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Chapter 42story of life


Zi Hui casually sighed: “Sure enough, the son of a prostitute is the son of a prostitute. Just like your mom, and there is no way to change the dirty bloodline in your bones. My brother brought you back. We were afraid you would be discriminated against. However, now it seems that we should not do that.”


As soon as this statement came out, there was another uproar around him. No one had ever known that Jiang Xunyi had such a life experience. It seems that this time Zi Hui really made up her mind to kill Jiang Xunyi in all directions, so that he would never turn over. Not only to prove that he was a scum with bad personal character, but also to say that his family was scum.


Jiang Xunyi didn’t know about it, but it didn’t hit him as hard as it did before. He just couldn’t help glancing at Chen Li.


I can’t tell. Such an old man would go whoring when he was young?


However… He couldn’t see that Chen Li would set himself up, could he?


Jiang Xunyi laughed abruptly, paced two steps slowly, and said: “Well, why don’t you tell me about it? ”


Everyone felt that he was at the end of his life, his own ugly behavior had been exposed in public, the cronies of the school were still far from returning to the western regions, and the rest were anxious to kill him. Yun Xie, a good brother who usually had a close relationship with him, was very angry, and he would not lend a helping hand anymore. Jiang Xunyi could still laugh at this time. It was really admired with a subtle terror.


That’s the normal person’s instinct for neuropathy.


Zi Hui was afraid of Jiang Xunyi so she backed away. However, she felt that this action was beneath her dignity, but it could not be retrieved. So she coughed and said: “Bring her here.”


Immediately two disciples came up with a woman.


Yun Xie was half angry at what he had just said by Jiang Xunyi, and his heart was intertwined with love and hate, but he still had to protect it at such a time, just with an extremely ugly face , and he ridiculed in a strange way: “It seems that Zi Hui has well prepared.”

Zi Hui couldn’ t care about him: “It’s not wrong for the Lord Yun to say so. I felt that things were wrong before the death of my brother, but Jiang Xunyi’s prestige is too high, and there are too many people helping him who can’t distinguish between right and wrong. Therefore, it can only be investigated secretly. Fortunately, there are still some gains. ”


After satirizing Yun Xie, she said: “Lord Yun can still stand on Jiang’s side at this time. I don’t know if it’s the deep brotherhood or you don’t think what Jiang Xunyi did was wrong at all.”


Jiang Xunyi half-blocked in front of Yun Xie, faintly said: ” You can just talk about me, why did you talk about other people? It makes you like a village woman.”


It’s just that Jiang Xunyi seems to be calm, but he didn’t look at Yun Xie’s eyes.


Zi Hui blushed by what he said, sneering and saying: “Your mother is a brothel prostitute, I can’t believe you have the face to call me as a country village women.


Zi Hui stood aside and said to the woman who had just been brought here: “Ning Fen, look at the man, he is your son that Ti Ming Fairy took from you.”


This woman named Ning Fen looks forty years old, but all present were experts, and it was easy for them to recognize Ning Fen was just like Chen Li, who was also a mortal, but should have taken some elixir so could delay senility.


She wore a smoky green dress that was fashionable at that time, with willow eyebrows and Phoenix eyes, which make her so charming. She should be a great beauty when she was young. But now older, the figure began to become bloated, and the heavy makeup could no longer cover the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, and look even worse.


Jiang Xunyi stood straight with his hands behind his back. The mountain wind made his sleeves fluttering and he looked even more handsome and unrestrained. A pair of eyes around them flew between him and Ning Fen in an attempt to see their mother-child relationship.


Jiang Xunyi was also looking at the woman, but he couldn’t find the familiarity from the thick fat powder. But Ning Fen seems to be very close to anyone, and when she heard Zi Hui said that, she clapped the thigh and jumped up without saying a word, reached out and pushed Jiang Xunyi: “You heartless bastard! You don’t know to come back to see me and send some money when you are so f*cking successful. Those prostitute offenders hadn’t given money to me, so it was difficult to sustain! You don’t even care about your mother! You are just a bullshit knight-errant! The Lei Gong Bodhisattva in the sky do not have long eyes, I hope a thunder down to kill you shameless son of a bitch!”


As she spoke and cried, all the red powder on her face flowed down the loose skin. Jiang Xunyi had never been scolded in this way in his two lives, especially when the person in front of him was suspected of being his own mother, so he could not fight back. He was so confused that even forgot his anger just now.


This farce was very absurd and embarrassing, and some people took pleasure in Jiang Xunyi’s misfortune, but some people secretly sighed that Jiang Xunyi, the hero, had fallen into such a situation, they turned their heads and couldn’t bear to look here again.


Ning Fen had been scolding Jiang Xunyi with nasty words, and had been beating Jiang Xunyi’s arm with her hands.However, there were suddenly a sharp pain on her shoulder, and she was pulled by someone and pushed to the side.


