8th class mage ch. 118


Ep. 45 Truth or Lies (pt. 1)


The pieces of bones formed a solid figure. Even Spartoi’s crumbled away to join the other bone pieces into the figure that was forming. The figure was in form of a reptile, with four legs, a horn on its head, horrifying wings, and a tail. It was clearly in the form of a dragon. The dragon consisted of bone, but it was majestic and threatening as any other dragon.

‘A bone dragon…’

Bones in the shape of a dragon. The Dragon’s bones. The bones in a shape made specially to look like a dragon. A dragon made of bones, if it were to be called something. More than anything, the name was suiting.

(Youngster of Page.. )

The figure was now in complete form of a dragon. It no longer spoke slowly. It didn’t seem to have the soul of Spartoi.

(Do you all still covet the bodies of my kind?)

This Bone Dragon wasn’t simply a figure. It seemed to have an identity and memories of it own.

“Excuse me?” Ian asked calmly, but in his mind, he was thinking of all the possibilities. He could sense its intense powers from the start. Its powers were unimaginable, even with the artifacts he had received from the artisan masters. But most importantly…

‘I can’t start a fight here.’

If he were to fight such a strong opponent, the whole area would be in ruins.

‘I have to get us out of here first.’

There was a problem. Where was he supposed to go? The homes of the people were spread out. In every land, there are people living there. There was barely any abandoned land.

‘How am I supposed to distract him?’ Ian thought, and was pondering on the matter when the Bone Dragon spoke up. It didn’t sound like it was planning on attacking any time soon, though.

(Are you still unsatisfied with that shoddy body of yours?) The Bone Dragon asked, and Ian heard confidence in its voice.

‘Covet their bodies?’

This was what the dragon was confident in – that Fran Page was coveting over the dragons’ bodies. It was sure that the artisans had said something of the equivalent, except they said he had a pure ‘admiration’ for the dragons. There’s a slight difference between coveting and admiring.

‘It’s a difference as big as the thickness as a piece of paper.’

Ian felt as if pieces of a puzzle were finally fitting together. He felt he had to talk with the dragon a little more.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Ian said calmly.

If his opponent had lived over a thousand years, Ian usually showed them the necessary respect. However, this was not the right time to do so.

“I’ve never coveted your dragon bodies. I’m thinking this has something to do with my father, the man who is named Fran Page. I’ve never even met this magician who is known to be the first of magicians.” Ian said truthfully. He had seen his father once using sorcery, but they had never come across each other as father and son.

(Nonsense..) The Bone Dragon responded coldly. It seemed as if it didn’t believe Ian’s words.

(Never met him before, have you? Yet you indulged in the power of language and traveled back in time to rule over your family? It didn’t end there. You went into the chamber of memories and looked into your ancestors’ memories and found the relics of Fran Page. All the useless rubbish hanging around you… aren’t they all the inheritance of Fran Page?)

The dragon’s eyes swept over Ian up and down. It was probably referring to the artifact robe, staff, gloves and earrings as the inheritance of Fran Page.

‘This brat is just like the golden dragon.’

It was even aware of Ian’s family connections, just like the Golden Dragon that had appeared when he had gone to destroy Ragnar. No. The two weren’t similar – they were exactly the same.

‘Are they sharing information about me amongst themselves or something?’

Somehow, every dragon Ian has come across knows of him. Except for the Dragon Lord, who was trapped in his memories from a thousand years ago. It seemed he was quite popular among them.

‘Or maybe I’m someone to keep their distance from.’

Yes. That was more likely. There was a problem, however, and it was that the two dragons had different goals.

‘The Golden Dragon came to warn me. He had commented on the side effects of turning back time, and the importance of keeping it. I had the feeling it was trying to protect, not destroy me. But this bastard…’

Unlike the Golden Dragon, there was a violent vibe from the Bone Dragon, since it had rounded up the dragon soldiers to destroy anyone with the surname ‘Page’. It had descended to the human world once its plans had failed.

‘They are all focusing on me, but treating me differently.’

Ian was sure the dragon was alive, somewhere. Could it be possible the dragons had different opinions about him? The more he thought about it, the more he was confused.

“So..” Ian said, coming to a conclusion.

“Are you saying all of my choices were to steal your bodies? Is that what you think of me?”

(Isn’t that the case?)

“Of course not.” Ian replied, shaking his head. He couldn’t believe it. The dragon couldn’t have been more mistaken. It was almost unfair.

“You’re just thinking however you like.”

The problem now was proving his innocence.


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