Reincarnated Into Werewolf 56

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I love this song, didn’t really appreciate the story my first time watching but it was pretty cool. The first xianxia story I watched

Xuan Yuan Sword- One Kiss Barren Sky

Trade City Shaldir Rescue Operation (Part 1)

Chapter 56



“Now, let us head toward Shaldir to provide reinforcement!”

I shouted in front of the centaur soldiers, dragonewt cavalry and werewolf corps.

“However, in the eyes of the public, Shaldir is on the side of Miraldia. Because of that, this time, each corps will have to move differently from usual. Bear that in mind.”


Blue Scale Knights Order, lead by aide Bartz, bowed along with Saches and centaur corps.


Since the demon kind act rashly right away, I felt worried about it, but if it’s them then it will probably be fine.

“All mebers of the werewolf corps, transform! Well then, GO!”



I transformed along with the werewolf corps and departed along with all the cavalries. Naturally, I was leading in front of them.

“Oi Vaito, you are the captain, so keep to the back”

I never thought the muscle-brained elder brother Gurney would say that to me.

Elder sister Fern also nodded.

“That’s right. By the way, which team is in charge of Vaito for this week? “

“Aah, it’s mine.”

Jerich and his team raised their hands.

What’s going on?



“Wait a minute, what’s with the “in charge of Vaito”? I did not hear anything about this.”

“It is to guard and keep a look out for you so that you do not run straight ahead into the battlefield. We will not accept any objection”

I am the captain of the werewolf corps, you know. Don’t decide that by yourself.

“Now, now, captain. Just give orders from a safe place.”

“If you die, we will have to return to that isolated village and dig potatoes again, after al.”

“Besides, if you do that, what will we say to the Demon Lord? Consider it a little.”

Before I knew it, everyone had started worrying about me…



Then Jerich ran up and tapped my shoulder.

“Don’t worry captain. We will protect you.”

“Even with four of us combined, we may be weaker than captain, isn’t it?”

“Well, we can do something even if it’s just becoming his shield.”

The werewolves in Jerich corps were laughing comfortably.

If I try to do anything reckless, then these guys will be even more reckless in trying protect to me. However, that will put my subordinates in danger.

Ah, that’s right.

This is why the Demon King does not go to the frontline.



Our opponents this time were two thousand soldiers and cavalry.  On the other hand, we had one thousand soldiers.

We can’t win if we fight strike from the front, but of course, we will not fight normally. It’s war after all.

“Woddo corps, go north and stretch the net. Absolutely do not engage them.”

“Yosh, my arms are itching to fight.”

A former mercenary white werewolf laughed happily.

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