Yun Xie said coldly, “Do you want to die?”


If it wasn’t sure whether she was Jiang Xunyi’s biological mother, he would have slapped the woman to death.


Unexpectedly, Ning Fen took a look at Yun Xie, and her eyes suddenly lit up. Instead of being annoyed, she leaned up stickily, caressing Yun Xie’s chest and said with a soft smile: “Oh my god, this brother is so handsome.”


Jiang Xunyi: “…” This is definitely not his mother, he does not have a mother who calls Yun Xie brother!


Yun Xie was also a messy face. He looked at his new “nephew” Jiang Xunyi gloomily, and took Ning Fen’s hand away from his chest with restrained expression.


Yun Xie said:”Zi Hui, you are also a person of identity. You ordered this woman to talk nonsense here, and you think we’ll believe you?”


Zi Hui did not panic and said to Ning Fen: “Take out the papers in your hand and show them to the fairy present.”


There was actually such a proof on Ning Fen. When everyone was passing it around, Zi Hui explained:” At the beginning, senior brother Ti Ming saw that Jiang Xunyi had excellent root and bone,and thought he was a very rare person suitable for cultivating immortals. Ti Ming couldn’t bear that Jiang Xunyi grew up in a place like brothel when Jiang Xunyi was a young age, so he took Jiang back with great kindness, but Ti Ming was worried that there was no proof for recognition after the separation of Jiang Xunyi and his mother, so left a note. It’s stamped with the leader’s seal of our Ling Yin school. But the nature of blood can’t be changed, I didn’t expect that when he grew up, he still became such a scum. It was really a shame of our school. ”


The note finally reached Jiang Xunyi’s hands, he looked at it and remained silent.


However, Chen Yuanxin must ask, “Master Jiang, you are the proudest disciple of Master Ti Ming. Can you tell me, is this letter true?”


Jiang Xunyi did not deny it, and slowly said, “It’s true.”


Yun Xie said in a low voice with a heavy face:”Jiang Xunyi ,are you crazy? This thing should be denied all the time….”


Before he finished speaking, Ning Fen leaned over again and tiptoed at Jiang’s collar: “Little bitch, did you recognize me this time?”


Jiang Xunyi didn’t want to dodge when she grasped his collar and he said, “Let me tell you …”


As soon as he had said these four words, his face changed and took hold of Ning Fen’s arm.


Blood dripped down between the two people’s staggered bodies.


Yun Xie thought that Jiang Xunyi had been hurt, he suddenly forgot his anger, and his expression became very panicked and shouted, “Jiang Xunyi!”


Jiang Xunyi was shouted by him and looked back blankly. And his body staggered, revealing half of the dagger in the woman’s chest, gurgling blood gurgling along the wound.


Ning Fen’s face was bleak and her eyes were prominent. She was like a dying fish, constantly panting, struggling to grasp what Jiang Xunyi’s arm and looked like trying to say something, but it was difficult to say a word.


Some people in the crowd shouted, “Oops, Jiang Xunyi gets angry and kills his own mother!”


Yun Xie immediately responded that Jiang Xunyi was by no means a murderer. He rushed up and grabbed Ning Fen, and immediately conveyed his soul power to her. He shouted: “Tell me! Who killed you?”


Ning Fen struggled for a few times, turned her head and died.


Zi Hui was shocked and said, “Jiang Xunyi, you are utterly devoid of conscience that you killed your mother?”


Yun Xie was about to speak, and Jiang Xunyi suddenly lowered his voice, “Shut up! she committed suicide!”


Thanks to the firmness of his mind, his brain still stay sane after so many things happened. After a pause ,Yun Xie understood immediately that if Ning Fen was committing suicide, then whether she was Jiang Xunyi’s biological mother or not, it was a premeditated trap.


It was not suitable to stay here for a long time! Yun Xie’s mind turned sharply, and she stood up immediately, suddenly pulled up her sword and mercilessly hacked at the weakest Feng Qiu.


Several people thought that Yun Xie was going to kill the witness and exclaimed, “What are you doing?” The crowds rushed to save Feng Qiu.


The light of the sword was so bright that suddenly exploded for several feet, and the cold air almost forced people to be out of breath. Feng Xue came to protect Feng Qiu, and when he looked so frightened that was about to fight with all his strength, the sword’s light was dazzling, and Yun Xie swept back to draw a large arc to force the people back. Yun Xie turned and grabbed Jiang Xunyi and flew away on a sword. They disappeared without a trace in a moment.


They even fled again!


Zi Hui was so angry that she threw the sword to the ground and shouted with rage: “Is there something wrong with Yun Xie’s brain? Why should he always interfere with the affairs of our Ling Yin school! ”


However, although everyone thought so, no one dared to echo this saying.

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