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8th Class Mage Chapter 94

  1. The Carrot and the Stick (2)

Evantus and his offspring all tilted their heads to Ian’s greetings.

It was a familiar voice, smell but an unfamiliar face. Who is the world is that? Evantus squinted.

(Can it be…….?)

Ian clapped as he looked at Evantus’ confused reaction. It was the changed looks. Ian undid the faceoff spell and came back to his own self. Not a beautiful man, but handsome enough to anyone. That was Ian Pages’ true face.


Evantus murmured in surprised.

How would he ever forget that face?

Ian Page who was vanished.

You dare to show up in front of me.

“I heard that you’ve been up to quite a mess while I was gone.”

Ian let go of the Landeor’s flower petals and its pale green leaves to the floor. Evantus also noticed that without any difficulties. He even understood it.

(Mess? Is this about the problem with your Emperor? Not a chance! Those words were not from my mouth! It was from your 5th prince, that Ragnar? His dear with to…….!)

Trying to defend himself, Evantus felt something at the same time and distanced himself with Ian. He did not belong to Ian anymore. The order to kill the offspring and himself was also lifted. He was even stronger than him. The spell of kin, he just had to find someone that fits the description and kill, that was all.

‘There is no reason to be preposterous.’

Evantus became calm.

Fairy and Spartoy, they were different.

Even if he could use the power of kin or any other spell. Why would it matter?

‘He was not the one to allow the permission of time.’

Just because he can use the power of the dragon, does not mean he is one.

It was like himself who had the gift of Brass.

That human mage should be the same.

‘Things can turn out better than I expected.’

That bothersome man came at his own will.

Any possible danger should be eliminated now than later.

‘Here, we end everything.’

Dragonian, Evantus’ red eyes light up. At the same time, a monstrous pair of wings spread from right to left. It was to fly.

(Human Mage. Do you know where you are?)

“The place once called the nest of a dragon, is it not?”

(That is correct.)

Evantus lashed out on any part of the nest. But no magic seemed to make a scar on the walls. It looked as if it was absorbing the magic itself.

“That is very well built.”

To Ian’s short comment, Evantus replied.

(It is more than enough to be a tomb of a human.)

It was a clear indication of hostility.

“Nobody will die today.”

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(Are you saying that you will overpower me?)

“I can’t risk seeing blood.”

Ian’s voice was overflowing with confidence.

A 6th class mage he is, is he out of this mind?

Evantus smirked.

(I really don’t understand your confidence. Are you still believing in your spell of kin? That is a mistake. Do you even think that you can come near me?)

He continued speaking.

(Are you thinking of getting help from other kin? Did those idiots come under your spell again? That will do nothing. It will take more than a hundred days for the fairies to fly here. Spartoys will do no good too.)

Evantus was certain. The portal was already closed, and it was too far for the fairies and their queen to fly all the way here. Plus, it was the dragon’s nest. It may be soft but it is made of a magical earth that no tool can penetrate it through. It is impossible to plant the bone of a Spartoy.

(You are alone. Can’t you see that?)

“No, I’m not. I’m not a fool.”

Ian disregarded his comments lightly.

He started to gather the mana.

Thanks to the strong flow, his veins started to pop up.

He formed himself to the most perfect ‘war state’.

After all, this was the battle against the same level mage.

It was the first from this and the life before.

An unbearable rush and excitement passed through.

“I will not use the spell of kin.”


“But I don’t want other sons to intervein. If they were to enter this battle, I will do everything in my power to die with that 3rd party. You do know that I am capable of that.”

Evantus was not thinking about it in the first place.

Killing a 6th class human mage? That was more than enough in his power.

The problem was his attitude.

‘Did he become more powerful?’

It was very unlikely. How could he possibly finish the 6th class in that short amount of time? Even if he was a genius, he was just a human. Thinking of the maximum growth and the speed, this was impossible. The limit was clear.

(Is he boasting?)

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying?”


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Soon, he felt a change in his body. An unknown blue aura came from this body. His eyes glowed with blue light. That wasn’t the end. Blue smoke was coming out from his throat as he breathed, and the veins glowed blue as well.

“I’m challenging you.”

This moment. Ian’s red blood did not flow. He had the perfect blue blood that was one with the mana. He had blue blood flowing in his veins.

“By magic.”

The leader of the unification war, Ian Page.

The 7th class magic he created in his past life. No, it was more of a ‘phenomenon’ than a magic.

“Metamorphosis, mana.”