Reincarnated into a Werewolf 60

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Decided to hold off on using an Asian song this time haha. This song is from Cruel Intentions OST

The Verve- BitterSweet Symphony- Cruel Intentions OST

There is a colorful history behind this song, the artists losing all earnings from the song because of a copyright suit


Reincarnated into a Werewolf

Chapter 60 The fallen, and the ones about to fall

There was a fog surrounding the Glenstadt castle which did not let the humans come close. I carefully walked closer to the castle.

Fortunately, it looked like the castle was still safe. The guards saw my face and immediately opened up the gate.


However, the moment I stepped inside the castle, I realized all over again that the 2nd division was annihilated.

There were demons and giants resting their body on the courtyard. Most of them were not injured.

At a glance, it looked like the damage was low but that was probably not the case.

Most likely, the ones who had been injured could not return alive.

Their decreased number and pensive expressions indicated that quite clearly.



As I was going through them, I asked about the situation.

In the 2nd division, the ones I feel most comfortable talking with are the small demons. They have a small build, so-so magical mana and somewhat good intellect. They are quite weak.

In other words, the goblins.


“I came rushing after I heard that Tiberit division leader had died in battle. Tell me the whole situation.”

As I said that, they looked at each other and replied,


“Boss, died… Killed by one human. After that, a lot more human came. Killed many comrades.”


“What was the human who killed the division leader like?”


“Normal human. He was a man. Wearing normal clothes, with a sword and shield.”


I do not understand.

However, I did understand how they did not want to stand out like the fake hero.




“Is everyone here all that is left of the 2nd division?”


“I do not know. Holy mother used fog magic. Everyone got separated. Thanks to holy mother’s helmet, I was able to come back.”


When I looked at him carefully, I noticed he was wearing the helmet master had made. They called it the ‘Spirit of the war dead helmet’ in the 2nd division.

“Zuku, Gyobel, Gubuf…. and a lot other died. I could hear the voice of the dead. I ran towards it. And met red dragonoids. They saved me.”


The Crimson Knights’ Order of the 1st division, I see. So they were able to assist the retreat as planned.

As I watched over the situation in the courtyard, I noticed they were sitting as groups differentiated by their tribe. And among them, there were a few wearing that helmet.

It looks like the helmet master made helped them to escape through the fog.

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