Was left.





Ian started out of the forest with a lightened face, though his mind was more complicated. Why was it his father’s name? Even though he concluded that it was a coincidence he couldn’t get this weird feeling out of his mind.

‘Cleven, turning him back to normal is the first thing to do.’

He had to hear it for himself. That would be the only way to get rid of this confusion.


Ian came out of the forest. A strange sight was in front of his eyes.

‘The villagers······?’

At the border of the village and the forest where the chapel is, the villagers all came out. They were holding things that could be used as a weapon. Like small ironware, daggers, sticks and bats etc.

“Wha, what did you do to the chief and executives?”

The eldest came out to the front and asked. Their voice trembled, but it seemed like they screamed out with all their bravery.


Ian know realized what was happening. Why the Bordon villagers came out with weapons. First off they might have heard the sound of Jackson and his crew. Even though Ian cleared them up in just one movement, it was impossible to block all the screaming coming out.

‘And they’re in the cult. It’s likely that they’re assimilated.’ Ian thought.

These people were all deceived by Jackson and his crew for a long time. They won’t even notice what happened to them. For them Jackson was their saver and protector.

“Those guys were traffickers who deceived you all with a statue that was under a charm. They were very cunning.” Ian said.

“No, nonsense······!”

Ian tried to explain, but it didn’t seem to work. That was the power of a cult. The villagers blind faith was stronger than steel. It was impossible to break this wrong belief, especially from people who were desperate.

‘Very frusturating.’ Ian thought.

Ian didn’t act for the people of Bordon. Somehow he was here and he just cleaned the dirty place. That was all.

‘What should I do?’ Ian thought.

How should he act now? Should he ignore them and go on his path? Ian was thinking hard. Then all of a sudden he thought of a solution.

‘Yeah, there’s no fundamental solution anyways.’

These people are already in the cult. It was impossible to find a solution for that, and Ian had no duty to fix these people. Instead······.

‘I can lead them to a better direction.’

As Ian made up his mind a ray of light came out. It was the effect of a teleportation spell. The destination of this odd spell was Evantus’s nest, the ‘Dragon Layer’.


Ian found Evantus in a hurry, but not only was he not there but his son wasn’t there either. Instead Evantus’s daughter was lying on the hammock in the corner. She looked relaxed.


She found Ian who came out of no where. Surprised, she came out of the hammock. She also dropped the book she was reading with pleasure. The title was ‘Green River’s Wizard’, the author was ‘Luca Luca’. If Ian saw this book he would have thought of someone, but unfortunately it was too far to see.

(You, you are?)

“Where is Evantus?”

(He went in search of the Gargoyles with my brother······.)

“Ah, of course.”

Ian nodded as though he remembered.

“When Evantus was in charge of the Order of the dragon. Have you ever helped him with the work or gone in the front?” Ian asked.

(Some, sometimes I’ve managed the senior members.)

“Sounds good. What is your name?”

(Why are you asking my name······?)

“Because I need it.” Ian answered.

Evantus’s daughter bit her lips. What an arrogant human. But she couldn’t ignore him. He was a wizard who won over her father Evantus, and also made her and her brother live longer. How could she dare be bad to him?


She replied in a small voice. It was a name that was much easier to pronounce than Evantus. At least for Ian in was easier.

“Hernelia. Great. It’s very urgent and I need your help right now, is it okay?”

(Wha, what are you talking about······?)

Ian reached out a hand instead of answering. It was to grab Hernelia’s shoulder.

“You’ll know when you get there.”

Why would he ask if it’s okay in the first place? Anyways a pure white ray of light swallowed Hernelia and Ian. The destination was Bordon Village.


The villagers were surprised at Ian’s re-appearance. He suddenly disappeared and now he’s back. He even brought someone. Is it his companion? But that companion looked a bit strange. It looked like a person, but it was certainly not a person. Red wings, red tail, two horns on the head, eyes that resembled reptiles, and it was very beautiful unlike all the features it had. How can that be a person? No matter how they looked, it looked like······.

“D, Dragon······?”

One of the villagers muttered shocked. It was a little different from what was commonly known but the few features were enough to resemble a dragon.

‘Good. Just as I thought.’

The villager’s reaction was just as Ian has thought. With one last action it will settle this complicated situation.

“Her name is Hernelia.”

Ian started a speech, which was not in the plan.

“She is the descendant of the dragon that responds to you all. She couldn’t bear to see you getting deceived by those false believers so Hernelia came down herself.”

(No, nonsence······!)

“Now do you understand? The only thing I did was to condemn the tricksters. From now on the descendant of the dragon, Hernelia will lead you all herself, so please forget the wrong belief and awaken your new faith.”

Hernelia was puzzled. What nonsense was he saying in front of all these weird people? If there was a problem it would be these people in front of her. The way they looked at her was suddenly changing.

“Wo, wow······!”

“The descendant of the dragon!”

“Finally you have come down!”

“For our salvation!”

“Please save us!”

Hernelia began to panic at the fanatic reaction. She wanted to ask them who they thought she was to say that.

“With your experience, please look after them for a while.”

(What? Why, why should I······?)

“You don’t have anything to do anyways”

(No I don’t!)

“You were just reading books lying around the bed.”

(Th, that······)

Hernelia’s face got red. Even her hair, wings, tail, and eyes were red so now everywhere seemed to be red.

“I’ll be back when the time comes.”

(W, wait!)

“Even though they’re like that they truly believe in dragons, your great-grandparents. As the descendants you should take responsibility. I think they deserve it.”

(That doesn’t make sense······)

“I’m counting on you. Not just in Hernelia, but in Evantus’s education and the noble blood of the red dragon. Okay then”

Hernelia wanted to talk with Ian, but she had no way as Ian disappeared with a ray of light. She didn’t even know how to use a teleportation spell.

(Wh, what the······)

She mumbled as though she couldn’t believe what was happening. A bolt out of the blue wouldn’t be so bad as this.




How would they know how Hernelia was feeling.


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