Unlike his outward appearance that resembles someone that could battle dragons was unfittingly talking about some business.  I mean, as an original member of the master craftsmen, what sort of fire log business nonsense was he talking about?


‘Perhaps, he was talking about it as an amusement.’


Ian thought that that could be quite possible.


He should enjoy a leisure time that he likes to spend the very long life time.


That would be the only way that he can live without going insane.


If not, he could become another Cleven.


“Hey, are you still talking about that damn business?”


“Damn business?  In our current circumstances, shouldn’t we try to do something that we can really enjoy like hell?  You are the foolish one.  Yeah?  You guys just think about dying, yeah?  You’ve been doing the same thing for the past hundreds of years.  Yeah?  Don’t live like that!”


“How many businesses have you bankrupted long time ago?”


“Hum!  It’s different now.  I have built experience!”


As if they were good friends who shared drinks last night, Bertholdo and Zerbio appeared to be close pals.  Well, compared to Halia, the husky blacksmith and Dennis, the reserved jeweler, Zerbio looked more like an aristocrat.


“It’s my honor to meet you.  I’m Ian Page.  With respect to the business that you’ve mentioned, I will take a look at it as I get more time.”


“Oh!  Are you sincere?”

“Yes, I am.”


“Thank you!  You must be his descendant as you seem magnanimous!”




That’s how the light introductions were conducted between Ian and the three master craftsmen that assembled after hearing the dragon rumors.  The story leading up to the present time has already been informed by Bertholdo.


“As you may know already, I desperately need all of your help at this time.”


All the master craftsmen of different personalities kept their attention to Ian.  No matter what has been said, the everlasting life has become a curse for them.  Ian was their unique chance of freeing themselves from that curse and they wouldn’t consider hearing Ian’s words in passing.


“Of course, I’m not asking for help without offering something in return.  The power of language, which Fran had used to give you the eternal life, I can imitate it.  It’s not sufficient yet, but I plan to improve it continuously.”


It is when Ian continued to speak.


“How can we trust you?”


There was a voice of doubt.


Was it Halia, the husky blacksmith?


“That power of the language.”


It was from an unanticipated character.


It was Dennis, the quiet reserved jeweler.


“….. Trust or not, that’s your free will.  However.”


Ian stopped speaking for a moment.


He immediately gathered mana.


It is better to show by action.


“I do have trustworthy evidence, though.”


It was believed to be a magic of the ‘language of the dragon’ at one time.



He began to demonstrate the power of that language.






(Attar Hakka.)





Attar Hakka.


Black fire-flower.


The language of the dragon magic, which was once demonstrated to the Fairy Queen, was being displayed by shaping it with the power of the language.  The black fire-flower as the name suggests, a powerful black cluster has begun to burn in Ian’s palm.



“….. It is not an ordinary magic.”


As the master craftsmen possess the same kind of magical power as the sorcerers, they could immediately recognize that it was not a cluster of fire made with an ordinary mana.


“It appears to be similar to what the man used to do?”


The husky voiced Halia also displayed her approval.  The power of the language permeates with the power of mana, rather than physical voice.  They must have certainly remembered the character.  As it was not a common occurrence.


“I was afraid that you would ask what this was.  I am relived.”


Speaking facetiously, Ian removed the fireball.  At the same time, he was freshly surprised.  Not too long ago, if he was to wield the power of the language even once, his mana capacity would get depleted.  However, he could not feel anything close to depleting at this time.  He could say that he did not even have to blink an eye


‘Is it the power of the robe?’


The master piece of Bertholdo.


‘Ian Page Robe.’


It was definitely a great item.


“OK!  I’ll trust the words of my new business partner.  I’ll gladly help you!  You did not resemble the man’s face however, I suppose the wives of your ancestors must have been all beautiful!”


Zerbio was the first to decide.



And he even guessed something that was close to a truth.


Wife was beautiful.  It wasn’t a wrong statement at all.


“What could I not do if I could die?”


Halia, the blacksmith also made her decision.


Her unique coarse tone of voice didn’t go anywhere though.




Dennis, the jeweler, quietly walked as well.


That is, towards the statue, where the master piece was stored in.


“Wow….!  Then we can wake up Dradragon Number 2, Number 5 and Number 7 too?  Number 1 and Number 3 must be happy!  You will have many friends.”






At last, the three master craftsmen stood in front of their respective storage statues.  As Cleven alluded, Halia stood by the Dradragon Number 2 or the second statue, Dennis at the front of Dradragon Number 5 or the fifth statue and finally Zerbio by Dradragon Number 7 or the seventh statue.




It was same as when Cleven and Bertholdo removed their master pieces.  The unique mana flowed into the statues and out through the cracked open mouths, came the views of the master pieces that were stored for several hundred years.  What kind of artifacts would they be?  Ian observed with his eyes open narrowly.


‘First that one looks like a staff for sure.’


As expected, their master pieces were common to their respective field of expertise.  First, Zerbio’s master piece was a ‘staff’, and although it was made out of birch wood, there appeared to be flowing luster of a well smelted ore.



‘That was in a storage box, so….. It must be an accessory.’


The jeweler Dennis’s creation was inside a small unknown storage box.  Based on the shape of it, it appeared to be some kind of an ‘accessory’ for sure.


‘And that ….. A sword?”


Finally, the master piece created by Halia, the blacksmith, was a ‘sword’.  It must be the sword that was made for the first sorcerer, Fran Page, but why did she make a sword?


“It’s my choice.”


That’s how Halia responded to that question.


It was just her choice.


“A sorcerer doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have a sword?”


“….. Yes, that is true.”


“Although it would be better if a more skilled swordsman would use it.”


At any rate, three artifacts appeared before Ian’s eyes.  Ian was especially interested in finding out the powers of the staff and accessory.  Wouldn’t they display the equivalent power as the robe, the artifact that Bertholdo gave him, or beyond that?




It was when his anticipation was growing fast.


Ian hesitated, sensing something intrusive.


‘What can it be?”


He was sensing it from very close by.  It was not the sense that he detected from the master craftsmen, the artifacts or anything around the Knocking Island.  It was someplace much closer, for example.


‘Is it from my body.’


Ian concentrated mana and his spirit.



It was to locate the source of that disturbance.


‘This is…..’


The strange sense was coming from his body as expected.


To be exact, it was something that he had in his possession.


‘Fairy dust…..?”


It was when he had renewed the relationship with the Fairy Queen and the family.


The pink fairy queen’s powder that he had received from her.


And the family’s ‘another power’ that he had heard of from her.










He sensed the ‘power of life’ from that pink powder.


The Fairy Queen’s ember that was almost dying out.

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