44 The Return of a 8thClass Mage (1)


Princess Haileyy had received orders from the crown prince to protect Ian’s family, and that’s exactly what she was doing. Even the vice-captain Paul was accompanying them, leading the people. Their destination was the shelter not far from the palace that was only meant for use by the royal family and the high officials.

“Ice wall!” Princess Haileyy chanted and at her order, an ice wall shot up from the ground all around them. Princess Haileyy didn’t hesitate to demonstrate her abilities as a 4 Class Mage and pushed back the progressing dragon soldiers. Thanks to her, it became easier leading the people.

“This way! We’re almost there!”

Paul, the Vice-Captain of the 2nd unit of the palace guards, his men and even the people couldn’t help being surprised. Who could blame them? No one had expected Princess Haileyy to turn out to be a mage. Who would have guessed? Also, judging from her powers, she seemed to be quite accomplished.

“Her… Her majesty was a mage?”

“I had no idea…”

“Then why would she… someone like us…”

The people continued to whisper among themselves. This was new to them. The skeleton monster’s attack. The fact that the princess was a mage. Even the way the crown prince was putting his life on the line by intervening in the fight. Could this be what is called a noble sacrifice of the noble class? Such noble deeds were only sung of by troubadours at a stand-up bar, or only appeared as stories in books

‘Amazing,’ Vice-captain Paul thought. Paul, the knights and the soldiers thought this whole situation was bizarre in many ways. His men were thinking the same thing as the people. Vice-Captain Paul, however, was seeing the whole situation and thought of it differently.

‘It seems like something happened to her and Sir Ian.’ .

There had been a rumor in the palace recently that Ian Page, the master of the Ivory Tower and Princess Haileyy Greenriver were in a romantic relationship. That was because Ian had been entering the palace more often, and most of his visits were for the princess only. Paul thought the wrong information was being spread, though.

‘Could it be because of magic?’

The meeting of the two people. Once he thought of the word ‘magic’, it all became clear to him. Their meetings would have been nothing more than private lessons. The truth of the rumor now became clear to him.

‘I’m sure she’s at least over 3rd Class.’

Vice – Captain Paul was a bright scholar that had studied the ‘Great Battle of the Mages’ with his direct supervisor Oliver. He had special knowledge of mages and could somewhat identify the level of the princess’s class.

‘Had she been hiding this.’ Vice-captain Paul was deep in thought, then shook his head. This was not the time to let his mind wander.

‘Now’s not the time. Let’s focus.’

There was one job for him to do, and that was to escort the people to safety. He looked at the sword strapped to his waist. The weight of his sword felt different.


Princess Haileyy led everyone to a stop. All this time, she had been using the Detection Spell to make note of any monsters that might be approaching, but there seemed to be a problem.

“What’s wrong?”

“Over there. There’s one coming.”

The princess pointed to an empty neighborhood alley. At that moment, a skeleton monster appeared in their sight with the sound of thudded footsteps. Its golden eyes and terrible-looking spearhead shone brightly. The monster looked bigger than others. There was only one though, so it wasn’t a problem.

“Is it just one?”

“With my magic, it looks like it.”

“If that’s the case…”

Paul took out his blade. After all, wasn’t he the vice-captain of Unit 2 of the royal knights? He had enough skill and he could even use the Mana Blade of Blood that he had inherited from Oliver. One monster wasn’t a problem.

‘I’ll take care of it.” Paul said as he approached the monster. As he got closer, he could see its size more clearly. It was clearly bigger than the others.

Paul was called a “leader of action” for a reason


Red blood dropped on Paul’s blade – the blade he had been inherited from Oliver. He then started to display his excellent skills as a knight.


This was strange. Although it was weaker than Oliver’s blade, Paul blade also vibrated with a blue light. It was enough to break the skeleton monster’s bones, but he couldn’t. This monster’s bones were different. Not even a scratch was left, let alone a cut.

“Wha.. what the..”

Paul was in shock. He quickly changed his posture to get ready to defend himself from the next attack.


The Skeleton monster didn’t attack him though. Instead, it simply flailed one of its arms around. Paul could tell the monster simply thought of him as an annoying fly.

“Ugh!” Vice-Captain Paul struggled to regain his balance. This monster was different from the ones he had fought so far – the size, strength, and sturdiness of its bones. It surpassed all other monsters in every way.

(My goal… my duty…) The Skeleton monster murmured slowly in a small voice.

Paul and Haileyy were up close, trying to deal with the monster. The voice was only loud enough for them to hear.

(About… Page..)

Page? Why was ‘Page’ being mentioned out of nowhere? Could it refer to the surname of Ian Page?

(The end.. of everything…) The monster continued. Page/Page had something to do with the end of all living beings. The monster said that was their goal. Then…

(The goal… )

The monster pointed the huge spearhead in front of them and pointed to a woman. It was Vanessa Page, the mother of Ian Page.

(Get rid.. of her.. ) The monster muttered as if it were an order. The princess quickly set up a Detection Spell to check whether the monsters were approaching.

“Oh…?” Her face fell.

She hadn’t been able to detect the monsters a few moments ago, and now the monsters were surrounding them from all directions.

“Sir Paul! They’re coming!”

“Huh? Where are they coming from?”

“We’ll be surrounded soon! We have to escape..!”

However, the princess was wrong. They weren’t getting surrounded ‘soon’, they were already surrounded.

(Our goal…)

(Get rid of them…)

(Our… duty…)

(About… Page..)



The voices were coming from all directions. The monsters were in hiding. They had hidden their presence and their mana.



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