Chapter 111.  The Robe of Ian Page (1)




The man’s story did not end there. More shocking stories kept flowing out of his mouth.

“According to the rumors, he was also called the first sorcerer.”


The entity that he had met inside the illusionary witchcraft. The entity that warned him not to trust the dragons. He was the very first sorcerer. What more words can be added?

‘My father…..’

Ian became extremely confused. Fran Page was his father. He has never thought about it. There was no reason to do so.

‘The first sorcerer?’

How can that be possible?  It was said that the first sorcerer was the teacher of the dragons.  By that, it meant that he was a human that had lived at least many thousands of years ago.  How could someone like that meet Ian’s mother and lead to his birth?  Has he lived for many thousands of years?

‘…..That is not completely impossible either.’

There was someone like that before his eyes. A master craftsman who has lived for incredible amount of time. The man whose wish is to die now.

“Are you all right?  Your countenance…..”

That same man spoke to Ian. He must have seen Ian’s expression. As his countenance changed drastically, his reaction was a logical one.

“…..I am alright.  Please continue with the story.”

Ian calmed himself down. There were still so many stories left to be heard.

“Prior to that, I’d like a definitive answer from you.”

The man was also not freely sharing the information either.  From his perspective, Ian’s identity was also important. If he was indeed a true descendant of Fran Page, the man also had a desperate request to make even if it meant grabbing on to the tail end of Ian’s pants.

“Are you truly Fran’s descendant?”

“I’m Ian Page.”

“Page?  That only meant…..”

“It is as you have thought.”

Ian drew a line at that point. He did not see a reason to reveal that he was a son. At least that was what he thought at this time.

“A descendant has searched for us……”

The man nodded with an expression that was hard to read. He spoke with sparkles in his eyes.

“Is the descendant also able to wield the power of the language?”

“I am able to, but it is still insufficient.”

“Then by any chance, are you able to lift the gift of everlasting life that wasn’t a blessing, which Fran once endowed upon us, the master craftsmen?  If you would, I’ll give everything in order to repay you.”

The man’s voice and tone were filled with desperation. However, Ian did not know how to.

“It is an impossible task for me at this time.”

“…..Is it?  No, I understand.”

The desperation quickly turned to disappointment. Soon, a sense of relinquishment set in. Even the dryness in his expression and breathing returned.

“At one time, we were the best craftsmen around, and Fran had borrowed our skills and in return, gave us the blessing of everlasting life.  It was a true blessing at that time.  We were just so excited at the thought of studying and leaving endlessly numbers of master pieces.”

“What do you exactly mean by having borrowed your skills?”

“Dragon, Fran had always longed for the dragons.”


Fran Page, the father of Ian, had longed for the dragons that were like his first students? The man continued to speak as Ian had difficulty understanding what was being said.

“He longed for the perfect nature of the dragon’s body.  In a human’s body, there are limitations no matter how powerful a force can be wielded, but in the dragon’s body, even the impossible could be made possible.  He often spoke of such things.”

“Dragon’s body…..”

Even Ian had experienced the dragon’s body.  Wasn’t the spirit of Reseese Rajendu, the dragon lord of the Depository of Time, a body that had demonstrated incredible power even though it did not possess any powers and had no ability to wield its true nature?

“He wanted to overcome the limitations of being a human being and had borrowed our skills for that purpose.  The creations that can enhance his powers, I believe they are called artifacts, nowadays.”

The story was that he chose artifacts in order to overcome the limitations of being a human.  It appeared to be a similar reason as that of Ian’s.  Even though there were some differences, the overall theme was the same.

‘It was also for me that I wanted to protect myself from the dragons.’

That was the same reason that Ian wanted the master craftsman.  In order to not become a pushover to the dragons, he needed to become stronger than the 8th class that he was in his former life. Therefore, as one of the methods, he wanted a customized artifact that was more powerful than any other known artifacts in the world.

‘This is really….. Strange.’

Ian could not help, but feel strange as like the first sorcerer, who could possibly be his father, Ian was making a similar choice.

“Then from some point in time, Fran departed from us.  I mean, he completely hid himself from this world.  And after Fran had disappeared, the dragons had also disappeared.  I am not sure what happened between the two super beings, but it probably was not a coincidence.”

The man was also saying a similar story to that of the spirit of Reseese Rajendu that lives with the memories from many thousands of years ago.

“By the fact that you’ve come to look for me based on that diary and that you’ve located this place with Cleven’s request, there must be something that you want from us.  Like Fran, am I right?”

“I’ll not deny it.”

Hiding it was not proper, he thought. Ian responded honestly.

“I need assistance from the master craftsmen.”

“May I ask for the reason for needing the help?”

“…..It is similar to that of my ancestor.”

“Dragon, possibly?”

Ian nodded his head in lieu of a reply. At the same time, the man’s eyes narrowed.

“Has the dragons reappeared?”

“I think so.”


The man asked as if to confirm.

“What about Fran…..?”

“I’ve met him too.”

“Oh, is that true?”

“There seemed to be some limitation in his movements, but he did certainly appear before me.  He had even told me not to trust the dragons.”

Ian truthfully told all the details of his encounter with Fran Page, the first sorcerer.  He kept his personal relationship at bay, but he did not hide anything about him.

‘I need to first achieve my objective.’

Ian came to this place to obtain an artifact.  In order to achieve that, he understood that the master craftsmen also needed some encouragement.

‘I have to get them to help me no matter what.’

They cannot meet Fran Page, whom they have awaited for many multiple life times, and that the only one that can help the craftsmen is Ian Page.  He wanted to implant such hope and faith in them.

“Do not trust the dragons, do not trust the dragons…..”

The man regurgitated those words. There does not appear to be even a minute distrust.

“…..So, you’ve come to seek me and my kind in order to prepare yourself for a chance encounter with the dragons?  To borrow our skills as it had been done by Fran a long time ago?”




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