Chapter 112.  The Robe of Ian Page (2)



‘A dream that any sorcerer would want to dream?’

Ian looked at the new robe, named ‘Ian Page Robe’, with a blank expression.  He became curious as to what the power of the robe artifact that was born bearing his own name would be.

‘A dream…..’

With a single estimation, Ian put on the robe. At first, it felt just like Mitchell Greenriver’s robe. The robe automatically resized to fit Ian. The fit was also more comfortable than any other clothes.


But the important aspect was something else. A dream that every sorcerer would want to dream. That expression has begun to take shape in his senses.


The power of the assembled mana has penetrated through Ian’s body.  Its destination was definitely the ‘mana heart’. What sort of power will be exhibited?  Enhancement of mana recovery power?  Increase from the limitations?  No, the power of the robe wasn’t that simple.  It has sufficiently achieved way beyond that.

“Unlimited mana.”

Bertholdo has pointed out the transformation of Ian, which was taking place, on behalf of Ian. Ian’s mana heart has forgone its limitations since wearing the robe.  That is, an unlimited amount of mana has been inlaid inside the heart.

“That is the master creation of my life’s work.”

Even with the definitive explanation from Bertholdo, Ian wasn’t able to say any words with ease.  He was only regurgitating the mana and the mana heart’s transformation little by little.  The feeling was certainly different than any point in the past. It was similar to the original mana, mana heart’s water and water bottle, but he felt how much water was in the bottle in real time.  That is, he felt the sense of it slopping.  However, not now.

‘That feeling of slopping did not exist.’

The empty space that was related to the slopping was no more.  It felt as if it was completely filled to the top of the bottle that has been capped.  The magical water bottle that cannot lose its content, no matter how much of it was being poured out.  That unrealistic water bottle has been imprinted within Ian’s heart.

“This….. This is unrealistic.”

“Did I not say so?”

Even Ian, who had experienced all kinds of things when it came to sorcery, was left speechless.  The unlimited mana. Bertholdo responded with laughter to Ian’s reaction.

“If it was Fran, he would have reacted in a more dramatic fashion.  It seems that you are more mature.  In fact, the facial appearances do differ considerably.”

Of course, Ian did not hear. He was still completely mesmerized by the robe and transformations.

‘At this level, he has already surpassed the level in his former life.’

Ian was sure of his current level.  Of course, it does not mean that he has recovered the 8th class level just by wearing the robe.  The quality of mana was still in the 7th class category.

‘He would have never known that this type of artifacts existed.’

Yet, the 7th class sorcerer, with such nearly unlimited mana, would be placed on a different plain of his own.  What if he was to reach the 8th class level in this current condition?

‘It would be a sight to behold.’

As a matter of fact, it is not finished yet. He has only equipped himself with a single artifact. There are still seven remaining artifacts.

‘They must all embody such power like this robe.’

His heart pumped just by thinking about it.  Ian did not put too much emphasis on the artifacts in the beginning. As it was in his former life, he used to consider them as useful tools that can be utilized in passing. As one reaches the levels of higher classes, the effects of artifacts also become negligible.  That’s why he set out to find the master craftsman.  It was out of the anticipation that there may be more powerful artifacts than the current ones.  In other words, it was out of the thought of, perhaps, finding something even in the form of a twig. That’s how it was.

‘But with such an artifact, the entire situation would change.’

The result was that the harnessed power of the artifact was not of a simple twig.  At this level, it was like having discovered a powerful rope.  Furthermore, there exist seven more of such ropes?

“You must be very fond of your child.”

It was when Ian entered into a deep thought. Bertholdo subtly started a conversation. It was as if he wanted to hear what Ian was thinking.

“May I tell you something in truth?”

“Have you been speaking falsehoods up to now?”

“No, that’s not it, but.”

“I’m just being facetious.  Please do tell me.”

“I’ve never encountered this type of artifact.”

Those were Ian’s first words. And the praising continued.

“I can tell you that I’ve encountered so many artifacts, but they were nothing more than garbage. As you said, it is a masterful one.”


Bertholdo broke out into laughter after hearing the praises.  Although he has stopped shortly, feeling awkward, the laughter was filled with delight.

“Hm!  I can’t even guess as to how long it has been since I laughed like this.  The kudos that I wanted to receive from Fran, I’m hearing it from his descendant instead.”

It was certainly a satisfaction that came once in several hundred years. The feeling was very special for Bertholdo.

“By any chance, do the effects of the remaining artifacts match that of this one?”

“Maybe. That I can’t say for sure as each one had worked on their pieces in complete secret, but the levels would be comparable.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Still, none of them would come close to my child, so don’t set your expectations too high.”

Bertholdo said in a proud tone of voice. It was an expression that displayed the master craftsman’s pride.

“I also thought the same.”


Maybe it was because they were praises and flattery that he was hearing for the first time in many hundreds of years? The tone of Bertholdo’s voice, which was very dry at the time of their initial encounter, has come back to full life. As it was the long time period that has caused his attitude, it only meant that he was a human.

“However that child…. Does it include Cleven?”


“As one of the master craftsmen.”


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