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Peerless Dad Chapter 4


That was the reason why I could not fight against those who picked a fight with me during the eight years I worked here since my salary being reduced meant disaster. It would lead to my two gold coins cut in half, and I might be chased away from this nice job, which must not happen.


“How are you guys?”


The old man Han came sweeping after Lee, and I stopped glaring at each other.


“Mr. Han, thank you for your work.”


While I bent my back ninety degrees, the others ignored him, and even Jung Jiho lightly nodded his head. Han was only an old cleaning servant or a bluffer to them.


“You’re all working hard in his hot weather.”

“You seem to be feeling the heat more since you’re moving while I stand.”

“Hahaha. I’m just going by slowly.”


Han laughed, and he looked exactly like my teacher at that moment. Of course, the reason I was polite to him was not just because of that, as someone had said that age held wisdom. Han gave me answers to questions that I pondered about, especially about raising children alone.


“Gung Hyun, Dong Hyun, and Seo Hyun are all well, right?”

“Of course, come on over. They are all asking for you.”
“Well, then I have to come with as many treats as I can carry.”

“Just come, empty-handed. I’ll act as a host.”

“Hey, don’t look down on me because I’m cleaning since I’m earning more than most of my age. And I was once…”


His stories that began with ‘I was once…’ started again, and his bluffs were his only problem. He told me that he had trained from twenty to forty and had gone to the Seojang Secret Cult alone and crushed its leader or had made the Killer Wolf Troops crawl, which was over-the-top stories.

The reason I listened to him seriously knowing that he was bragging was that he was perfect in all ways except that, and his stories were also amusing, which was probably why my comrades listened to him quietly while he told his tall tales.


“There was a guy called the Poison Handed Blood Dagger, and he used to threaten ordinary people despite his formidable strength. I could not let that go and I…”


I knew from experience that Han would have crushed him, and he really was entertaining, which was the reason my children liked him. He was to them, the invincible grandfather.


“So, I cut off his hand and broke his sword in half.”


He concluded that he had taken care of the evildoer.


“Why such a guy like you cleaning?”


The Blood Dagger seemed infamous, and Lee sneered at Han after the story was over. However, Han did not show any indignancy to such words.


“Hmm, perhaps I can say I learned the vanity of life. Life was not that heavy, as we all eat and sleep. Since I did not need anything grandiose, I thought it would not be such a bad thing to live at a slow pace.”

“I can’t do anything but laugh at that.”

“It’s true that I’m the reason why the Blood Dagger suddenly disappeared.”


The old man opposed Lee’s sarcastic laugh, and the others were already not paying Han any attention.


“I believe you, old man.”

“You don’t have to, since it’s true.”

“Haha, I believe you.”

“Whatever you say. Is Gung Hyun entering the training academy this fall?”

“Yes, I told him to go to a school, but he’s going to the academy in the end.”


Gung Hyun was the eldest of the triplets since he came out first while they were all born on the same day. So, I tried to get him to study, but he had no talent because he took after me. I heard that children who learned fast finished the Thousand Character Classic by eight, but Gung Hyun seemed to know only about a hundred. Actually, it might be less since he told me that he knew a hundred.


“Dang! Do I have to study because of the children?”


I only knew my name and numbers, so I could not know how many letters Gung Hyun knew. I was worried the most that he would think his father with disdain from this early on. I used ‘dang’ because she used to say that my curses were vulgar. However, I could not change the way I had spoken with for twenty-five years and often fought with her. It was the only reason that we would have fights.

Anyway, I had to change my curses to words she would accept, and ‘Dang!’ was one of them. I was thinking about such things when the old man spoke.


“That stubborn kid. I told him that hard…but he takes after you.”

“While I failed in Gung Hyun, there’s still Dong Hyun and Seo Hyun. I’ll especially shove Seo Hyun into the school no matter the cost.”

“You can’t be that forceful with that tiny kid.”

“She’s pulling her brothers’ hair already, and what would happen if I sent her to the training academy? I think she’s the most physically able, and so I must send her to the school.”

“That’s true. I think of taking her as my student at times.”


Does cleaning need to be taught in a teacher-student relationship? However, that was not the important point.


“If it will calm her down…can sweeping do that?”

“Sweeping? Well, I can teach her that.”

“Do whatever you wish, since I’m going to put her into the school.”

“There will be loud noises today.”


Time flew by when I spoke about the kids to Han, as it was already lunch.


“Go and eat!”


Those who had the next shift approached us and shouted.


“Let’s go eat, Mr. Han.”

“Don’t you have your own cafeteria? Go, and don’t worry about me.”


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