Reincarnated Into Werewolf 64

Dark Theme

Chapter 64: Blood-Stained Fangs


Injured or not, Heroes remained heroes.


The Hero roared as he approached, his knife ready to swing downwards. There was barely a sliver of the Hero’s magic left. I narrowly avoided the swing, its movement already dulled by his pain. I brush off his hand and push him down to the black floor.

Seeing that we’d come this far, it was fair to assume that we were evenly matched. Both the Hero and I were risking our very lives in this battle. It was now merely a question of who would strike first; whether I would dig my fangs into his windpipe, or whether he would use that knife to stab me in the neck before I had the chance to do so.

The well of physical strength the Hero held was just barely greater than my own, but he did nothing to hold me down. Was he being vigilant, wary of the surrounding personal guards? The Hero had


Chapter 64