There was nowhere to escape in the first place.

“An ambush?” Paul realized.

It is said an ambush is a given in battle. However, they hadn’t even considered it as a possibility, as the opponent was only a skeleton monster. Their lack of caution had led them to this point.

“Dang it…” Paul grasped his sword. Haileyy also summoned her mana. They were in the worst situation possible. How were they supposed to get out of this mess?

“Pyro Blast!”

Princess Haileyy created a pillar of fire. The ball of fire was bigger than what Paul had expected. Could it blast through the monsters? The princess decided to have hope and then-


It didn’t end well at all. The monsters weren’t disturbed in the slightest. It was the same no matter the magic she summoned, whether it was fire, bitter-cold wind, sharp ice, or thunder. All of Haileyy’s spells were useless.

(This is it.. We’re done for.) The fairy queen mumbled in Vanessa’s arms. The fairy queen had been watching all along.

(The Treasure of the Shield. It’s the Treasure of the Shield.) She mumbled.

“What do you mean?” Vanessa asked. It would have been helpful if the queen was about to give some advice, but alas, her response was devastating

“As long as those skeletons have the Shield, nothing will penetrate it… and definitely not by the powers of a little girl.”

The Treasure of the Shield. The dragon soldier that was called ‘The Shield of the Dragons’. It was the power of the Spartoi.

(I… I should have saved my powers…) the fairy queen thought.

Of course, just because she saved her powers, it didn’t mean she would have stopped the dragon soldiers. It was too early for her to blame herself. Perhaps it was because of the weight of her authority? No – it was much more than that.

“Pyro blast!” The princess shouted as she summoned another ball of fire. refusing to give up. She hurled it at the monster.


The monster who had been blocking off Paul’s attacks earlier also blocked off this attack and approached them, walking out of the protection of the shield.

(Our goal… our mission…)

There was no one to stop him. There was nowhere to escape, either. The people began to panic.

“Uhh… uh…….”

“Sa.. Save us!”

“Do something!”

The people panicked even more as the monster got closer. They simply yelled and begged to no one in particular. No one wanted to die. Haileyy and Paul didn’t want to die, either.


In the midst of the chaos, no one seemed to notice the skeleton monster was shining its eye brightly at Vanessa Page and no one else.


Then, at that moment.

“Who?” A voice sounded out of nowhere, but it wasn’t just the voice. Then, there was a huge white figure. It was a figure even bigger than a dragon soldier. A white dragon, the first dragon of its kind, appeared out of thin air, legs first. It kicked down on the soldier’s head to the floor.

“Did you say you’ll destroy her?”

A voice asked, shaking with fury. It was neither Haileyy’s nor Paul’s voice. It wasn’t the soldier who had fallen to the floor, either. And it was definitely not the voice of the white dragon


“Sir Ian….?”

“Sir Ian!”

Ian slid off the dragon. He was wearing a new robe, new gloves, and holding a new staff in his hand. There was a small earring on his left ear, too

“Stay right where you all are for a moment.” Ian said, addressing them more calmly.

However, his eyes were still glaring, a way of showing he was controlling his anger.



“Protect the humans.”

“Krr!” The dragon growled in response and nodded as if it understood.

Just then, it blew out blue flames in the direction of the dragon soldiers that were closing in. It was the ‘dragon breath’ in action. The dragon was superior in power and strength so even the shield was starting to weaken. No wonder Dradragon No. 1 was one of the greatest Artifacts.


Ian said, satisfied as he flew upwards. He had already taken an overview look of the city. Now all he had to do was take care of this mess.

“Battle field. Dark cloud.” Ian chanted. His first spell was climate change. The city skies suddenly turned dark, full of dark clouds.

“Seer Detection.”

His second spell was the Seer Detection. A grey energy of mana spread all over Greenriverdium. Ian started setting apart the people from the dragon soldiers.


Ian let out a sigh. Starting from the third spell was the real problem.

“Absolute Barrier.”

Anyone who knew magic would know how tiring this spell was. Although it was a powerful shield, it wasn’t the solution to the current problem. But Ian wasn’t done yet.

“One By One.”

Just then, something strange happened.

The Absolute Barrier was a powerful shield, and now it was being set on everyone.

“Wha.. what is this?”

“Is this… magic?”

“A shield force?”

The people who had been set apart with the Seer Detection now had a barrier over themselves. Every individual literally had a shield over them ‘one by one’. It was magic that only a mage who had an infinite amount of mana in hand could do.

“Hey dragon?”



Ian’s ‘magic show’ wasn’t over yet. He was done casting the barrier over everyone, but why go through the trouble in the first place? Just to protect everyone? Yes, maybe that was one of his reasons. But then…


Ian held his breath again as he summoned his mana and an infinite amount of mana started to boil into action.

“I just need to leave one bastard alive.”

He had already differentiated the people from the dragon soldiers in the whole city. What would this mean? It meant he had already identified the location of all the dragon soldiers. This was different from a normal Detection Spell. No one could hide themselves now.

“And for everyone else…” Ian murmured.

He had a plan in mind – a plan to destroy the tens of thousands of dragon soldiers.

“Let’s take this to the end.”

Ian proclaimed. Just then, the dark clouds that had darkened the clouds started to thunder. It was as if the clouds were ready to spit out the thunder and lightning.


Everything was ready. The thunderbolts were hovering over the entire city, and all the energy was awaiting the order from Ian.

“Rod From God.” Ian chanted, and the spell showed its true form.



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