Reincarnated into a Werewolf Chapter 69

Dark Theme

Chapter split into three (3) pages


Reincarnated into a Werewolf

Chapter 69 The Necromancer’s Last Door (First Half)


And so it was decided that Glenstadt Castle was to hold a coronation for the succession of the name of Demon Lord. We could not proceed without any ceremony, and it would at least clear things up once and for all. It also had the purpose of being a memorial to the late Demon Lord.

Master had also decided to make Ryun Height her base after succeeding to the throne.

As far as public events held at Glenstadt, this looked to be the final one.



The night before the coronation.

In a room in Glenstadt Castle, I listened to Master as she spoke

“Being the Demon Lord is not about simply being ‘the strongest demon’. You must possess god-like power; transcend.”

“You can say that, but even you can’t be like the late Demon Lord.”

There is no doubt that the Master’s magical ability is world-class, but that is only when compared to humans and monsters.

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