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Rebirth of the Rich and Wealthy

Chapter 84 (Part 2)

On the other side of the campus, Ji Ling kept asking Lu Anran unceasingly, “Anran, tell me! Do you have any secrets with senior Long? Are you guys dating? And what’s the current status now?”

“Ah~~~~~” Lu Anran felt like her head was going to explode, this Ji Ling was too active and noisy, and she hasn’t stopped for even once! What’s worse, Ji Ling’s voice was quite loud, and people started looking at them, now Lu Anran started to wonder how come Linda could endure this girl all these years. “Ji Ling! Miss Ji! Can you just leave me alone? There is nothing going on between me and senior Long!”

“You’re lying! If there’s nothing, then how come he touched your head?” Ji Ling didn’t trust her, “you’d better tell me the truth!”

“You’re still talking about this touching head thing! I also touch your head every day, so what has happened between us?” Lu Anran couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Also, when she touched Ji Ling’s head, she resisted vigorously every time, and she really looked like she wanted to attack back…is that what Ji Ling was trying to say?

“Can it be the same?” Ji Ling said, “at that time, I was sitting right next to you! When senior Long looked at you, you don’t know how affectionate he looked! I am not blind! I think that the reason he’s calling you over this afternoon is probably because he wants to confirm you as his girlfriend! Anyway, since senior Long is so handsome, if he says that he likes you, just agree to it!” After thinking for a while, Ji Ling changed her mind, “no, it’s still not ok if you agree to it directly. You have to keep your cool as a lady, you should agree to it while looking like you don’t!”

“Detective Ji, stop your bullshitting!” Lu Anran was initially feeling a bit confused, after what Ji Ling told her, she was feeling more uneasy. Still, she didn’t show it at all on the surface, “since the first time I saw this senior Long, we haven’t exchanged more than ten sentences! Also, you’re just a high school student and you’re already talking about boyfriends and girlfriends? And keeping my cool as a lady? And pretending to agree? Such a little girl as you are…” Lu Anran found it a bit funny now that she heard Ji Ling telling her all these. Although she’s only 15 years old, her soul was almost like a 22-year-old. She found it a bit hilarious hearing a teenage girl telling her all these stuff.

“I am serious!” Ji Ling was a little displeased, “aren’t you also pretending to be mature?! You are obviously at the same age as me, and you even told me that I am a little girl! I have all learned all these from the romance novels!”

“…” It’s another fan of romance novels…Lu Anran couldn’t help thinking of Lu Anwei. This time the task seemed really dangerous. She really hoped that Lu Anwei and Qin Shuhan could become a couple…

“Anran? Anran!” Seeing that Lu Anran was thinking about something, Ji Ling pushed her arm, “what are you thinking about?”

Lu Anran realized it and replied, “what?”

“I’m talking to you!” Ji Ling was happy and she pouted, “don’t underestimate romance novels!”

“I know, I know!” Lu Anran shook her head helplessly, “you are really…sigh…”

Ji Ling held up Lu Anran’s arm, “you see, I’m just happy for you! Senior Long is such a handsome guy…”

“Don’t just judge a person by his looks!” Lu Anran was again speechless…handsome? Lin Haocheng was also a handsome guy, he also looked like a gentleman and acted elegantly. So what? He’s just a scumbag after all!

“Anran, I’m so excited now! I really want to witness this sacred moment between you and senior Long!” Ji Ling tightened her fists and looked full of hope.

“What sacred moment?! It’s not like we’re going to vow and get married!” Lu Anran felt so speechless and rolled her eyes in front of Ji Ling. She also felt a bit painful in her heart – even if it’s about getting married and taking a vow, so what? Hadn’t she had a miserable ending in her past life? Lu Anran looked as if she had recalled something bad, and her facial expression instantly became worse, “also, senior Long isn’t thinking about it at all! Even if he is, there is no way I will agree to it!”

“Why not?” Ji Ling looked surprised.

“I…” Lu Anran glared at Ji Ling, “I am still a high school student! For relationship matters, I’ll think again when I’m in University!” Also, she didn’t believe that true love would occur to her. She would choose to bless those in love, but she had decided not to fall in love ever again, as the price to pay will simply be too high. She was really worried about trusting the wrong person again. For this life, she had to live for the Ji’s, and she had to live for Ji Rou and for all the people that she cherished…and that would be enough!

“I agree!” Ji Ling nodded, “now, we have to devote our energy to our studies. After all, it took us much effort to get admitted in the first middle school!” Before, they used to be attending the same middle school. And although they hadn’t talked much after going to different classes, she had heard of Lu Anran’s name since long time ago. For someone who hadn’t studied hard at all, it took a great deal of effort to have the achievements of today.

Lu Anran didn’t answer, she was looking up at the blue sky instead. Could this blue sky last for a long time?


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