(Return of the 8th Class Mage)   Chapter 113.  Assembling the Master Craftsmen (1)





The gigantic dragon statue, also known as the ‘Dradragon Number 3’, rose up into the air.  And that wasn’t just a figure of speech or an imagination.  By flapping its two wings, it truly rose up above the Knocking Island and was flying freely. As if it was a life form, a living dragon that is.

“Ah, it’s not over yet!  Please watch!  Watch!”

After saying that, Cleven approached the first dragon statue.  It was the statue, in which Bertholdo’s robe was stored, and he began to hammer in the stake into the underneath of the statue’s tail.  It was rather easy to guess the name of it based on the order of the lineup.

“The big brother of the Dradragon brothers!  Dradragon Number 1!”

The first statue has also moved just like the third sculpture.  And the movement was very natural.  As a similar entity, there exists golem, but it would be impossible to even imitate the size and the movements.

“What do you think?  Isn’t that great?”

Cleven spoke with an aura of confidence. He even raised his narrow shoulders. He appeared to be very proud.

“Very impressive.”


Ian nodded, indicating that he was more than approving. However, his mind was thinking about something else.

“Sir Cleven.  May I ask a question?”

“Sure.  Please, do ask anything.  Assassin…. Descendant!”

“Do those statues obey your commands?”

“Of course!  I’m like their parent.”

“Ah, I see.”

“And, it is a Dradragon!”

The most important aspect has been confirmed. Ian spoke, looking at Bertholdo.

“Sir. Bertholdo.”

“I’m listening.”

“I’ll bring the remaining six master craftsmen.”

The whereabouts of the other six master craftsmen was a necessity in order to possess all the artifacts.  That’s because only they could open the storages for him. Bertholdo also agreed.

“It is not a bad decision.  Everyone should be alive.  They could not die even if they wanted to die anyhow.  Only that it won’t be easy to find them…..”

“I beg to differ.”

Ian interrupted Bertholdo. He had a plan.

“I’m not simply going to go out looking for them.”

“Hm?  What do you plan to do then?”

“I’m thinking to make them come to the island.”

“Make them come to the island? On their own?”


He wasn’t going to go out to search for them on foot. He was going to make them return on their own. That was the objective of Ian’s plan.

“Do you have a way?”

“When you’ve heard that the dragons have returned, what did you first ask me?

“Um? Do you mean me?”

Bertholdo was surprised by the unanticipated question. Soon, he found a reply.

“Well….. I asked if Fran has also returned.”

Fran, the master of the eight master craftsmen, had also disappeared from the world with the dragons.  Making a connection with the appearance of the dragons was a very normal response.

“That’s it.”

“That’s it, what are you talking about…..?”

Bertholdo wasn’t able to understand. What exactly was the plan that Ian had?

“Throughout this entire continent.”

Looking up at the Dradragon Number 1 and Number 3 roaming around the sky, Ian murmured.

“The dragons that had disappeared will reappear.”

“Do explain more specifically, so that I may understand.”

“I’m planning to spread such a rumor.”


“With Dradragon, that statue.”

Spread a rumor, using Dradragon. A rumor that the dragon has appeared. What would this imply?


Finally, Bertholdo was able to fully understand Ian’s plan.  It was a very simple one just looking at the method itself. First, send the dragon statue that looks exactly the same as the actual ones out to the world.  Then just have them fly around the skies over several major cities and provinces. This will lead many people to witness the spectacle and in no time, a relevant rumor will spread like a wildfire.  That rumor will reach the master craftsmen’s ears, at least once, no matter where they are hiding.

‘They, too, will react in the same way as Bertholdo has.’

The extinct dragons have returned to the world. Then has Fran also appeared? If anyone is one of the eight master craftsmen, they will certain think that way.

‘In the end, they will return on their own.’

If they can reach that conclusion, they will certainly come back to the Knocking Island.  Variables may exist, but at least, isn’t there a higher guarantee than looking for them on foot?

“Sir. Cleven.”

“Yes!  Descendant!”

“The statues, what are the limits of commands that they can execute?”

“Well, there really isn’t any limit.  As long as the one who is entitled to issue commands is nearby that is.  I am currently the owner of those two….. If you desire, I can make you the owner.”

That was music to his ears. Ian spoke in a satisfactory tone.

“It would be nice to be riding them around.”

“In fact, they were created for that purpose in the first place.”

“That’s outstanding.”


The commander must be nearby. It was somewhat inconvenient, but that was OK. He can certainly manage that. In fact, wouldn’t it be a pleasant worthwhile effort?

‘That is, only if the remaining artifacts can be obtained.’

Having decided, Ian said to Cleven.

“I’m thinking about borrowing one of them for now.”


“How and what do I need to do?”

“There is nothing for you to do, please wait for a moment!”

With a single motion of Cleven’s hand, Dradragon Number 1 and Number 3, which were flying, landed at the same spots. Dragons that serve a child as their master, although they were just statues, it came across as fabulous.  It had all the appearance of a dragon master that may only be seen in plays or fairy tales.

“Number 1!  Lift your tail!”


With sound of metal, Number 1 tilted its head in response to Cleven’s command.

“This one!  This!  Can you lift it up?”

Finally, after being tapped by Cleven, Dradragon Number 1 seemed to have understood.  That strong, heavy long tail was raised up high towards the sky in an instant.  As a result, the stake that was underneath the tail became exposed.



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