Reincarnated into a Werewolf 59

Dark Theme

Well I was thinking an Indian song but  I decided to go with gothic/emo Avril Lavigne

Freak Out

A stark contrast from her bright Best Damn Thing album which I prefer for all the wrong reasons haha


Chapter 59 Collapse of the 2nd division

The centaur messenger I had sent in the middle of the night was taking quite a long time to return.

Finally, at noon of the next day, the centaur returned.


“You took quite a while; Did something happen?”


As I asked the young centaur, he answered with a pale face,


“It’s terrible…. division leader Tiberit has…”


“What happened?”


“… has died in battle..”



Are you kidding me?

That titan who is even taller than castle walls, that veteran soldier?


“You’re sure it is not some sort of a mistake?”


“It was reported by Gomoviroa-sama, therefore, the chances of it being so are really low…..”


So master went and confirmed it herself.


“Wait, is the 3rd division leader all right?!”


“Ye-yes. She just returned this morning. She was all exhausted so aide Mereen has been nursing her.”


It seems like something beyond my imagination had occurred.

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