off until now. Unicorn dealt in software and data.


“Since IT will go crazy soon, we have to secure Predict in any way possible under Jonathan Investment’s name.”

“I can’t make the board members do this, so you’re asking me to make the deal, in person, but under this firm’s name.” Jonathan held up my password and the bankbook.

“You have friends.”

“You give me more work, but more money.”


Jonathan stood up with a smile and wore his coat. He needed to go now if he wanted to be in time for Washington, and I could see his secretary’s shadow outside.


“We should continue what we started yesterday, Sun. You won’t chicken out, right?”

“Just go.”

“I don’t want to. I already know what they’ll say and how they will look at me.”


The Secretary of the Treasury hoped to influence, or if necessary, intimate Jonathan Investments as we now managed over 500 billion dollars. I heard a knock from his secretary.


“The board members have already left, and it is now time, sir.”

“I’m almost ready. See? I’m wearing my coat.”


Jonathan spoke again after waiting for the door to shut.


“The government does not want us to start a bank. They’re just being cowards when we have not even said a single word.”


He stared at me, and while I had not mentioned anything to him, he seemed to know what I had wanted for a long time. Jonathan waited for a long time before adding a word.


“We can be aggressive now. What do you want me to do?”


Now was not the time.

“The Secretary will make some offer first, to sweeten the deal, so just get the pension funds.  As cheap as you can, and without commitments, but I don’t need to remind you of that.”

“I don’t know how far you see, but things are beginning to get interesting now. Don’t forget about tonight. I’ll be angry if you go to Seoul.”




The snow began to fall harder, and I wondered where that guy would be now. I was thinking of the First Evil and wondered if he had been a psychopath from the very beginning. I was looking for him due to that reason, but I had not found him yet. I visited the private investigating firm I had hired, and John of the ZOPI group seemed to have been waiting for me. He would be, as I was his biggest client.


“We have sent you 1500 pictures.”


He then explained how much they had done, and I agreed that they had been doing everything they could except one. Actually finding that evil SOB.


“I think he may have gone down a bad path. The boy does not have parents or siblings.” I mused, remembering what everyone had “known” about that sicko.

“However, Juvenile prison is out of bounds for us, as our group cannot access the court database.”

“How about searching for missing children in orphanages first?”

“How far?”
“The same as before, start in New York and then expand the search. As I said, the fee is not an issue.”


John stood up and locked the door. He did not look hostile but cautious as he spoke.


“I apologize, but I had to investigate you and your company using your business card when I needed to make an urgent report and was unable to reach you.”


He was talking about the month I had spent in Hwasung.


“The phone number is fake. Is that a problem?”


Wall Street was full of ghosts that existed only on paper.


“I know that you may disapprove, but please think that we work like lawyers. We keep our clients’ secrets. While I should not have investigated you, it could not be helped.”


He looked at me like he had smelled money or made a huge bet despite not knowing the outcome.  Or BOTH. John seemed to be remembering the massive funding he had seen during the investigation, and I was growing interested.


“You’re rambling.”

“I knew from the moment I met you, Edan, that our jobs were similar. I have a deep interest in meeting your boss.”


Was John thinking of offering “extra-legal” services? He then spoke tentatively when I did not reply.


“While ZOPI and other groups cannot go outside the law to access the court files…”

“I see why you want to meet my boss.”

“Yes, I want to explain the services I can provide in detail.”

“You don’t need to meet him.  I have enough discretion in situations like this. I know what you’re saying.”


The man wanted to go solo and earn a sponsor with money. Who would not when seeing all the money flowing out of Wall Street? I knew a man like him would do anything for money.


“You just became one of us working here.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”


He was betting his career and his job, as he could win big but lose everything if I refused his offer and notified ZOPI.


“Can I expect other services?”


John said yes outright.


“When that situation arrives, you will have to nullify your contract with ZOPI. Please bring the papers.”


John seemed ecstatic, like he had gotten everything.


“Give me a budget as soon as you can. Use as much as you need for special fees.”


Wall Street was special, an endless cornucopia of money, enough to make someone like John offer to break the law if necessary.


“Let’s get to work, John.”


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