Ch. 119

Episode 45 – Truth or Lies (2)




The exploding sound of the Dragon Breath was unique. It wasn’t a normal sound– it was out of this world. Then, there was an exploding sound. It sounded more like the end of the world rather than a simple explosion. 


Afterwards, a strong vibration. This strong vibrating sound spread out in all directions. Water and dust exploded upwards, covering the sky. It seemed as if the Island of Knocking would disappear from the face of this planet. However….


The Bone Dragon knew it had lost. It knew its Breath had failed him, and that the little brat, the one whom had been its target to kill, was still alive. This was an unexpected result.

(You may be young, but looks like you are truly the son of that traitor.) The Dragon murmured softly, as if truly astonished. The vibration calmed, and the cloud of dust started to settle. Then, what the dragon saw was an astonishing sight.


Ian wasn’t dead. The island wasn’t destroyed either. Instead, it was frozen cold. Ian had cast the “Shield of Ice” from the seawater all around them in a split moment, big enough to protect the whole island. It normally would have been impossible to do, but this time was different.


Of course, it was impossible to sustain the shield for a long time. Cracks started to form on the shield, and eventually shattered into pieces. It didn’t matter whether mana had been used or not. It was the durability of the shield that was important, and it was no longer able to hold itself together.

“That’s what I want to say.” Ian said quietly. He floated up in the air to look at the dragon in the eye. He floated a little higher than the dragon, so it wouldn’t look at him from above.

“You’re nothing but a skeleton, but I suppose you’re still a dragon.”

(I was going to end this for you painlessly.)

Ian could feel the anger in the Bone Dragon’s tone. Ian had crossed a line with his rudeness. At least, that’s what the Bone Dragon thought.

“I’ve been thinking about it constantly.” Ian murmured as he summoned his infinite mana, ready to fight. His opponent was a dragon. Its body only served as vessel made of bones, but wasn’t it exercising its powers as well? On top of that, it was unhindered and confident in itself.

“But I’m really not sure this time.”

Ian pressed his fingers against his temples. He felt calmer that way.

“You asked if I was sure everything was according to my will. I’ll admit it – I’m not sure myself. Can I prove that I wasn’t played with? Same with that too. It’s not easy proving that either.” Ian said truthfully.

It was true. This was hard to answer. He was always deeply confused when it came to this question, and it was the case with now as well.

“I’m pretty confident I’m not the idiotic type. But I really don’t know either. I might need more time to think about this…” Ian said. He moved on.

He hadn’t solved this issue yet. He was only putting it off it off for now.

“Let’s cut to the point.” Ian murmured as he looked out to sea. “For now, I decided to believe what I can.”

(How amusing. What are you so sure about?)

“Well, first of all,” Ian said as he gesturing with his hands, and the waves started to ripple. “I’m not dying today.”

It wasn’t a simple lap of the waves. A cold energy ascended above the water.

“And this is an opportunity I don’t get often.”

Ian had been enjoying using cold spells, and since Class 5, he has created his own. Of all the spells he had created from both this life and previous one, 70% were freezing spells. Therefore…

“In this kind of environment.. I have a slight advantage.”

An environment like this. The middle of the ocean. It was a natural battlefield where Ian could exercise his talents and interests at heart to its fullest.

“Stronger.” Ian murmured softly, and the lapping waves exploded up to the air and froze in its place. Thousands of pillars of ice had been formed in a matter of seconds.


The pillars of ice showered over the dragon. It just seemed like thousands, but it was no different from having an infinite number of ice pillars, since they kept forming. Unless the sea dried up, it was possible to form an infinite amount of attacks with an infinite amount of mana. That wasn’t all.

“Ice Boom.”

This was a spell that he had used earlier against the dragon soldiers. There was an explosion of ice sounding in every direction, and it was more powerful on a different level, one would have believed it to be a completely different spell.

“Sir Cleven!”

As soon as Ian started his attack on the dragon with the ice pillars and explosions, the inhabitants of the island called out for Cleven. Cleven knew why they were calling out for him.

“Number 2! Number 3, 5 and 7!”



Maybe it was because of their attribute of being unable to die. Cleven looked quite joyful even in this situation that meant life or death. No – he actually was joyful.



Re-edited by FlawFinder. The first chapter he appeared in he was Cleven. Every chapter after that I edited him to Cleven form Cleven until I thought the translator would be consistent with Cleven. Now they make him Cleven. Ugh. May 25th 2020

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