4 Part 2

The Heavenly Dragon Association had restaurants each for its leading members, executives, and other warriors in the inner castle and the First Rate Warriors ate in a restaurant in the outer castle. Others all ate at the same place.

While I was annoyed at them discriminating us with food, I was not that dissatisfied since we First Rate Officers ate meat each meal.


“What’s to worry? It’s all right with me, and the grub’s good.”

“No, I have an appointment with someone else.”

“Then, I’ll be going since I’m hungry.”

“Go then.”


I waved to Han and went to the cafeteria with Jung Jiho next to me.


“Gung Hyun’s entering training center?”

“You heard me. If he doesn’t change his mind when I hold out my fist, nothing will change Gung Hyun’s mind. While I think it’s a shame, a man has to be stubborn at times.”

“Why are you so set to send them to the school? They all seem to want to go to the training center.”


I pretended to hit Jung Jiho’s head as he asked me in surprise, as his words sounded like verbal abuse.


“I work and live using my training because I like it, and it’s the only thing I can do, but I don’t want my children to live like that. You know how one lives like us, and I would rather them live by cleaning.”

“That’s true…”

“I also saw that one earns more by using a brush than a sword. An old woman connected me with clients when I was a freelancer, and she earned more than me. The only skill she had was the ability to write, and it was then when I realized that using a brush was better than swinging a sword.”

“You have a point.”

“While Gung Hyun won’t do it, just watch me send Dong Hyun and Seo Hyun to the school.”




“The food’s tasty to make me think I’m not doing enough work for this.”


The restaurant’s food for the First Rate Officers was terrific again today, and how could not one be deeply moved at being given white rice with stir-fry pork and vegetables?


‘I picked a good place to work.’


I did not have much to do despite being a First Rate Warrior, even though the mass training twice a month and the battle formation training once a week were a bit annoying.


“The captain is looking for you.”


Sung Jingyung came to me when I was about to enjoy a brief nap with Jung Jiho. Sung Jingyung was strong enough to go into the Troop of Heavenly Dragon, but he was First Rate Warrior Troop Leader Ham Daeheung’s adjutant because they had learned from the same teacher.

While I did not think much of the First Rate Warriors here, I acknowledged his prowess as he was one of those who could stand a serious hit.


‘Words can be seeds.’


It seemed true when Sung Jingyung came to me when I thought that I was not doing enough work. Captain Ham had no reason to search for me since he knew I preferred to work inside the castle rather than outside. Also, the gates where I worked were far away from the inner castle where he worked, so we often did not meet face-to-face.


‘Well, what’s the most he could do? I do need to earn my pay.’


I did not think much and followed Sung Jingyung.




Captain Ham glanced at me and pointed to a chair in the office after I entered.


“Wait until I finish just this.”


He buried his face in the stacked documents again, and I again realized the difficulties of being in a high position. While it was lunchtime, I could tell he was skipping a meal to work, and he would also be more susceptible to death.


“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”


Captain Ham came out of the documents after a while and sat in front of me.


“Are there any difficulties working?”

“I just stand in front of the gate, so no.”

“I was going to assign you to the inner castle rounds since you wanted to work within the castle, but you said no…”

“That takes too much time, and it’s too far from home.”


Captain Ham’s expression did not look good because I perhaps said the wrong answer.


“You shouldn’t be so picky, and you should take an upgrade exam if you wanted to do what you wish. Will you try to be one of the Troops of the Heavenly Dragon?”

“No, I’m satisfied with my position, and know that you have looked after me.”

“That’s thankful. You don’t have many friends in our troops, right? They say you’re not friendly, but you should since only they will protect your back on the battlefield.”


While Captain Ham’s words were not wrong, they were also not that right. Freelancers, who belonged to the same group, spoke like that, but we all prioritized ourselves when we were in danger since we had to protect ourselves. However, I was not dense enough to say that and only nodded and smiled. I was amazed at myself.


‘This is the mindset of a father, that I have to laugh when I don’t feel like it in front of a superior…’


I had not thought of other people’s gaze during my freelancer times, but the working environment was too good here to live as I wanted. I just had to live it down.


“That’s that, and I have a favor to ask.”

“It’s not an order?”


Captain Ham thought things over before answering while I had not thought much before asking my question.


“Let’s say it’s both. Your circumstances are an obstacle to say it’s an order, and you have to do it even though it’s a favor.”

“Please speak.”

“You have to bring a person.”

“That’s not difficult. Who is it?”



Why was he so hesitant? How can bringing a person to be that difficult…


“You have to go down to Hanam to bring back a child.”



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