Reincarnated as the evil fat pig villainess in an Otome game

Dark Theme

Chapter 29 – Flowers Academy : The Game Begins

As a few days passed, school started and Princess Sarah and the heroine Sissy were not in the same class.

It was lunch time and Princess Sarah was having lunch with Prince Jules and her brother Jack.

“Prince Jules these last few days has anything interesting happened to you ?”, Sarah asked sweetly. In the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, the heroine Sissy was supposed to have climbed up a tree to look for her campus. And Prince Jules was supposed to have appeared near the tree and saw her and was so captivated he started a conversation with her. This was suppose to be the start of the romance between Prince Jules and the heroine Sissy.

“What ? Nothing happened”, Prince Jules replied his face flushed red.

“Anything unusual happened near a tree at the entrance of school ?”,  Princess Sarah asked.

“Ahh…. now that you mentioned it a few days ago I had been at the entrance of school. I thought I saw someone on top of the tree next to the entrance but I must have been mistaken. I thought I heard a scream coming from on top of the tree and then I thought I saw some one or something running away”, Prince Jules said with his fat chest puffed out.

As he said that Princess Sarah was using both hands to rub her head, she was clearly having a headache. As she thought for a while, she asked her brother Jack,

“Jack, these last few days did anything happen to you ? Like a girl dropping her handkerchief in front of you ?”, as Princess Sarah asked she smiled sweetly. In the Otome Game, “The Flowers of Love”, the heroine Sissy was suppose to have accidentally drop her handkerchief in front of Jack. And Jack was supposed to have picked it up and started a conversation with her. This was suppose to be the start of the romance between Jack and the heroine.

Jack’s face blushed red and then he said, “Well my sweet Sarah, nothing interesting happened. But there was this irritating brown haired girl that kept on dropping her handkerchief in front of me. The first time I picked up and gave it to her. The second time I ignored her and she picked up the handkerchief herself and threw it at me a third time. Of course I ignored her. She was really irritating”, as he completed his sentence Jack’s chest puffed out proudly.

Princess Sarah now had both hands on her forehead and was rubbing it more furiously than before. In her mind she is wondering what happened to the heroine Sissy. Why didn’t she succeed in any of her romance scenarios.

Time went past and Princess Sarah met up with Prince Caspian and they had a good chat. They got to know each other quite well. And Princess Sarah was happy that he did not act like an idiot like most boys do when they are in front of her. In fact Prince Caspian was the perfect gentleman when he was with Princess Sarah.

As Prince Caspian left, he met up with the heroine Sissy and also had a chat with her. Prince Caspian too acted like a perfect gentleman in front of Sissy. In fact Sissy seems quite captivated with Prince Caspian.


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