REM 93

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“Haha!  Is that so?  To me, Auburn Parker?”


With thrills, Auburn Parker smiled.  No matter how high one’s place was in the Order, the other party was still a prince.  Such individual has lowered himself first by apologizing to an aristocrat.  Unspeakable satisfaction and achievement have stoked Auburn’s ego.


“Hahaha!  I see.  Considering the 5th prince’s urgent situation, I will ask the leader in person.  Stay here and wait.”


“Thank you.  Sir Auburn.”


Auburn Park was thrilled.


He entered the library inside the mansion.


He didn’t forget to bring along a body guard.


Even in such a situation, he was a man of details.


“Is it in the library?”


That is the way to get in touch with Evantus.


Now, what would be the best thing to do?


‘Let me just wait a little longer.’


After subduing the body guards that were around, it was possible to follow behind him.  But, this does not seem to be the right time.  He felt the need to observe how the situation would unfold.


‘Is it a communication conduit?  Or a portal?’


Ian attempted to speculate their communication modes.


There were two methods that came into his mind right away.


The book or portal that the previous tower lord, Herbert, has used.



And the high powered communication conduit that Ian also has.


Or even a higher powered communications conduit.



‘Maybe, not a portal.’


It was so, based on Ian’s knowledge.  By connecting the mana repository tool, it was possible for ordinary people to use communications conduits, but portal artifact was a different story.  That is not a product of Mado engineering.  Rather, it was an artifact that only the sorcerers can initiate.




But then someone, putting everything upside down, has appeared.  It was ‘Faburn Parker’, the son of Auburn Parker and a sorcerer of the Ivory Tower, who was at one time an apprentice of Ian.  He came down from the 2nd floor of the mansion.  Based on his appearance, it seemed as if he has been called on.


“Sir Faburn.”



One body guard approached Faburn.


“Sir Auburn is using the library at this time…..”


“I know, I know.  I was called upon.”


Faburn Parker pushed the guard as if he was being a bother.  At the same time he met the eyes of Ian, who was waiting.  Of course, with the big changes on Ian’s face, Faburn could not recognize him.


“What is that?”


After throwing a word in Ian’s direction, Faburn went into the library.  Six years ago, at the age of 12, he had consistently acted in impudent, arrogant way towards Ian.  It was also the same bastard that went all out brown nosing Ian once he had learned that Ian has become a high level sorcerer.  That bastard?  What the heck is that?


‘Three year old habit lasts till eighty as they say.’


However, it wasn’t the arrogance, but the fact that that bastard has entered the library that was important.  Faburn Parker, the son of Auburn Parker, was definitely a sorcerer.  What does this imply?


‘The artifact can be initiated.’


When Ian’s thoughts reached that point,


The decision on what to do next was made.


There was no longer a reason to observe the situation.


That was the decision reached ultimately.


“Sleep, feather fall.”


With a single, quiet spell, the guards fell down all around.  To dampen the sound, even the spell of feather fall was kindly added.  In order to avoid unnecessary killings and to conserve mana at the same time, he only used lower level magic.



‘Sleep for a while.’


Ian approached the library.


After stopping by the door, he held his ears closer to the door.


He has enhanced his hearing by using mana also.


It was to listen to the sounds inside the library.


“Faburn.  Hurry and open that portal for me.”


“Who is that guy outside?  I’ve never seen him before.”


“He came from the imperial palace.  He was sent by the 5th prince, according to him.”


It was as Ian had suspected.


Their mode of communication was an artifact of portal.


Of course, Faburn could not have made the portal.


Evantus probably gave them the artifact.


“I’ll open it then.  Father.”


“Sure, please do.”






Soon after, a portal was formed inside the library.


It was similar to the one that Herbert, the tower lord, had used.


That is, no one would argue even if it was claimed that the same one was being used.

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The dark blue cylindrical portal was what has appeared.


“Dear descendants of the dragons.”


Auburn Parker’s voice came next.


It was a call meant for something beyond the portal.


“Auburn Parker, your lowly servant, requests your presence.”


(Speak.  What is it?)


“Yes, Ragnard, the 5th prince, which the descendant of the dragon has personally chosen as the emperor of the Greenriver, has requested…..”


The ends of Ian’s lips were raised.


It was the moment that confirms the expression of the lighting speed.


Visiting Auburn Parker was the right answer.


It was the right way to drag out Evantus from hiding.




The closed library door opened roughly.


It almost reached the point of breaking.


It was expected due to the influence of magic.


“Hey, listen!  What have you done now…..!”


Auburn Parker quickly stood, blocking Ian.


How dare you, it is the place of one to one communication with the master.


It was no place for a lowly member of the Order to be present.


“You are not at the level to receive him…..”


“Move away.”


Ian has entered the library.


He pushed Auburn Parker out of the way.


It was same for Faburn Parker as well.


A simple magic was all that was needed.




Ian stared at the portal.


The portal began disappearing at the same time.


But, Ian’s movement was quicker.



In fact, it wasn’t even moving at all.




With the ‘blink’ spell, a short distance spatial transport magic, Ian has entered the portal.  At the other end was Evantus as expected.  His children that only had a few hundred years of life were with him there also.




The space that he has reached after passing the dark blue portal.


The space inside was certainly very different.


It was high land that even the clouds were close by.


Overall, it was in a caved in shape.


The earth was very soft and beautiful.


What expression would best describe it?


‘A nest.’


That’s right.  A bird nest came to mind.


Perhaps, most likely a very, very large bird nests.


Even Ian would know such a life form.


He even met in person, not too long ago.


Although it was limited to a form of the spirit.


It was not a big bird.


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Ah, there were wings though.




Dragon’s nest.


The dragon’s lair.


He has also heard that even the fairies homes have definitely been inherited from the dragon’s lair.  Then wouldn’t these dragonians have sought out similar locations as for their homes?


‘I would know when I ask.’



Ian has put a series of thoughts in order.



He then gave a smile to the three dragonians.


“It has been one hundred days since last visit.”


And he also sent greetings in a quiet voice.


“Sir Evantus, and the dear children.”