Chapter 110.  To the Knocking Island (2)


Certainly, it was said to be a ‘Moving Island’. Then there must be propulsion power. The power that makes the large island move. There must be a source that produces that power? The Propulsion powers can be categorized into two forms. First, the island itself could contain the power of life, that is, the island could be a living life form. Or…

‘It moves by the power of magic.’

It does not matter which case it may be. Ian is a sorcerer who had already leaped beyond the 7th class. He has already transcended the definition of common logic. There is always a way for a sorcerer of that stature. That is, the magic to find the island.

‘As long as the island is somewhere on the sea in the west.’

Of course, as the sea is vast, it cannot be guaranteed though. However, it is possible to at least find it on the ocean in the west of the Roe Principality.  That is, as long as it rests somewhere in the forefront of the open ocean.

“Mr. McFadden, when do you plan to set sail?”

“What?  Ah, we still have some time…..”

“Then, please babysit that child for a while for me.”

“By child, do you mean…..?”

Ian pointed to Cleven, who was sleeping on the horse. He was sleeping, oblivious to any bother in the world. He was just a child when only looking at the face.

“He could go berserk when he wakes up.  So, please give him a kind care.”

“What, What…..?”

Ian levitated into the air after leaving Cleven to the seaman’s care.  He no longer needed the Greenriver’s robe.  That is, he no longer needed the power of the robe in order to fly freely.

“Metamorphosis, mana.”

It was the magic that was used when knocking down the spirit of the dragon.  It was the magic spell that converts the body to become close to mana.  The ‘metamorphosis mana’ has been invoked. Blue mana surged out of the body and the vitality of mana was released with each breath.  Both of his eyes also sparkled with blue light.


After controlling his breathing, he flew out to the west side of the ocean. It was so fast that the pier no longer became visible in a blink of an eye. Ian arrived at, what can only be described as, the desolate open ocean. Immediately, he began preparing for the second high level magic.

“Seer Detection.”

Seer Detection. Seer’s search. It is the utmost high level magic of the detection spells. That gray light of mana dispersed out into every direction. It appeared as if it would engulf every area of the ocean in the west.


At the same time, incredible amount of information came banging into his head.  Due to the vast coverage area by the spell, the vitality of mana and the life forms that were being sensed were incredible.


Ian closed his eyes, squeezing tightly. It wasn’t because of just a simple headache. Including the information that wascjust received, as well as information that is being transmitted in real time, every piece of the information needs to be processed.


How long has it been? Ian opened his eyes wide open. His blue eyes were filled with certainty.

“Found it.”

Ian recited quietly. He hurriedly returned to the pier, so that he could find the island with Cleven.

“I’m sorry for the inconveniences.”

“Ah, you’ve returned!”

Having landed back on the pier, Ian took out something out of the spatial pouch.  Then he tossed it gently to McFadden.  As it was tossed slowly, he caught it reflexively.  Soon, he couldn’t hide his amazement.

“Gold coin…..?”

What was tossed was none other than several gold coins and as they were made out of gold, it was a currency that can be utilized anywhere in the continent.  It may just be small pieces of gold that was doing nothing for Ian, but to ordinary people, that certainly wasn’t the case.

“It is a payment for the information.”


“And with respect to the hideous monster.”

“Hideous, hideous monster?”

“He is not such a bad dude as you may think.”

“What, what are you talking about…..”

“I have met him before.”

“You’ve met…..”

McFadden’s eyes began to move with much concern.  What is that bastard sorcerer talking about?  By hideous monster, he must be referring to the tower lord of the Ivory Tower in Greenriver…..

“Well, thank you. I hope that you have a safe sailing trip.”

Ian flew into the air with Cleven on his back.  The distance from the pier to the island, which ‘uses mana as its propulsion power’, was considerable.  However, as it was detected through magic, it wasn’t a distance that couldn’t be covered either.

‘What is the secret that this bastard is hiding.’

The capabilities of Cleven as a master craftsman. And the identity of the ‘Fran’ that he is looking for. Everything will soon be unearthed.


After having flown a repetitious number of times, Ian finally reached the proximity of his destination.  However, what he saw was not what he had expected.  If there was anything that came immediately into his eyes, it was

‘Floating in the air?’

To define it correctly, it wasn’t an island.  It was a land that was levitating over the surface of the ocean, but was seen as an island as the height off the surface of the ocean wasn’t significant.  Additionally, over the ground, there was a wide open flat surface.

‘This is…..’

The land, which was levitating in the air and even the wide open plain without variations in the terrain, was similar to the ‘land of plenty’ from the illusionary witchcraft.

‘But this is a different place.’

The most visible difference was the vestige. The vestige of many people having had lived here. For example, many houses that are destroyed, as if ruined. And cultivated lands as if were used for certain purposes. It as was if the entire island had been a single village. No, it seemed it had been a village.

‘At least, a long time ago.’

Based on the conditions, it seemed like a long time has passed.  Perhaps, at least one hundred years may have passed?  With cautious approach, Ian headed to the center of the island.  He wanted to look for a good spot to set Cleven down in order to wake him up.

‘This spot would be good.’

Ian stopped walking. The spot was surrounded by the ruined house sites. He set Cleven down in the middle of the area. It was for the purpose of lifting the sleep spell.

“Who…. Who is it?”


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