Possessing Nothing Chapter 74- Sword Dragon (4)

Come to think of it, Sung-Min didn’t have much experience dealing with swordsmen. Rather, it would be precise to say he didn’t have much experience coming across masters who have perfectly mastered their arts like Namgoong Heewon in the first place.

The lineage of Namgoong is acknowledged by everyone for their use of swords. There are many martial arts lineages that are famous for their sword arts, but the Namgoong lineage is the first to start their family line based off these skills. Sung-Min, who lacked in experience, had never encountered such a skilled swordsman.

‘I’ve rarely had experience fighting with swordsmen in the first place.’

He wondered what Namgoong Heewon’s skills would be like. Judging from his nickname ‘Sword Dragon’, he was at least over the Peak Level for sure. Of course. That would be the minimum. Namgong Heewon had understood Sung-Min to be on the verge of reaching the High Peak level, so that could mean Namgoong was about to reach the High Peak level as well.

Of course, that is not to say they are on the same level. Even if two are at the same High Peak level, they have completely different skills. Heewon was born of a prominent lineage and had grown under the care and instructions of a variety of the best martial artists and masters. The amount of experience he had was more superior than what Sung-Min had experienced in quality and quantity.

Oh sure, Sung-Min had experience. The only ‘experience’ he had, however, was being a Class C mercenary for 13 years. Being summoned back to his past life and having four years of experience was not enough. He had never even gotten close to the Peak Level in his previous life.

Therefore, Sung-Min was nervous.

Spear in hand, Sung-Min lowered his knees, feeling as if time had stopped. It seemed like forever, but not even a minute had passed. His consciousness weakened, feeling like taffy and his breathing roughened. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears and his sight narrowed. Everything else blurred away, and only the figure of Namgoong, with his sword in hand, cleared in Sung-Min’s vision.

Namgoong made the first move.

Sung-Min didn’t know what Step Method he was using. It was uniquely strange, and just made him dizzy. Sung-Min responded automatically and used the No Shadow-Spirit Stealing Steps. Namgoong Heewon had consistency in his Step Method, while Sungmin’s steps were quick and nimble.

The Leaving No Tracks Step is a Step Method that requires top speed among the No Shadow-Spirit Stealing Steps. One Step is a step that endeavors high consistency. Sungmin disappeared in a flash and appeared right in front of Namgoong.

Namgoong grinned.

He liked how Sung-Min was reckless enough to appear him to closely even with such a long weapon in hand.

Namgoong’s wooden sword moved. Its seemed to move slowly, but the semi-circle Namgoong drew in the air had the power of sucking in everything in the vicinity by force. Sungmin gripped his rod that was squirming in his hand and countered back against Namgoong’s sword using a ‘Na’ method.


Their weapons met with a clang and deflected.

Sung-Min readjusted his rod in hand and pulled back his weapon over his head.

The first few seconds in a fight are to see one’s distance and speed.

He had a long weapon in hand but wasn’t willing to submit to keeping the distance.

if Namgoong was a lower level, it wouldn’t be a problem, but Sung-Min felt Namgoong was definitely stronger than himself.

Sung-Min stepped back as he thrust his rod forward. Once he stretched out the rod in both arms, he thrust out his body, giving him twice the distance Namgoong would be able to use. This was the advantage of using a long weapon like a rod or spear. Once a clear distance is made and maintained, it would be difficult for the opponent to break in.



The rod exploded with clangs in Sung-Min’s hand. The rampantly flying rod was stout at the end, but it would be painful to be hit with it.

Namgoong used his Step Method and lifted up his sword. The locus of Sung-Min’s rod was shaken slightly every time it met Namgoong’s shaking sword.

The weight of the weapons wasn’t the problem.

Namgoong’s timing was perfect in interrupting the attacks.


Sung-Min withdrew his spear, and at that moment, twirled the spear in hands. Among the Nine Heavenly Spear Techniques, he shot the Chase Soul Spear.

As much as this was a friendly competition, he didn’t put in as much force as he should when dealing with an opponent, but he definitely put in more force than his previous attacks.


“Whoa.” Namgoong exclaimed. At that moment, the sword twirled in his hand. He held his sword in reverse and stabbed the air upwards.


Even though it wasn’t deadly, he stopped the Chase Soul Spear midair.

Heewon took a few steps back and let out a low whistle.

“Interesting. If this was a real spear, things would be a lot more intense… Haha! This is quite exciting. But it’s not enough .. what I’m saying is… how’s this?” Namgoong slowly smiled. “Let’s do a bet.”

“What kind of bet? “ Sung Min asked, looking at the sword Namgoong was holding. Namgoong readjusted the sword he was holding in reverse.

“Since this is a friendly competition, let’s do something that won’t ruin our friendship. If I win, consider me your older brother.”

“You… as my senior?”

“I do not think it’s a strange suggestion at all. After all, I am older than you.”

“What happens if I win?”

“Then I will consider you my senior. Isn’t that great? You’ll be considered a senior of I, Namgoong Heewon, the young master of the Namgoong lineage.” Namgoong grinned. “Of course, I have no intention of letting someone younger than me to take me in as their junior. That’s why I;m going to do my best.”

“I’m the only one who gets good out of this. I’m a lot younger than you. And even if I lose…”

“If that gives you an excuse to not do your best, you are simply not a worthy arts master.”

Sung- mIn was bewildered at his words

“If you are a skilled master, you should not take defeat sweetly.”

This beat out the slightest intentions of Sung-Min losing for him on purpose. Sung-Min decided to do his best in this competition


“Alright, then let’s continue to have fun with this.”

Namgoong said, twirling his sword. He made the first move this time as well.

If his steps were consistent last time, he was now focusing on being nimble.

Namgoong quickly approached, busily moving the sword in his right hand.

All Sung-Min could see was the movement of the sword. His expression hardened, and channeled his inner strength into the rod he was holding.

A true master spearsman uses the Rana technique without using other special techniques, being able to deflect any kind of attack with only three. Wijihoyeon had said this when she taught him the Rana Technique. Receive all the outer attacks as Ran. Take in the inner attacks as ‘Na’. Attack with a technique when there’s a chance.

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