Reincarnated into a Werewolf 58

Dark Theme

One of my favorite songs got it for myself as a gift.

Here in Your Arms- Hellogoodbye

Chapter 58 The Shine of Disaster

As I waited for the werewolf troop to return, I observed the scenario of the castle gate with a telescope.

The scattered worn out heavy cavalry units were gathering up from here and there. Some were staggering, having lost their precious horses.

The war flag, which had gotten all wet in the lake, was damply dangling.

It was hard to even look at these elites, who had prided themselves in their dignity, now all tattered and lifeless.


The infantry were all uninjured but they were laying on the ground, completely exhausted. They had probably prepared to die.

Before long, Alam walked up to them, meeting the leader of the heavy cavalry, who was also walking towards him, halfway.

They were too far, so I could not listen to their conversation but I could see the leader lowering his head many times.



“Looks like it went well.”


I said, as the returning werewolf troop were posing triumphantly.


“That was an easy victory!”


“We did nothing at all, though!”


“We wish we could have gone wild a bit, too!”


It seems that they were actually pretending to be happy, and were actually expressing their disappointment to me.


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