Reincarnated into a Werewolf 57

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Its been a hectic couple of days getting this site back online but I am happy it is finally done. It might be possible to release 30 chapters for a novel next month but no it will not be Emperor of The Cosmos even though it will get chapters but it will be werewolf.

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Trade City Shaldir Rescue Operation (Last Part)

Chapter 57


I, along with my escort, Jerich corps and Woddo corps, silently watched over the situation of the war from a hill which stood slightly away from the highway.

There were three hundred cavalry units, and when I looked more carefully, I became certain that they were heavy cavalry. The horses were also wearing the armor.

On the other hand, there were five hundred infantry in lightweight equipment. They wore expensive chainmail and their weapons, which I could confirm, were bows, short spears, and swords.


“That’s very strange.”

Hearing my whisper, Jerich also tilted his head.

“That’s strange, captain. These guys are dressed as if they’re saying “We spent a lot of money, you know?”

“You also think so?.”


They might be able to capture Shaldir with that number but I did not understand where they were planning to use their costly equipment.

It’s fine for the infantry to use chainmail, but I feel it will not be as effective for the price against the bows during castle seige.


Woddo jii-san, who was accustomed to the battlefield, leisurely whispered.

“They have probably come here to scare Shaldir a little. It happens quite a lot, showing off army to make better negotiation.”

“I see, but to use such precious iron… Oh captain, look!”

Jerich grabbed my shoulder.

I observed the situation. The Infantry was marching while surrounding a carriage.

It was probably an prisoner carriage, made from thick planks and iron plates.

“They are probably looking to restrain Alam as well.”

I was not sure if they were being serious or just appealing, but I understood their purpose.


I’ll prepare the dragon ball…. which is also known as the signal ball.

“If those guys enter by crossing the lake, we’ll attack at once.”

“Roger, captain.”

The Miraldia army who were going south would collide into the Shaldir army north of the lake.

And thus they began to move to the west along the shores of the lake.


If they went by the east shore, the soldiers would be exposing their right side to Shaldir but if they go by the west then they would expose their left side.

From that side, the heavy cavalry shield would be most effective. Looks like they are being wary about it.

At that time, the movement of Miraldia army became slower.

It seems they noticed that the demon king army had surrounded Shaldir’s gate.



“Okay, captain!”

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