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Peerless Dad Chapter 3


The judge spoke with mirth at my question.


“You would need to have at least half a cycle of inner strength to break it. However, you’re welcome to try, since a pass is already guaranteed for you.”


I put some strength in my hand before he finished answering.


“Inner strength? Half a cycle?”


While I definitely did not have the power the people from Murim possessed, I would not need such grandiose stuff to knock down a wooden doll. Since now I knew what to do, I would just need to push the doll with some power, and that was exactly what I did.

The wooden doll did not bend, but only a hole appeared where I had hit it with a loud noise.


“Oh? This doesn’t seem right. Let me try again.”


This was my mistake, since I had used my strength in the wrong way. I needed to spread it widely, but I had focused too much. I was embarrassed. How absurd would others think of me had I not said anything? I did not wait for the judge’s response, I hit the doll again with the right strength and broke it.


“I did it, right?”


The judge looked at me with an indifferent expression at my question, and I had nothing to say if he did not like my performance; since it took me two attempts.


“I passed, right?”


I asked again since I needed work, and the judge only nodded. So, I had to ask again.


“Then, we can now decide on the conditions, right?”


“Yes, how are the welfare policies within the Swords Clan?”


“What policies?”

“Like benefits that are provided to families and relatives of hired warriors other than salary. I do not want much. I only need a free institution where my children can study well and a house near my workplace. I would also like to have a nurse who can breastfeed, so I can focus on raising my children.”


“What benefits? A house? A nanny?”

“If it’s not possible, I’ll get a nanny with my own money. However, I need support for my children’s studies as well as a house; since my salary will never be enough.”

“We…don’t have anything like that…”


I could not believe his answer. This was one of the four major groups in the Murim, the Swords Clan, and not some small store. So, I filed my complaint.


“You should have said that first since I thought it was possible.”


“However, you can rise in rank if you have the ability. We do not consider careers or distribution rates like others.”

“Would I receive a high salary if my rank rises?”

“You would earn…a lot of money.”


I contemplated the issue but immediately shook my head. I would earn more like a vagabond, but my goal was to raise the children in a stable environment. I would have to fight more and might die if I rose in rank and tried to maintain the position.


“All right. I’ll look for another spot.”


I went out of the testing area, thinking I had just wasted my time. While I thought I heard voices calling me, I did not want to waste time when there would not be any benefits.

So, I went to the Heavenly Dragon Association. The tests were not that different from the Swords Clan, and I passed the test to ask the same questions.


“What are your welfare policies?”

“…We will make them if necessary.”


The old judge hesitated a little but said that he would take care of my request.


“I need a place where my children can learn, and a house.”

“We have a training institution for children of high-ranking officials, and we can send them to an academy if they are not interested in fighting. A house? We will give you one. While it’s a bit far away, it is in a safe area within the Heavenly Dragon Castle. Do you have any other requests?”

“I would like a nanny for the children…”

“We will get you one, and a worker for household duties.”


My mood became better at the judge’s efficient answers.


“Where do I take the secondary exams?”

“A person will take you to the testing area.”


We both smiled. I just needed to jump farther and swing my sword harder. They placed me as a First Rate Warrior, and I heard that I was right below the executives within the Heavenly Dragon Association and could act as such. While it was not that necessary, I liked that my salary was two gold coins per month rather than the twenty silver coins I had expected.


I could buy a house for each of my children if I saved well.


‘Yes, this is how one of the four major Murim groups should act.’


I especially liked the judge’s efficiency since it sounded like the Association’s traits. I joined them as a First Rate Warrior, and eight years had passed. Oh, and I learned a long time later that the judge of the Swords Clan was demoted to a faraway district after they learned that I had taken their admission test; while the straightforward judge of the Heavenly Dragon Association had been promoted three times. I confirmed once more that a man gets lucky when he lives straightforwardly.


*Noh Gajang’s baby book


I saw children, my own children. There were three, and I was confident that I would put food in my wife’s and children’s mouths and raise them well. It was my duty and my right. It was time to act like my name, which my parents had given me. However, now I am scared.

The only change was that she was gone, but I was terrified.


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