Reincarnated Into Werewolf 61

Dark Theme

Someone made a comment about my Danmei list and a Kelly Clarkson song which had a gay couple in the music video came to mind. It is probably stronger but I prefer Heartbeat Song. I probably heard this in a K drama: Ugly Alert. Yeah the title of the drama makes no sense, maybe it is a pun, double entendre or something in the Korean language.

Kelly Clarkson- Heartbeat Song


Reincarnated into a Werewolf

Chapter 61


The Annihilator’s Footsteps


For the past two days, I waited for the hero to appear at Glenstadt Castle. I’m worried about Rune Height as well, but I’m the only magician who can use healing magic in the castle.


I plan to change shifts with my master once he recovers, but by that time if the hero comes by I have no choice but to heal my master immediately.


Meanwhile, I received a strange report.


“In the past two days, someone killed a squad of three on patrol.” Aide Shure carried a serious expression.


The x-mark on the map was slowly approaching Glenstadt Castle.


“I can only think that we are going to meet the hero soon.” As I said that, Aide Shure nodded in agreement.


“I was given strict orders to avoid the battle and give top priority to the report, so it appears that those who could not escape have been killed.”


It’s just like a horror movie. If there is an encounter in the fog, the hero has a chance to ambush, which could be a big advantage for him.


“Vaito-dono’s troops who participated each had four horses. Furthermore, having two horses in the front and two in the back, if either one was attacked, the troops were told to have one withdraw and report back. Even so…”


Listening to the sound of the cavalry behind the scenes, I could only think that those troops were not able to escape.


How dreadful.


“Vaito-dono also seems to have seen the dead bodies.”


I saw them. I thought they might still be breathing, but they were definitely dead.


“Each of the cavalries were cut with a knife; it had a unique cut that shouldn’t be mistaken for just any old sword.”


“What do you think?”

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