Revolution of the 8th Class Mage EP 107


  1. The Tracks of an Artisan (5)





“What the…….”. Jackson was surprised.

The three servants who caught that traveler became nothing but flesh in a blink. This wind just blew out of no where and bang! something exploded. Jackson and the servants were puzzled.

“It, it, can’t be······!” They exclaimed.

It didn’t take long for them to figure things out, and as they figured what happened fear was the only thing left. That situation itself was something more than just a puzzling situation.

“Ma, ma, ma, magician······?”

The only word that can explain this whole scene is ‘Magic’. Which can only mean that this light brown-haired traveler is a ‘magician’.

“Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!”

Everyone realized what was happening. Jackson the leader also realized that. But what are they to do after realizing that now? They were already in the hands of Ian the great wizard.

“If you don’t want to die.” Ian said. Ian’s voice was loud and clear. His voice was filled with mana.

“Don’t move.”

That was enough. Everyone froze. Jackson, and all 16 servents. They didn’t want to die.

“I’m going to ask some questions now, doesn’t matter who answers. Tell me everything you know for the sake of yourselves. Understand?” Ian asked.

Everyone nodded with fear.

“Cleven, tell me everything about that kid. Where you met him, why he’s helping you and how you knew about his special ability. Anything is good.”

With that everyone burst out with answers. Each one of them started to tell every bit of information. They were desperate to live.

“He, he was just a tramp with no memories.”

“Everyday he was a, a different person.”

“At first, since he’s young and quite pretty, we were planning to sell him to the nobility with those particular taste but······.”

“As he was insane no one would have him······.”

“We just left him alone and he started to make this statue······.”

“He only made dragon shaped ones.”

“It, it was very mystical.”

“Light and sound came out of the statue······.”

“S, so······.”

They all had different answers, but everything seemed true since the story was flowing smoothly.

“In short······.”

To sort out what they said, Jackson and his crew were traffickers selling all kinds of slaves to the nobility. As they were looking for humans to sell, they found Cleven, a boy who had no memory. At first they were planning to sell him to the nobility who would be interested in a pretty boy like him, but his DID was a problem.

‘Then he started to made the dragon statue.’ Ian thought.

And that came out to be something more than anyone could imagine. A magical statue that lights up and makes sounds, this was it. Jackson was sick of living like a dog of the nobility and royalties, and right then an idea that would make them live as the royalties sparked in his mind.

‘And he plotted a plan.’ Ian thought.

From then Jackson and his crew plotted a plan. They started a cult in a small village. That village was Bordon which was suffering from famine and plundering. They introduced themselves as ‘Dragon priests’, showed the dragon statue, and supported the village with food and clothing. It was a good start.

‘From then everything would have gone smooth and fast.’

Just like that they took over the village. Since they also bribed the noble family who was in charge of managing the village, the village was literally their own independent place.


Ian thought with his arms folded. That was the end of their story. They didn’t seem to know where Cleven was from or who he was.

“Please save us······.”

“Please spare our lives! Please······.”

“Just once, this once······.”

They plead.

In a firm voice Ian replied, “That’s not enough.”

That was like a bolt from the blue for Jackson and his crew. How can that not be enough, they told him everything they knew. Not one lied as they wanted to live.

“Something feels like it’s missing.” Ian said.

“There, there’s nothing else to······.” Jackson said.

“Speak. Think of something.” Ian demanded.

“Th, th, th, that, is······.”

Jackson and his crew started to stutter. Everyone stared at Jackson. He was still the leader. They were all hoping for him to do something.

“That······ that is······.” Jackson stuttered.

“Guess that’s it.” Ian said.

“F, F, Fran! Fran!” Jackson exclaimed.


Ian’s face hardened with Jackson’s reply. Fran was a familiar word. The question is though, why would that come out now? It was a word no one would expect to hear in this situation.

“······tell me more.” Ian said.

“That, that boy sometimes spoke in a normal state. I only saw it once, but he said it then! He asked where F, Fran was, and that he didn’t need eternal life. I did ignore him as he seemed crazy······. ”

It’s even a person’s name. Yes, Fran is a common name. It can be seen easily in any country. If there was a problem though, even if it’s a common name.

‘My dead······ father’s name.’ Ian thought.

Was it his dead father’s name. His father’s name was surely ‘Fran Page’. A man who named his son ‘Ian’ only because he thought that a simple name is good, Ian was also a common name.

‘Why does it have to be my father’s name······?’ Ian thought.

Of course, it might just be a coincidence, as it is a common name, but still his heart was beating. Was it because his dad’s name came up all of a sudden? He couldn’t calm down.

‘Father was······.’

Ian knew only a few things about his father. Only that his name was Fran Page, and that he always emphasized the name ‘Page’ though he wasn’t nobility, and that he met his mom and ended his adventurer life, and······ that he was very ugly, so much so that people called him an ‘orc’.


As Ian was quiet, Jackson and his crew tried to read his face. Was he going to spare their lives now? They were filled with hope.

“Anything else?” Ian asked.

“There, there’s nothing now. That was everything we could think of! For real! Please trust us!”

Jackson bowed down and pleaded. So did the crew. They did their best so they could live. But,

“I will trust you.” Ian said.

“Th, thank you! Really thank······.”

“but I never said I’ll spare your lives.” Ian said.


Jackson and his crew were confused. Soon they understood what Ian meant. He had no intention of sparing their lives.

“You, you son of a b****······!” Jackson screamed.

“That would be you.” Ian replied.

And that was it. Everything was all cleaned up. Jackson and his 16 servants. Their long and dirty life were gone. Not one single drop of blood, nor a piece of flesh.


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