8th Class Mage ch. 117

  1. 4 The Return of an 8thclass mage pt. 2



The electric forces formed the shape of a cylinder – in literal terms, it formed the shape of a staff. It looked like something a god would use if they wanted to poke someone in the human world. It was that enormous and majestic.

Ian started to think faster.

‘All the number of the soldiers.. and their places… ‘

It was a result of maximizing his infinite use of mana. It would be shameful to simply say he was thinking fast. His calculation skills and memories exceeded that of a normal human being.

‘Everything is perfect.’

All the calculations were done.

“Divide.” Ian murmured under his breath raising his hands.

The electric cylinder – the wand of the heavens responded by dividing into tens, hundreds, thousands of shreds.

“Take one down each.”

Ian had divided the wand of the heavens into the number of soldiers in and outside of the city so he could strike the soldiers with one bolt each.

“Let’s go.”

The order was simple. The consequences weren’t simple, though.

Tens of thousands of electric bolts crashed down like lightning at the same time. It was as if it was the end of the world, but each bolt had a clear target.


All the thunderbolts nearly perfectly hit its targets.

The thunderbolts hit all the dragon soldiers that were now climbing the castle walls, rounding up and threatening the city people, blocking the front of the shelter, fighting with the mages and roaming around the city as if it were theirs. These dragon soldiers that even the city guards had been keeping their distance were now being targeted and hit in the head with the bolts.

Each bolt hit its target perfectly, it was almost scary.


The cries of the monsters spread throughout the city, but it didn’t last long.



Ian had shown great powers. It had been a spell that that required extreme focus, and was each lightning bolt destructive enough? But Ian wasn’t tired, nor did he feel dizzy in the slightest.


“That was bad.”

Ian mumbled to himself, looking at his hands. He then looked away to the new artifacts his father in law had given him.

First, the staff that he had gotten from the carpenter Zerbio.

‘No wonder he said this helped magnify the effect of the spells.’

The staff actually had great power.

The thunder had divided into tens of thousands of bolts, meaning the powers of the bolts had divided as well.

Despite this, the thunder bolts were destructive enough to wipe out the enemies.

‘This just doesn’t help with spells – it almost evolves the spells.’ Ian thought to himself, his tongue sticking out.

His gaze moved to the gloves that were protecting his hands. Even these had a special power. As long as he kept these gloves on, he didn’t feel cold nor hot. Even better- he never burned his hands, nor did he freeze them.

It wasn’t proven to be true yet, but Betardo had explained they would come to some good use.

The next artifact was the blue robe.

Words would not be enough to emphasize its importance.

After all, was it not worth an infinite amount of mana?

All the high level spells Ian had cast during his ‘magic show’ just now was from the powers of this robe.

‘If I hadn’t had this robe with me…’


Summon gray clouds over the city. Divide the soldier dragons from the citizens. Put a protection over the people. Hover lightning bolts over the enemy. Every step had been perfect.

If he hadn’t had the robe with him..?


‘I would’ve passed out in the process of casting the protection shield over the people.’ Ian thought.

He knew this wasn’t a light situation. His old self from his previous like would have agreed. His old self didn’t have the powers to have performed what had just happened.


‘But even so…’

He lightly touched the single earring on his left ear.

‘Now this is something.’

It was a piercing made of purple jewel. It was an amazing piece of art that the jeweler Dennis had made. It had saved his life from a problem Ian himself hadn’t been able to solve.

What powers did it have?

Simply put, ‘the golden days of the physical body’.


It helps to maintain the powers of the physical body at its best state. One’s muscles, bones, brain and intestines weaken visibly as time goes on, but this earring helps to maintain the body at its best state, as long as the earring is on.


‘I never thought it would work for the mana heart as well.’

Thanks to the earring, even the mana heart, which hadn’t grown to its full potential yet, was now in its most powerful state. Not only his physical body, but the mana heart, the core of mana, was now like that of an adult.

And that was the return of the ‘8th class Mage’.

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