What kind of city was Greenriverdium?  It was an impregnable fortress that has never been invaded by other country in its history. However, today that reputation has been demolished and history has been rewritten.

“Lead every person to the safe place.!”

How did the history change? By an adversarial nation?  No. Due to internal struggles?  No.

“Do not leave even single person behind!”

The bone monster, the gigantic bone lizard that had made its appearance once before, reappeared with a large army. No one knew where they came from, but there were tens and thousands of them that came this time. Closing the gates of the city wall didn’t help at all.  The monsters were able to crawl up the city walls.  No matter how many stones and arrows were shot at them, it did not stop them.  There was simply no way to hold them back.

“My Prince!  Please protect yourself…..!”

“No, not yet.”

“But, but…..”

The foolish crowned prince, Hayden Greenriver was there in the middle of this chaotic situation.  He was personally leading the people to various safe houses that were built around the city. He didn’t respond at all to the advices to take immediate shelter.   As he was taking charge by example, other knights, soldiers or even the sorcerers weren’t able to move to safety.  As a result, everyone was determined with the same goal of leading the people to safety.

“This is something I can do.”

“What?  What, What are you saying…..”

“I can do this work.”

I am not wise as my father. I am not smart as Ragnar. As the foolish crowned prince of this nation.

“My lord!  There is no more space at the eastern safe house!”

“The western safe house was in the same boat!  It is full to capacity!”

Bad news kept arriving. Both the east and west safe houses, which were being managed by powerful spells of the Ivory Tower, were full to capacity. Although they were enormous safe houses, they weren’t sufficient enough to house the citizens, not to mention those merchants and foreigners that were in the city, along with even the back street homeless people.

“There is no other way!  Please you must take shelter…..!”


The crowned prince groaned. What can we do now? There are still many people here. We can’t ignore them. The crowned prince has decided quickly.

“There is still, an available safe house!  If the east and west safe houses are full then lead them to the safe house of the royal family and aristocrats!  There must be more room there.  There must be more room!”

The safe house for the royal family and the aristocrats. It was the decision that only the crowned prince could make.

‘But, but there will be much resentment!”

“How could we place the peasants into their safe house…..!”

The concerns of the underlings were legitimate. The aristocrats’ resentment will be especially strong. Isn’t the empire clearly a society based on a caste system? And didn’t they have to move the homeless and foreigners on top of that? Yet, the crowned prince’s decision was definitive.

In this situation-” The crowned prince roared with scream. Even a sense of murderousness was felt. It was the first time that he had shown such determination. “..What is so important about that?!

“But, but my lord…..!”

“If there are any resisting royal family members or aristocrats.” The crowned prince drew his sword form his waist. It was the sword that had the aura of the authority of the crowned prince. “Execute them.”


Paul, the lieutenant, received the sword from the crowned prince. After a brief hesitation, he took the decorum as a knight.

“Let your order by my command.  My lord!”

Lieutenant Paul came forward and led the soldiers, with the purpose of leading the people to the safe house of the royal family and aristocrats. There was a strong sense of responsibility, having received the order from the crowned prince with the sword.

“My lord!”

Simultaneously, Oliver and Haileyy also returned to the side of the crowned prince.  Ian’s family, Vanessa, Ledio, Douglas and the Fairy Queen were all with them.  The servant girls of the mansion also followed behind.

“We’ve brought the family members of Sir. Ian.”

“Good, Haileyy.”

“Say the words, my brother.”

“From now on, be in charge of protecting their safety. I’ve opened up the safe house reserved for the royal family and aristocrats, so take them there!”

The crowned prince left the safety of Ian family to Haileyy’s charge. She has reached the 4th class a few days ago. Wouldn’t she certainly be a fighter that can be trusted?

“Captain, can you continue to move?”

After giving an order to Haileyy, the crowned prince looked over to the captain Oliver this time.  Both of Oliver’s hands were bloodied. It was due to the fact that he had over used the mana blade, which uses the mana in his blood.

“I am fine, my lord.”

“But that hand…..”

There was nothing he could do. If it wasn’t this way, the bastards… He wouldn’t even be able to cause a scratch on those monsters.

“….. Do not overstretch yourself.  Captain.”

“Those are the words that I’d like to return to you, my lord.”

“No need to worry about me…..”

“I remember an event about twenty years ago.”

“Twenty years ago?”

“At that time, I had even changed your diapers, my lord.”


“I had personally done it.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden…..”

“It was something that had happened often.”

The crowned prince was lost for words. At last, he smiled in place of a reply. He understood that Oliver was being facetious.

“No matter how scared.”

In fact, the crowned prince was scared. He was more scared than anyone else within the city. He wanted to run away as quickly as possible. Except that he has endured and endured again with all he can. Oliver already saw that in an instant.

“He has gone past the age of boyhood.”

Was it due to the joke that Oliver has said to him? The crowned prince has regained control of himself. However, only for a brief moment.

“My lord!  The monster troops are not decreasing at all!”

“Even at this very moment, they are climbing over the city walls!”

The situation was only worsening. The situation called for special action. For example.


The entire city is of a single existence. The tower lord of the Ivory Tower, the grand 7 class sorcerer. Ian Page was the only one that they could hope for.

“Those monsters are slow!  Your fast feet could save everyone!  Find every one of the people within the city and take them to the safe house!  If only we can safely move the people to the safe house, the sorcerers of the Ivory Tower would freely annihilate those monsters!  Work little harder!”

The crowned prince’s urging message spread like a lion’s roar.  He did not stop with what he can do. Although he was covered with black dust, his golden hair was shining even more than any time before.



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