Reincarnated Into Werewolf 55 Version 2

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Chapter 55: The Army Stealthily Closes In


After establishing a secret agreement with Shaldir, for the first time in a while, I
went to report to the Demon King.


“It looks like you have been quite busy, Vaito.”


“Yes, my lord. I was finishing up the side jobs.”


The demon lord gave a wry smile, as I answered honestly.


“I see.”

“Defeating the fake hero and exposing his identity, crushing the Northern Miraldia army’s morale, bringing the enemy magicians to our site, and establishing a secret pact with the trade city, Shaldir, are just side jobs, huh?”

“Well, yes…”

Compared to the demon lord’s objectives these are nothing but side jobs. I should be the one putting these in order.


The demon lord put the reports on the desk, finding it all to be very amusing.

“If these are side jobs, it’d seem that there are nothing but side jobs in the demon lord army. If you seek even greater tasks, I’m fine with abdicating the throne of the demon to you.”

“Please wait a minute, my lord! If you were to renounce your throne, I would also leave the demon lord army and return to the country-side.”

“You really are a man without greed.”

As the demon king laughed heartily, I couldn’t help but laugh as well.

Be at ease, Demon King’s aide.


“Good job on the matter with the fake hero. And how is the issue of the fake saint coming along?”

“For the time being, I’m keeping her as my close aide. She is gentle and a good-natured person with no greater ambitions.”

Lash’s illusions are first class. They can be put to use in real battle situations. Although she is a coward, she’s a good person at her core.”

Demon King nodded, agreeing thoroughly.

“You’re very skilled at converting our enemies. Compared to your skills in that field, I am lacking .”

“You think too highly of me.”

It’s just that I cannot deal the final blow and somehow they end up sticking to me…

Well, since I have been praised, I kept quiet about it.

Chapter 55 Version 2