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Chapter 90.  To mitigate, and more (2)


The entity formed from the stream of white light.   Ian Page, the tower lord of the Greenriver Empire’s Ivory Tower, felt objectionable.  The speech that was made by Hector Coldwood, the crowned prince of Coldwood, was the issue.

“Plunder, rape and kill.”

He thought of his family when he heard those words.  The faces of those that he was acquainted with by chance or fate also flashed by.  Although the number was small, wasn’t every one of them the target of the speech?

“Such a trash talk.”

Ian said, clicking his tongue.

He had acted like that in his past life.

It was the same this time around as well.

It definitely wasn’t pleasing to him.

That crowned prince of the Coldwood Empire.

That b**tard , Hector Coldwood.


Hector recognized Ian.  They have met twice at the negotiation table while developing the three nations’ non-aggression pact on the Great East Prairie.

“How did you…..?”


They could not react in any other way, but be shocked.  Hector Coldwood, the crowned prince, was in shock for certain, but also the troops, knights and even the sorcerers that have gathered there to form the military base.

‘There’s no doubt…..’

Ian Page, the b**tard sorcerer, had surely disappeared.  A half year ago, citing end of training, he went missing for 3 months, after which there was not even a trace of him for the subsequent 3 months, for a total of 6 months period.

‘Perhaps, he had died of an accident during the training.’

Perhaps, the accident had taken place a long time ago, and simply took it as taking holidays in order to hide that fact.  There were many, different guesses, but it was certain in the end that Ian Page has been erased from the world.

‘He did not disappear?’

Hector Coldwood ground his teeth.

He was troubled.  Feeling of dismay overtook him.

It was an opportunity none like any other.

Indeed, it was clearly thought to be the best opportunity.

With more caution, speed and accuracy

That’s how this war has been prepared.

‘This ladder of opportunity has gone bad.’

The ladder has been weaved with decayed ropes.

Has such a bad opportunity been what was grabbed?

Hector’s eyes shook wildly.


However, even that shaking was short lived.

Soon, Hector recovered from the shock.

It appeared as if there was still an opportunity.

An opportunity of a great ladder of possibility.

‘It wasn’t known as to how he appeared, but the b**tard was all alone after all.’

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It must have been a trickery created by magic.

In other words, there was no reason to fear.

‘Will kill.  Even at a great price.’

He knows that the b**tard was, in fact, a 6th class sorcerer.

However, this is in the midst of the midst of the enemy’s camp.

There are 5th class sorcerers, including the lord of Ma Tower.

And the troops that can wield mana.

‘Even a 6th class sorcerer wouldn’t be able to overcome them all…..’

“He would think that, perhaps.”

There came a voice that impeded Hector’s thoughts.

In a low voice, Ian Page chanted.

“It’s not an incorrect assumption.”

Ian readily agreed.

The tower lord of the Ma Tower, the troops and the knights.

It would be a difficult challenge to survive from them all.

Even for Ian Page.

However, does Hector Coldwood know it?


Ian Page, the tower lord of the Ivory Tower of the adversary empire, who was standing in front of him, has already surpassed the 6th class level.  As far as the classes go, the differences between the levels become extremely clearer as the levels rise, and the fact that based on Ian’s experience and application abilities, those differences between the levels grow even further.

“Only that the intel was slow.”

Ian murmured lightly.

He began a spell.

Now, the mana has turned close to navy blue.

The sticky mana was being released into all directions.

“Arc Paralyze.”

It was definitely not an ordinary paralyze.

It was the ‘mob control magic’ that was applied with the quintessential skills of which only Ian could.

The influential power of that spell has permeated throughout the area.

The vast area of the military camp has been encompassed by it in no time.

“What, what is this?”

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The troops were blinking their eyes.

It appeared as if sorcery has been released.

But there wasn’t any change.


Actually, that was only a delusion.

A change has already taken place.

Only that it was silent.

“My, my body…..!”