‘Yet, this can now be categorized at at least high or above the high level.’

It was because Ian, himself, was wearing it, the feeling was weak.  If a sorcerer that was a 3rd class or below wore the transformed Morgrian ring…?

‘The class level itself will change.’

At least, as far as the total amount of mana and the recuperative power go, one will experience the effects of rising one class level, which would certainly be a very powerful thing.


Ian had briefly enjoyed the effects of the ring. He quickly took out the necklace that he was wearing from inside of his clothes.  At this moment, Ian did not have the staff of the great prairie or the robe of Mitchell Greenriver.  He had hurriedly took out the necklace as all he had were the Morgrian Ring and the Queen’s amulet

“How about this?”

“Uh?  It’s a necklace?”

Ian took off the necklace and handed it to Cleven.

“In case this is also shabby in some ways…..”

Ian’s voice became rather cautious. Yet, he was full of anticipation. He had the butterflies, which was very unlike him.

“Oh, this is good?”

“Is good?”

“Yes.  At this quality, it is close to being perfect.”

“….. Is that so?”

“Who has made this?”

“Well, I’m not sure.”

Ian hid his disappointment. At the same time, he had some questions. The Queen’s necklace is perfect?

‘Can this be described as being perfect?’

Of course, it was certainly a well crafted necklace artifact. The power was acceptable and the appearance was also very clean. Only that he had questions as to whether this can be described as being ‘perfect’.  Why is that, since its power was much weaker than the Morgrian ring that has just been recreated by Cleven’s hands?

‘I suppose the standards could be different.’

One can only see as much as one knows.  Ian let it pass and took out the spatial pouch.  He wanted to take out the silk, considered to be an artifact material, which was sent to him as a present by Hector Coldwood.

“How about this silk…..”

Ian took out the blue silk and showed it to Cleven. Could something be crafted by using this silk?  If possible, there would not be any need to search for craft masters that were written about in the diary.


But he sensed something strange. Cleven’s countenance and expression have changed. It was a very familiar face to Ian. He remembered that expression and the glimmer in the eyes. So, clearly…..

‘When we first met…..’

When Ian’s thought had reached that point.

“Assassin!  You’ve come again!”

“Darn it.”

Ian shook his head widely. He appeared to have returned to being a crazy little kid. This must be why even the Jackson Gang was not able to dispose of him.

“You bastard assassin!  I’ll definitely tear you into pieces this time!”

“Who woo…. Sleep for now.”


“Come back as that other bastard when you wake up.”

The sleep spell put Cleven to sleep. If he was a sorcerer, he would have definitely resisted. It is only normal if he at least showed an effort of resisting.

“Zzzz…. ZZ…..”

It was the same result this time too. Instead of showing any sign of resistance, he fell asleep right away. He seemed more mysterious the more Ian saw him.

“Then now…..”

He placed the silk back into the spatial pouch first.  Just in case, he also put the loose crafting tools, several materials and all the crafted products from the warehouse as well.

‘Are there more things to pack?’

Ian surveyed every corner of the warehouse. Then a random stone came into his view. It was a stone that was just lying around in a corner.


There were words inscribed on the surface of the stone.  It was Roe Principality’s letters, which was inscribed in the same way as would have been done with a chisel.  Although there were several ancient writings, it didn’t pose any issues for Ian, who had studied the language.

‘To someone who reads this message…..’

[To someone who reads this message, I pray that you would take me to the ‘Knocking Island’ beyond the west of the sea.  I now wish to rest forever.  However, I can’t.  I am not sure if you, who have read the message, have realized it. Therefore, I must go to the Knocking Island.  By now, it is possible that my comrades may have left records.  If you are to honor my request, I shall repay you as soon as I recover my memory.  You would not be disappointed.  I assure you that it will be thousands of times, no tens and thousands of times greater benefits than simply selling my body or using it.]




Spartoi, the dragon soldier, who came to the land of plenty after a strange dream, was still there.  He was with the countless bodies that were reborn through the dragons’ bones that were buried under the land of plenty.  That number has increased so much from the starting time that they filled the surface of the land of plenty.


Spartoi, who had the biggest mass among all the bodies with surging bright glimmers through the eye socket bones, stood at the cliff’s edge of the land of plenty.  He blankly looked upon the sky without saying a word.


But the glimmer in Spartoi’s eyes, looking up in the sky, was not the same as before.  Spartoi’s eye color was ‘blue’ before.  However, his eyes spewed out glimmer of a ‘golden color’.  From the empty bones of his eyes, came the ‘golden colored light’, that is.

(According….to your will…..)

As soon as the slow voice of Spartoi, the dragon soldier’s voice, finished, tens and thousands of dragon soldiers began to spew out glimmering light, from their empty boned eyes, into the sky.  It was the same golden glimmering eyes as that of the body.


Was that all?  They all looked upon the empty sky and even disgorged hoarse sounds.  It certainly sounded like the screams of a dragon army.  It was so loud that the entire land of plenty began to shake.


Then suddenly something awesome has happened. Strong vibration struck the land of plenty. Is it going to be shattered? No, that did not happen. Rather, it moved.

Krrrr! Krrr! Krrrrrrr……

The land of plenty that was being suspended in the sky has begun to move. The speed of the movement was not quick.  However, the set destination area seemed to have been determined. The direction into which the land of plenty has begun moving.  The great city of humans located at the end of the location. It was none other than the capitol of the Greenriver Empire.  It was the ‘Greenriverdium’, Ian’s house.


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