“That’s it!  Good Dradragon.”



“There, there, nice one.”

Although it was an uncanny metallic sound, it must have sounded as a cute cry to Cleven’s ears.  Having had the experience of being overwhelmed by magic himself, Ian didn’t think much of it either. In fact, one’s preference is always diverse and free.

“Could you please come over here for a moment?”

Cleven signaled to Ian after gently removing and massaging the stake from Dradragon Number 1.  It was at the same time as he signaled to approach.

“I am going to imprint your name on to this stake.”

“Are you making a seal with the name?  That is amazing.”

“No, I’m just writing it to record it…..”

“…..It’s Ian Page.”

Truly, it feels like child’s play, but in reality, this is to take ownership of the gigantic dragon golem? Quietly, Ian complied with Cleven’s instructions.

“Also, please inject mana here, right here as well.”

“How much should I inject?”

“Uh, just a tiny little bit like a booger.”

“Boog, booger …. OK.”

As requested, Ian really injected just a tiny little bit. Then Cleven said, shaking his head.

“No, please you need to give some more.”


“Giant booger.  Giant booger.”

He wasn’t sure what the heck he was doing. If he thought about it in the wrong way, he even felt a sense of shame.

“OK!  Good.  Well done.”


“It will pretty much understand any words that you may say.”

“Is the language of Greenriver possible as well?”

“Of course!  Dradragon is very smart.”

“I see.”

“Anyway, isn’t that an empire?”

“….. Greenriver Empire, yes that is correct.”

It was Cleven, recalling from the after effects of his messed up memories. It’s not all that strange to remember Greenriver as an empire.

“Do you like pork by any chance?”

“I am not a picky eater.”

“How about lamb meat?”

“Likewise, I don’t run from it.”

“Dradragon Number 1 likes pork and lamb meats.”

“….. Do the statues eat too?”

“Just setting a standard.”


“Ah, he hates fruits.”


“Never give them to him.  OK?”

Unexpectedly, Ian came across a strong personality. It was when the innocent cooperative handoff was about to end.

“There, now, Dradragon Number 1 will obey assassin….. Descendant, Ian Page’s commands.  Please do not be too harsh even if he makes mistakes.  Dradragon Number 1 is a bit soft hearted.”

At last, the dragon statue, namely ‘Dradragon Number 1’ has become a possession of Ian.  Now, all that is left to do is to ride it and travel the continent.

“May I call it by another name?”

“No!  It has to be Dradragon!”


It wasn’t to Ian’s liking, but what can he do? There is nothing else that can be done since the creator says it has to be that. Ian spoke after a sigh.

“Dradragon ….. Number 1?”


Still the metallic sound. It was a sound of cries. Of course, it was not pleasant.

“Can I ride on your back?”

Ian seemed awkward even after saying that. It was such a humble request to a golem. Is it because it looked just like a dragon? It was somewhat difficult to talk to it with ease.


Anyhow, it was an order from a commander. Dradragon Number 1 lowered all the way down to the ground. Even its wings and tail were lowered. Perhaps, saying to Ian to climb up.

‘Well, it is still a golem for sure.’

Dradragon Number 1’s body was extremely hard as expected. It was equivalent to a well sculptured white rock. Finally, he felt it as the golem that it was.

“Shall we fly?”

After Ian whispered, having taken a position at the base of Dradragon’s neck, Dradragon Number 1 flew up into the sky as if it has been waiting. Although it was flapping its wings, it wasn’t the buoyancy of the wings that induced flight. Rather it appeared to be more like from the effects of an ‘enhanced flight spell’ that was similar to the Greenriver’s Robe.  Most likely, it was a magic that the Dradragon Number 1 was invoking on its own.



Did it hear the brief admiration from Ian?  Dradragon began to fly much, much faster.  It was as if it was doing all it can in showing off its abilities to the new master.

“Woo Woo!   Slower!  Slower!”

Ian relaxed Dradragon Number 1 from the accelerated speed. Of course, much faster flight was possible for Ian, but it was nonetheless astounding to be flying on the back of another entity.

“There, from now on, let’s fly at this speed.”


How much time has passed?  Ian landed on to the ground after some time of getting used to the ride.  Then he said, looking at Bertholdo and Cleven.

“Then I’ll take a trip around the continent and be back.”

“How much time do you think it will take?”

“It shouldn’t take long.”

Ian was confident.  He was well aware of major city locations and could also utilize teleportation magic in order to minimize the distance to travel. Of course, it won’t be easy to perform teleportation magic with this gigantic Dradragon Number 1, but with the ‘unlimited mana’, it probably won’t be an impossible task now either.

“And this…..”

Ian took out something from the spatial pouch. It was the ‘magical silk’ that he had received from Coldwood, from the crowned prince.

“Ah, it is rather an exquisite silk.”

In an impressed tone, Bertholdo murmured as he was handed the silk.  Just by seeing and touching it once, he must have recognized the value of the silk at once.

“It was a silk that was gifted to me. It looks like I’ve finally met someone who can make something out of it.”

“Now that we are in it together, do you mean to use me as much as you can, is that it?”

“No, that’s not it.  If it does not please you…..”

“I’m kidding, kidding.”

Bertholdo’s two eyes surveyed the silk. There appears to be some mixed emotions.

“….. Has it not been almost three hundred years?  The robe that I gave to Mitchell Greenriver, the fellow that led you to here, was the last one.”

To be touching the silk as a tailor. And to handle the familiar needle and thread. It has all been three hundred years ago. The feeling must have been something unique for him.

“It’s also blue to be fitting.”

Bertholdo began to examine the magical silk with earnest.  They were the definite eyes of a master craftsman.  Also, there were many designs and ways to process it in his head already.

“I bid you a good trip.  I’ll make a beautiful child for you.”

It was an answer that Ian was satisfied with. He flew into the air with Dradragon Number 1. The message that only the master craftsmen could hear. To spread the ‘assemble command’ over the entire continent.



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