Chapter 2 A male idol, deathly sweet


“Do you want to keep living?”


Decaying yellow leaves fell on a broken, exposed body. In the cracks disgusting bugs crawled. Maggots squirmed desperately in the rotten wound. At this point, pain had been numbed. The voice rang out suddenly in Si Huang’s mind, while she waited for the final darkness of death to swallow her up.


What would she gain by continuing to survive? She had never had her own name. Although she was Si Zhihan’s child, she could only keep living with a dead person’s name to guarantee Si Zhihan’s reputation. Before eighteen she was a mere shadow of her brother from the same father, and after eighteen she appeared to be a famed media star. In reality she was nothing but a “male” female prostitute that her family used to maintain relationships. She had been pushed back and forth between others, and wouldn’t even have a gravestone to her own name. Her body was so filthy that even she despised it.


What reason did someone like that have to keep living?


Si Huang’s eyes were still open. Staring at the fragmented light spilling through the branches, her throat convulsed with difficulty.




Somehow, that was the word that emerged from her lips.


It was muddled, hoarse.


The moment she spoke, murky tears streamed from her eyes.


Yes, her body’s instinct couldn’t be rationalized by thoughts. Even after being tortured like this by misfortune, she still wanted to stay alive.


She wanted to keep living, no matter what. She wanted to see with her own eyes, use her own hands to push everyone who had ever hurted her into hell, so they tasted the same pain she had! More than anything she wanted to really, really live, to do everything she’d almost driven herself insane just thinking about wanting to do.


When her wide eyes lost their final lustre, she woke up as herself again. Sixteen years old, being whipped while a fever raged in her body.


Three days later, her high fever died down, and the wounds on her back finally began to heal. Still the voice accompanied her, urging her to hurry up and accumulate belief.


My energy can only keep you alive for ten days or so. If you don’t accumulate enough faith within ten days, you’ll die and I’ll disappear as well. The voice that called itself Wubao still clamoured by her ear. If you hadn’t died on top of me, your blood soaking into me…


Si Huang interrupted it. “If not for that, who knows how long you’d wait for the next successor you could meld with.”


Do you know how difficult faith is? You only have ten days! Ten days!


Wubao had basically lost all hope at that point, but Si Huang was right. After waiting for hundreds or maybe thousands of years, it had finally encountered someone who could absorb Prince Wujue’s legacy. At that point how could it bear to give up or disappear?


In your current situation, anyone with a bit of power could kill you. Don’t you want to become stronger? If you manage to obtain faith you’ll not only be able to survive, but also to thrive! If you can just get some faith!


“Hhmph.” Si Huang snorted, eyes narrowed in pleasure.


Wubao’s childish voice kept angrily repeating the words like they were some kind of ad slogan. Si Huang not only wasn’t annoyed, she was actually enjoying herself quite a bit. This was the feeling of being reborn. She was still at an age when anything could change. She was so clean right now…yes, so clean!


A stubborn glint of madness shone within her eye.





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