(Return of the 8th Class Mage)  Chapter 114.  Assembling the Master Craftsmen (2)



“Have you heard the rumors?”


“The white dragon?”


“Uh?  Yeah I know?”


“Yup, I sure know.”


“That rumor has been percolating for a while.”



“Everybody is talking about it wherever you go?”


In the past few months.


A new rumor has become the talk of the town.


It was about a rumor of a ‘white dragon’.



“A lot of people claim to have seen it in person.”


“Still, there isn’t anyone saying that around here?”


“According to the merchants, coming into the town…..”


It was in an alehouse in ‘Roharam’, the capitol city of Roe Principality



It was when the topic of the gossip was being exchanged.




From the outside of the alehouse, to be exact, from a distant sky, came a strange metallic noise.  Although it wasn’t certain, it appeared to be a sound of an animal.


“What, what the heck is that?”


“It doesn’t sound like a human…..”


“….. Could it be?”


Both fearful and curious, the gossipers, in the alehouse, just kept looking at each other.  Having gathered all the courage that they could, they walked out of the alehouse.  Could it be the appearance of the ‘white dragon’, the topic of the rumor?


“There, there…..!”




“Is that truly a dragon?”


“What, what the…..”


“It’s not possible…..”


The citizens of the Roharam were already in the street, looking up towards the sky.  Everyone was in astonishment as they were pointing at something in the sky, which resembled the ‘white dragon’, the topic of the rumor.  It was the exact same image of the dragon that people generally understood.




The gigantic white dragon hovered over the skies of the Roe Principality’s capitol city of Roharam.  It moved evenly about as if to demonstrate its existence and awesomeness to the puny little humans.


“This should be enough.”




The base of the neck couldn’t be seen by the people.


From there, a voice of a man was heard.


It was Ian, who was invoking invisible magic.


“This should be sufficient for them to begin talking about this.”


Along with ‘Dradragon Number 1’, Ian traveled widely around the major cities and regions of the continent, which was made up of Roe Principality, Coldwood Empire and Greenriver Empire.


Of course, he did not forget about going to the Great Eastern Plains and other major non territorial cities, which the influence of the empire did not reach.  Meticulously, he flew to any area where there were people to start a rumor.


“Let’s return.  To the Knocking Island.”




Ian and Dradragon Number 1 completed the travel around the continent as planned.  They headed back to the Knocking Island, the place of assembly for the master craftsmen.  Perhaps, a few of the master craftsmen have already arrived after hearing the rumor early.











It took longer than expected for Ian and Dradragon Number 1 to return to the Knocking Island.  On their way back, they decided to spread rumors while waiting for the master craftsmen to return.  It was more of a leisurely return trip that they decided to take.



“Three of them have already come?”


“Yes.  They’ve returned much earlier than anticipated.”


Is it due to the leisurely return trip?


The surprising news was waiting for Ian.


He had only expected to see, maybe one or two of them to return.


However, three of the master craftsmen have already returned.


“The remaining three friends haven’t returned yet, but at this rate, wouldn’t they be returning fairly soon?  Indeed, it was a strategy from the one, fitting worthy of being a Fran’s descendant.”


Bertholdo’s countenance has brightened up upon seeing his friends in a while.  Even his pale face appeared to recover its shade.  Of course, it was only in thought as his paleness has not changed.



“Well, let me introduce them to you first.”


The three master craftsmen, including Bertholdo and Cleven, all had their unique, individual characteristics that set them apart.  From race to gender, appearance and build, nothing was the same.  The only common characteristic was the fact that they all had rare black hair.


“First, this lady’s name is Halia, a master blacksmith.”


“Lady?  What a full of BS.  What is this old man talking about something that was several hundred years ago.  Have you gone mad in pairs with Cleven?”


Bertholdo has introduced a woman in black hair first.  From an outward appearance alone, she was no more than in her early twenties, but she, too, was one of the chosen master craftsmen that have lived multiple life times.  Her tone of speech was not, in any way, ordinary.


“Enough pleasantries.  I heard that you are the man’s descendant?  I’ve heard of you.  Ian Page, the grand sorcerer of Greenriver.  I was wondering whether you were related or not as you shared the same last name.”


She said that she had given up everything and went into the dwarf’s underground city and focused on blacksmith work.  Was it why?  Her tone of speech was very coarse.  Based on the reputation, the dwarfs were known to be hot tempered…..


“Please forgive her as she was a coarse person to begin with.”


Bertholdo whispered to Ian’s ear.


Well, she may have just been born with that style of speech.


“It is my honor to meet you.  I’m Ian Page.”


“Honor, what a BS.  Just kill me quickly, will you.”


“I will try.”


Yet, Ian did not mind it.  Having put on a smile, he even extended his hand out for a handshake.  Although his gesture was rejected, he did not lose his smile.  It was a sign that everything was cool.  She had lived for a very long time, unable to die, so what if her speech was a bit rough?


‘What’s important was the artifact.’


Furthermore, she is one of the master craftsmen, who would gift him with one of the remaining artifacts.  He had every intention to forgive her coarse speech, even if she was to curse him out in his face.  At least until he got what he wanted of course.


“And this here is the master jeweler…..”


“I’m Dennis.”


Dennis, the master jeweler, who had dark circles as if he had makeup on, quickly introduced himself.  Then he went to a private area and simply looked up in the sky.  He was a very quiet reserved man.


“He is a quiet person by nature, hope you can understand…..”


“It’s no bother.  There is no need to apologize.”


Ian let it pass in kindness.


A person could have a reserved personality.


It’s reasonable to be somewhat unfriendly.


‘Yes, that is possible.’


“Thank you.  Ah, and lastly…..”


“Glad to meet you!  I’m Zerbio.   I was a carpenter, but now I try to do everything that can be done with wood.  Build houses, construct ships, tables.  Ah by the way, I developed a log for fire that would last ten times longer than an ordinary log.”


Zerbio, who has introduced himself as a carpenter has greatly impressed Ian.  He had a physique that was much bigger than Oliver and even the seamen of the Pilten Pier.  Without exaggerating, his single fist was as big as Ian’s head.  It made him wonder whether he has a giant’s bloodline.


“In this era, I am planning to go into a new business using this fire log, what is your opinion on this, descendant?  If some support can be provided from the Greenriver side this time, I could definitely…..”

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