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Chapter 62 Courtyard Tragedy

Only one figure emerged from the fog. He was lightly armoured.


“All the sentinels, retreat. No matter what happens, do not make a move unless I order to do so!”


I ordered the dragonoids remaining in the castle from the watchtower.

I made them open the castle gate.

A castle gate won’t defend us from the enemy who cut down the Tiberet division leader. It will just get destroyed.

However, I do not quite like the idea of letting him just enter like that.



The person thought to be the hero, crossed through Glenstadt castle gate without any fear.

As he came closer, gradually his strength became clear. He doesn’t even seem to be a magician but his magical power seems to be on a completely different level. And, just like the Demon Lord, it gushes out from the inside.

There is no mistaking it. He’s the real hero.



The power the hero was releasing cleared the surrounding mist. The mist was clearing away only from around him. An overwhelming presence.




The guards who gathered around me wore an anxious expression. They weren’t the elite guards, just the normal ones.

But being experienced soldiers, they clearly understood the hero’s overpowering presence.

I strictly order them,


“It is definitely the real hero. Even if we launched an attack on him altogether, we will probably get defeated. Do not make a move.”


“Ye-yes, sir!”



The hero who had now come inside the courtyard, headed inside the castle without any hesitation.

He was weari


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