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Rebirth: Noble Woman, Poisonous Concubine

Chapter 38 – Calculation (I)


Xiao Yuan was stunned for a while, she turned her head and looked through the gap, she could faintly see a figure in lime green. Cai Ju turned over her side face, while Xiao Yuan was biting her lip.


It was the little servant next to Liu Qingwu!


“Then the girl next to master…” The man was stunned for a while, he wasn’t angry, he just asked out of confusion.


Cai Ju peeked and looked at the time. Since she had already heard the fireworks, she said without hesitation, “we can’t wait anymore. Master might be…”


Cai Ju paused, she swallowed back the words that she was going to say. The man knew what it was about. Liu Qingzhou was a horny girl, just within a few days, he’d already crossed the line with a lot of servants.


He might even be sleeping with one of them now.

“First we’ll obey the orders of the lady, and complete the rest.”


Cai Ju stomped her feet. Master was quite a ridiculous person, and Xiao Yuan really didn’t deserve this favor!


After a while, after she went away, Xiao Yuan pushed Zhao Zun and she looked serious.


Zhao Zun let go of his hand, and he didn’t take back his hand on her waist. Instead, he pressed him against her and they looked pretty intimate.


“That’s really too much, Liu Qingyuan, how dare you calculate Qingle!”


Xiao Yuan was so angry, and she hadn’t realized that her face was all red now.


“Do you need help?” Zhao Zun asked quietly.




“I don’t need your help!” Xiao Yuan suddenly pushed Zhao Zun away. When she recalled what had just happened, she roared somewhat helplessly at Zhao Zun.


Zhao Zun was stunned. What’s wrong with this lady? Wasn’t everything just fine? How come she could change so quickly?


Xiao Yuan turned and she was going to leave, and Zhao Zun stopped her. Xiao Yuan stomped her feet, “I’m going to do some rescuing work. Stop blocking me!”


Zhao Zun didn’t say anything else, he held Xiao Yuan and flew down from Jia Mountain. In a blink of an eye, when he let go of his hand, Xiao Yuan ran away.


Zhao Zun squinted and touched his noise. There’s still a faint fragrance in his hands.


“Second master Zhao? Finally I’ve found you.”


Zhao Zun’s facial expression changed and he suddenly became indifferent, “I’m here for some fresh air, and I also want to see the princess’s house. There’re so many high-ranking officials here, and I wouldn’t bother stepping forward.”


The housekeeper was shocked, but there were really many guests that day, and given Zhao Zun’s identity, he just let him be.


“Do you want me to find a servant to guide you?”


Zhao Zun shook his head, “there’s no need. I will just walk around. It’s a nice environment here and I want to explore myself. You can carry on with what you’ve been doing. When the Emperor is done, you can come look for me.”


“Ok.” The housekeeper nodded, “then I’ll leave now. Please serve yourself.”


Zhao Zun nodded.


Soon, Zhao Qi was back.


“Where has he gone to?” Zhao Zun asked.


“I’ve thrown him on the side of the pool, and I’ve taught him a lesson.”


Zhao Zun nodded, then returned to Qing Le’s residence with Zhao Qi by crossing the same path.


When Qing Le returned, she looked confused, “where’s Xiao Jiu?”


“Miss, please drink some tea first and get changed. The banquet outside is going to start.”


Qingfei bent over and served Qing Le with a cup of tea. Qing Le fetched it and finished the tea in one go.


“Go and look for her, don’t lose her. It’s her first time here and there’s still a loser in the palace!”


Qing Le thought about it for a while and she’s still worried, then she ordered Qingfei to start the search.


“Okay, I will do it right now!”


Qing Le nodded, and she started to feel dizzy after sitting for a while. She also felt hot all over her body, and quite uncomfortable too.


“Hey! Pretty! Here I come!”


A man quickly pushed open the door and closed it. He was rubbing his fist and looking at Qing Le with dirty thoughts.


Now this is how it should be to be the lord of a county. In the future, when people saw him, they even had to call him magistrate. When the man thought about it, he was thrilled.


Qing Le’s face looked darker and darker. When she saw the man’s filthy look, she almost threw up. When she was about to stand up, she felt dizzy again and had to sit back down immediately.



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